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Scientific Tips: What’s The Fastest Way To Lose Weight You Can Do At Home


What’s the fastest way to lose weightWhat’s The Fastest Way To Lose Weight According To Science?
Science has revealed the right answer for the question what’s the fastest way to lose weight. The answer is divided into three ways of diet. If many ways of losing weight usually cause hungry and starving, this way is the opposite. – The scientist also claimed that this is good for your body and has the small bad effect. So these three simple steps will help you reduce your weight in the fastest way, and it will benefit you because your metabolic health will be increased.


Step 1: Reduce sugar consumption

The reduction will be our first explanation as for the part of what’s the fastest way to lose weight. Reducing sugar and carbohydrate is the important thing. Or in other words, it is the key of your successful diet program.

Those two things are the foods that stimulate the insulin, the main fat storage on our body. The law is that when you reduce the sugar and carbohydrate consumption, the body will turn to burn fat. Usually, our bodies will burn any other kind of foods other than fat. But if there is only fat, then your metabolism system will automatically burn it. It means that you will lose some amount of fat which leads to losing weight. Lower insulin also gives you other beneficiaries such as reducing bloat and make your kidney sheds the sodium.

Don’t you know that cut the sugar and carbohydrate have other amazing effects? After your insulin goes down, you will automatically eat fewer calories food, and you will not feel hungry. Through this first step, you can do the weight loss program without starving.

The study reveals that there is a big difference between those with low fat and low carbohydrate for 24 weeks diet duration. For those with low fat, the result is only reducing 4 kg. While those with low carbohydrate, it reduces up to 10 kg in the same weeks.

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Step 2: More vegetables and protein

Every time you should do a meal time, never skip low carbohydrate vegetables and protein. Protein can boost your metabolism by up to 100 calories per day. Scientifically, protein also can reduce the thinking to eat or think about food up to 60%. This will work for your question what’s the fastest way to lose weight.

With high protein, you will automatically reduce the way you are snacking and makes you feel full. Many scientists even say that protein is the king of nutrients, although this is just a term in losing weight. Just add more protein if you want to feel full for fewer calories on your body.

The Fastest Way To Lose Weight You Can Do At Home
The suggestions for your protein sources include meat, fish and seafood and eggs. You can choose beef, chicken, bacon or even lamb. For the fish and seafood, you can try salmon, tuna, lobster, shrimps or trout. The new condition is highly recommended. They are good for your body too. Eggs that enrich with Omega 3 are the best option. You can also choose pastured eggs too.

For your low carbohydrate vegetables, you can choose broccoli, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, celery, and kale. You can eat the vegetables as much as you can. The combination mineral from the meat and the vegetables will make you healthy too.

Although losing weight means to lose fat, you are still recommended to consume some fat food. But in this case, it is a good fat that your body will need. Some sources of healthy fat are including olive oil, avocado (including avocado oil) and butter. Coconut oil is fine too, but need to be limited, especially if you want to cook using it. These fats can help your body to boost your metabolism, although not as much as the protein. Another beneficiary of consuming natural fats is that you will get less risk of having heart disease.

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Step 3: Lifting weight

Lifting weight can be the alternatives way to replace exercise. But still, doing an exercise is recommended to support your body and to help you reduce weight. You can do lifting weight 3-4 times a week as our last step of what’s the fastest way to lose weight.

It is important to do a warm up first before you start the lifting weight. End up your lifting weight by doing a stretch. If you a beginner or new to the gym, ask the trainer about this. Tell your purpose and ask the best thing that you should do to support your goal.

Lifting weight burns calories and increases your metabolism system. This is good to help you healthily lose your weight. It has been proven that you can lose your weight while gaining your muscle.
Does Running Help Lose Weight
There are alternative ways if you are not in a gym person or really busy to visit the gym. You can do some workout and practice it in your home. They are including jogging, walking, running and swimming. If you are a busy hard worker, doing jogging for 10-15 minutes every morning can help you lose your weight.

Although the first step is about cutting carbohydrate, you can consume carbohydrate for at least once a week. You can try it at the weekend. Try some rice, potatoes or sweet potatoes.

If Normally you have three meals time, you can even add your 4th meal time in the evening if you do those three steps. Don’t be afraid because your 4th meals will also reduce the insulin level inside your body.

There some tips to help you gain on what’s the fastest way to lose weight. The first tip is to have high protein breakfast. Avoid sugary drinks, such as the soft drinks. They contain a high amount of sugar more than you can imagine. Prefer to drink water a half hour before a meal because it can help you increase your weight loss up to 40%. You will need some physical support too. The best thing is to have enough sleep every night. Having a poor sleep at night is one of the factors for a weight gain that you should avoid.



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