the Best Breakfast for Weight Loss

What is the Best Breakfast for Weight Loss?


What is the Best Breakfast for Weight LossDo you want to have a slim and healthy body instantly? Actually, to lose the weight body you do not need to drink some supplements. That is because you can start to manage what you do and what you eat every day. –  To make the best progress of weight body loss, then you should choose some good and healthy food for breakfast. Here, we have a recommendation of the best breakfast for weight loss in such a short time.


Recommendation of the Best Breakfast for Weight Loss

To get the best result of losing body weight, you have to smart in choosing food. We recommend you to choose breakfast that contains protein and vitamin. So, you must eat some food from protein and healthy fruit. Here some best breakfast protein that you can try every morning, as follows:

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Wild Salmon

Wild Salmon is one of the best foods for breakfast to gain the weight on your body. Salmon contains a high protein and omega 3 that is really good and healthy. If you consume it every morning, then your body will be satisfied and energized all day long.

For you who want to try salmon as the best menu for breakfast, then you can learn how to cook it well. We recommend you to smoke the salmon with less salt. You can combine the salmon with avocado to make a better taste. You can also add some vegetables on the plate.


the Best Breakfast for Weight Loss

Chicken Breast

Maybe you are not used to eating chicken breast in the morning. But, do you know that the chicken breast has a high protein that is really great for your weight loss program. It can be a great menu for the morning time. Try to cook your chicken breast with less salt as always, because it would be good for your body.


Eggs are kind of the foods that contain a lot of protein and healthy nutrients. Then you can find the fat-burning choline that is good for your weight loss program. Consuming eggs every morning for 3 weeks on the program can loss 11 pounds weight and 4 inches from the waist.

Almond Butter

Have you ever try the almond butter for your additional food for breakfast? Almond butter is ingredient that contains of high protein. If you consume Almond Butter per 2 tablespoons every morning, then you may get a weight loss quickly. To consume this Almond Butter, you can combine it with some toast, bread, and others. You can also add the nut butter of almond on the smoothies or oatmeal too.

Black Beans

Black beans are the excellent source of the proteins. If you want to loss your belly fat quickly, then the black beans are really good for you! Depends on some researchers, consuming black beans every morning can reduce 3.7 percent of belly fat. For the women who are not confident enough to have a belly fat, then you must try black beans for breakfast.

Then, those are some good food that contains a lot of proteins. You can use those foods for your breakfast time. If you consuming protein food every day, it will make your weight body loss program successful.

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There are also some other recipes for your diet menu on the breakfast time. We recommend you to eat some fruits below to gain the weight body!


Apples are one of the best fruit that you can choose to loss body weight. Apples contain of fiber which is has similar type with black beans. If you want to have a low belly fat, then you can eat apple in every morning. Apple contains a nutrition bar and low-sugar, it is the best healthy fruit that is great for your body health. To eat fresh apple you can combine it with some yogurt and mayonnaise.
Recommendation of the Best Breakfast for Weight Loss


Almost all of the yellow fruits have a great nutrition, including bananas. Banana is a fruit that contain fiber and a lot of water. Consuming banana for the breakfast menu can help you to loss the body weight quickly. Banana has less sugar, so it is really good to loss the fat on your body. If you consume a lot of bananas, you will not get a problem of body weight. Bananas are the best fruit to eat when you are in the diet program.


Grape is one of the best fruits for gain the fat on the body. You can eat a grape as your breakfast appetizer. Although you do not change the breakfast menu on your diet program you can still loss the weight. Consuming grape before the breakfast time can help you to loss a pound of fat. Some researchers said that when people each grapefruit before the meal, then they may loss 3.5 pounds of fat over 12 weeks.

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The next best fruit for breakfast that you may try is berries. Berries are the fruit that rich of fiber and vitamins C and K. It is really good for you to loss the weight and gain the fat. In diet program, you can just east berries for your breakfast. You can also add some other foods like as oatmeal, cereal, weight loss shakes, peanut butter toast, etc.

Sweet potatoes

The sweet potatoes are the food that always be the most favorite menu for diet. It is because the sweet potatoes have a lot of nutrients, high fiber, and low glycemic index. This food can help you to burn the fat on the body. Besides, it is also good to help you feeling full a little longer.


Watermelon is one of the fruits that contain a lot of water. Besides, it also has high fiber and good portion of sugar. Consuming watermelon before the breakfast time can help you to improve lipid profile and lower fat accumulation.

Those are the best breakfast for weight loss that you may try every morning. The best food of some proteins and fruits above can reduce your fat quickly. Although you are in the diet program, does not mean you cannot eat the delicious food. Actually, you can still eat the other food. But, you should eat some of the healthy food recommendations above before you already eaten other meals.


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