Vitamin D and Weight Loss Issues


Vitamin D and Weight LossVitamin D and weight loss surprisingly are related to each other. As people ask for the easiest way to lose their weight, doctors suggest consuming vitamin D. Because people are doubtful of whether or not vitamin D influences the weight loss, the European Congress take a study about it. –  The result is that people who consume vitamin D lose weight faster than they who don’t. Well, of course, people need a long time to gain weight loss just by consuming vitamin D. It is about 6 months.


Some facts about vitamin D and weight loss

Well, you might be curious about vitamin D and weight loss issues. However, you also need to know more about vitamin D itself. Therefore, it’s important to discuss more things about vitamin D including its definition, advantages, and recommended intake of consuming this vitamin. Let you read the detailed info about vitamin D in these following details.

  1. What is vitamin D?
    Vitamin D is kind of a pro-hormone or a nutrient. It is not actually a vitamin because the body can produce it. Most of the people are low in vitamin D through your body may produce vitamin D through sun exposure. Why? That is because vitamin D is rarely found in many foods. Therefore, you need to, at least, get 5 to 30-minute sun exposure every day. Well, you may drink the vitamin D supplement if you do not want to be black. Many health professionals and nutritionists suggest you consume about 600 IU (15 mcg) supplement daily.

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  2. Is vitamin D good for your bones?
    Yes. Vitamin D, unsurprisingly, is very essential for both our bones and teeth. Vitamin D facilitates the calcium and phosphorus absorption which becomes the main factor for bones’ growth. Therefore, even though you drink milk which is rich of calcium, it will be ineffective if you are lack of vitamin D. Having vitamin D deficiency is bad for children because they will suffer from rickets. Rickets is conditions characterized by a severely bow-legged appearance because of the softening of the bones.
  3. What are the advantages of vitamin D?
    It may help your immune system keeps healthy. We all know that the immune system may be important. It is like a knight of a body. Once it dies, you will be sick easily. As your immune system is healthy, it is ready to fight the viruses in. Even though viruses like influenza change its form, as well as your immune system healthy, it still will know it. Another advantage of vitamin D is that it may prevent the disease such as cardiac and breast cancer outcomes.
  4. What is osteoporosis?
    It is a disease where your bones are softened. Mostly, it happened to the older men and women who are in a post-menopausal result. However, the lack of vitamin D may also cause the osteoporosis which is also known as osteomalacia.
  5. Do overweight people tend to have lower vitamin D?
    Yep. Studies show that a body fat percentage is associated with lower vitamin D consumption. If you would like to find out more about the research, you may browse the internet.

Vitamin D and weight loss related issues
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Vitamin D and weight loss related issues

Currently, vitamin D and weight loss become the hot topic and catch attention from both scientist and media. That vitamin D may help the fat people to lose weight may be good news for those who are overweight. Of course, you do not only consume vitamin D to lose weight but also need to do exercises and workouts. Having a diet and also avoiding fast foods or carbonated drink will also be helpful. Let’s talk more about vitamin D’s effect on the weight loss below!

  1. Vitamin D may help losing weight.
    Studies show that vitamin D may reduce the new fat cells’ formation in the body. However, how could it aid the weight loss? Well, actually vitamin D may increase the serotonin. It is kind of a neurotransmitter that affects mood to sleep mode. Serotonin might play an important role in controlling not only your appetite but also your satiety. It could help you reducing the body weight and decreasing calorie intake. It is like consuming vitamin D will boost your metabolism which causes your body to burn the calories even you do nothing.
  2. The study about vitamin D.
    Consuming vitamin D regularly will increase your testosterone hormone which may decrease the body fat. Drinking vitamin D while doing workouts regularly for about 12 weeks may help to lose 7 pounds of body weight. It is true that only doing exercises will gain body weight loss. However, it is not as great as you also consume supplement like vitamin D.
  3. The recommended intake for all ages.
    All people, not only the overweight ones but consume vitamin D. Even children are also recommended to drink this nutrient. Do not worry, vitamin D is safe for being consumed by kids. However, you have to know the intake of vitamin D. According to the U.S. Institutes of Medicine, you must consume 600 IU (15 mcg) if you are adults to age 70. This intake of vitamin D is the same if your age is 1-18 years. For Infants 0-12 months, give them 400 IU (10 mcg). If you are pregnant, you need 600 IU (15 mcg) of vitamin D. Well, if you are over than 70 years old, your vitamin D intake will be 800 IU (20 mcg).
  4. Oral vitamin D.
    Well, oral vitamin D is good but it is better if your body itself creates it. You, therefore, need not use any sunscreen which may block the ability of the body to produce vitamin D. Concern more about your health than your beauty.


Finally, vitamin D might work well to the weight loss; they correlate each other. Therefore, do not get the vitamin D deficiency. Do exercises and workout plus consume vitamin D will lose your weight fast. Well, that’s all about vitamin D and weight loss which might be useful information for anyone especially those who need the reference.

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