True or False: Does Lemon Water Help You Lose Weight?


When the Best Time to Drink to Lose WeightTalking about losing the weight, maybe you have a question in your mind about does lemon water help you lose weight? Basically, drinking a lot of water is one of the keys to losing the weight easily. You will do it by drinking more water before eating, so you will feel full easily and eat less. That’s mean you reduce your eating portion and it is such a good way to lose the weight. – Many researchers prove that water will be a fat burning boost and help the obese person. Through it, they will reduce to about 4 more pounds in 12 weeks. But maybe drinking a plain water will make you bored and not interesting. So, you will combine it with lemon or another kind of fruits, honey or herbs.

Does lemon water help you lose weight? Of course yes. The popular function of the lemon water is to promote weight loss for diet method. It will help your body metabolism and you will enjoy this beverage in hot or cold water. Besides that, the lemon water will give another benefit like improving digestion system, increasing energy level and also make you more focus.
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Evidence for the question “does lemon water help you lose weight?”


  1. Lemon water low calories.
    In every glass of lemon water only contain 6 calories if you just squeeze from half lemon. So, it is very low of calories beverage that really safe for you that ask does lemon water help you lose weight. So, you must swap the beverage that contains high calories like soda, coke or canned drink with the lemon water. Make a good habit by replacing the high calories beverage with lemon water will cut the calorie intake 100 – 200 calories. Because kind of juice contains about 110 calories, soda contains 182 calories. As we all know that consume the beverage that has a high sugar not make someone compensate eating less.
  1. Lemon water will hydrate your body.
    Does lemon water help you lose weight? Absolutely yes. It is because maintain our body and keep it hydrated is a must as one of the ways to get a weight loss. Drink enough water will help the body transport the nutrients to the cells easily for our health. Increase the hydration is a good way to enhance fat loss. Because of the lemon water is made from water, so it will maintain your body with adequate hydration. Besides that, by drink a lot of lemon water you will reduce water retention that will cause some symptoms like weight gain, puffiness and also bloat.

Does Lemon Water Help You Lose Weight

  1. Drink lemon water will boost your metabolism system.
    If you ask does lemon water help you lose weight and have a close relationship with metabolism system? The answer is yes. Drink a lot of lemon water will increase the metabolism and make the weight loss faster. It is because good hydration will increase the functions of mitochondria of the cell help the body to generate the energy.
  1. Lemon water will make you feel full.
    The basic of the weight loss is by making yourself feel full for a long time without consuming a lot of calories. So, it proves that does lemon water help you lose weight. If you drink 0.5 liters of water before the meal, you will decrease the calories until 13%. It also decreases your feeling of hunger and reduces calories intake.

For you that want to consume the lemon water to prove that does lemon water help you lose weight? You will mix it with another substance. Just for your information, consuming an infused water is very good for you. To make the infused water is also very simple, you will add your favorite fruits to it to add flavor.

It is a smart way to make you fall in love with the lemon water and will consume it with a big portion of every day without feeling so bored. You will change the ingredients with different composition as your need. Consume it in hot or cold is an option for you and you will customize it as you want.

The Evidence Of The Question Does Lemon Water Help You Lose Weight
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Recipe for make a delicious lemon water with another ingredient

  1. Lemon water with cucumber.
    It will be one of the optional beverage for you that wondering does lemon water help you lose weight? Two kinds of this ingredients will be a perfect combination. Because it is contained a substance that decreases the puffiness and bloat. Absolutely it will boost the metabolism system and it also lows in calories. So, you will drink it as much as possible without feel worry.
  1. Warm lemon water with honey.
    Drinking lemon and honey in the morning when your stomach in empty conditions is good. It will make your body feeling great and also help to decrease the weight of your body.
  1. Lemon, cucumber and mint water.
    If you feel so bored with the plain water, you will add lemon, cucumber and also mint on the water. This combination is absolutely very fresh and will help you to prove that does lemon water help you lose weight?. Let’s try it and feel the sensation because mint and cucumber will help to reduce puffiness and also bloat.  The three ingredients that combined will naturally cool down your body condition after exercises or on a hot day. Most of the people really love it as the favorite detox water recipe. It’s much recommended and very simple to make it.
  1. Lemon and ginger water.
    In a cold weather, consuming lemon and ginger is the best solution that will warm up your body. Besides that, it will answer the question of does lemon water help you lose weight? Because lemon and ginger will help the body reduce the fat that makes you lose your weight easily.

From all of the evidence that mentioned above, now you know the answer to does lemon water help you lose weight? The answer is yes. Let’s try it soon and you will make the lemon water as one of your daily beverage because you will get any advantages from it. Not only to lose the weight but also to keep your body condition from sickness because it is rich in antioxidants.



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