Probiotic and weight loss What is probiotic

Probiotic and Weight Loss: The Benefits of Probiotic to Help Losing Weight


The Benefits of Probiotic to Help Losing WeightDo you know the strong relation between probiotic and weight loss many researchers have been conducted to prove and to analyze that? And yes, definitely the probiotic has proven that it works to help people to lose their weight. –  Probiotic is also good for metabolism which contributes to your weight. You will get much more benefits because probiotic is a good thing that you should consume. It is actually something that is not new in the food industry, mainly for milk industry. But people in general not really know that the Probiotic  can benefit them if they usually consume it.

And to understand more about the probiotic you can read more below that will explain many things about Probiotic  and how it affects the weight loss program.

Probiotic and weight loss: What is probiotic?

We start with the understanding of probiotic itself. We should know the definition of the probiotic before we analyze how it works in our body.

When we talk about Probiotic , it’s related to bacteria. Let say that it is a living microorganism that usually found in supplements and fermented food. It is widely known that probiotic will be able to help your body to improve the digestive health, heart health, and even an immune function. Yes, the health benefit is the first thing that you get when you eat it.
Probiotic and weight loss What is probiotic

The gut bacteria

Do you know that there are various microorganisms in your digestive system? It is strongly related to the metabolism. The gut bacteria are usually friendly, particularly if there is a support from the food.

In your gut, there are two main types of bacteria. They are bacteroidetes and Firmicutes. According to the expert, the bactereroidetes are the good bacterias and lean individual have a higher proportion of that bacteria. The other bacteria is bad and obese individuals usually carry it in higher portion.

What is the relation of probiotic and weight loss and with these gut bacteria? So the bacteroidetes member family could be the single best probiotic for weight loss that you get.

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Where can we find the probiotics?

As mentioned above, the probiotics can be found in the food and supplement. You can also find the Probiotic  in the dairy milk product.

There many foods that you can find around you easily that contains natural probiotics. As an example the yogurt, which usually there is a good microorganism that will help your health later.

The food that can be good for your gut is kombucha, kimchi, and kefir. You can also have other options such as natto, tempeh, and miso. There are so many choices, right?

Do you want another yummy food to make the good bacteria work well so you can lose the weight? You can choose the dark chocolate banana, making berry smoothie, cottage cheese and crackers, the Greek yogurt, beef and barley soup and Greek salad. You have so many choices here that are also healthy for your daily meal plan. You got two purposes at once if you do this.

By choosing that food, you eat fewer calories but higher nutrients then your food will activate the good bacteria which both of them are very good to be applied when having weight loss program. So, which is food that you want? The natural or the fermented one?
probiotic and weight loss

How probiotics benefits us with weight loss?

There are some ways that probiotic and weight loss really become a reaction in our body. And some of the ways are explained below.

First, the bacteria will harvest more calories from the food. It means that the benefit for your body hen is not only to lose the weight but also benefit from belly fat loss.

The research has proven in mice and rats before and the result is that the microbes will harvest more energy from foods.

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The next is that the bacteria will change the metabolism. The gut bacteria will metabolize primary bile acids to secondary bile acid. It then affects our metabolism by activating the receptor called farnesoid X receptor. This receptor is controlling the fat in liver and blood sugar balance.

It is also able to increase metabolic rate in brown adipose tissues where there is fat that burns fat. It also affects the fat storage that will benefit you. Gut bacteria can control appetite and satiety which usually get the support from the fermentation food.

The good news is that this Probiotic  can reduce the inflammation from leaky gut. Leaky gut is usually associated with the weight gain.

You may get confused with the process above. In the simple words, the Probiotic  will be able to absorb the fact the increase it to be excreted. And this is what actually called harvesting the fat or calories. Few species of bacteria have been found that they have that function.

And as addition, the probiotic will also able to fight the obesity by releasing the GLP-1 and increasing ANGPTL4. The result of releasing GLP-1 is that this hormone will increase to help you burn the calories and fat. While for the second function is that it is a protein that if it’s increased then the fat storage will decrease.

There are many researchers that have proven the benefit of the probiotic. The probiotic and weight loss is something that can’t be separated.

According to the experts, there is more information that says the other benefit of probiotic in weight loss and how it really works to help our body.  But we should also understand that some of the mechanism may not yet understand very well. It means that more research is needed to get a clear thing about this.

After you got the information about the probiotics and weight loss above that is actually interact with each other, you can now take benefit from the probiotic. There are so many options for the food that can help your gut bacteria works well. You just need to choose it as you want and feel that you get the benefit from it and conclude how strong is probiotic and weight loss affects each other.


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