Measuring How Many Calories Do You Burn a Day Doing Nothing


How Many Calories Do You Burn a Day Doing NothingWhen you are in your diet program, you may have once asked about how many calories do you burn a day doing nothing. The question is usually said when you are in a day full of rest or in a day where you don’t have to do exercise. Some of us need some rest after three or four days a week doing exercise. – Answering such a question will need to consider many things. Before answer that question, it is better to answer the question of does doing nothing burn calories. And the answer is yes; your body will still burn calories.

But, answering the main question is not as simple as that. There are some factors, considerations and also some case to answer it. Besides, doing nothing in a day doesn’t always mean doing nothing. Find the answer below
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How many calories do you burn a day doing nothing: These are the factors

To answer the main question will need measurement. And in this case, there is some factor that affects the measurement. Some of the factors are including the gender, age, height, weight and many others.

By looking at the factors, it means that the calories burned from a different individual will also differ. If you want to try to check it, nowadays you can use calories burn each day doing nothing calculator. Some calculator may different to other, but you may see the range of calories that burned.

After understanding the factors and how it affects the calories, now let’s talk about the nothing activity in a specific way. As we know that doing nothing can be really mean nothing. What people refer to doing nothing is usually including sleeping or take a rest, watching TV, just sitting, or even walking around the house.

Those are still activities and the calories that burned is different for each activity. And to understand and find the answer to the main question, it needs to explain those different activities specifically. By considering the specific activities, you can have a proper measurement.

Measuring How Many Calories Do You Burn a Day Doing Nothing


If you are doing nothing in a day and just sleeping all the day, then there is a special measurement of calories burned at sleep. Here’s what you need to know about his activity and the calories.

If you weigh 150 pounds, then you burn about 64 calories per hour of sleeping. So if you sleep two hours up to six hours and want to measure the burned calories, then just multiply it. But if your weigh is about 200 pounds, approximately 85 calories will be burned when you are sleeping. The measurement is also for per hour of sleep.

So, the lower weighs that you have, the fewer calories that will be burned. Then if you weigh about 115 pounds, the calories that will be burned will just only 42 calories. Use the calories burned at sleep calculator if you want to a specific result.


Just sitting

If your activity is just sitting all day, then the burned calories are bigger than sleeping.  Some research has found that sitting burns approximately 75 calories per hour. But still, the factors such as body composition, weight and metabolism will affect the real result. By considering those factors on your measurement, you can get an actual number of calories burned each day doing nothing but sitting.

But you should remember that the activities that you do while sitting also affects the calories burned. As an example, you sit while you are reading a book. If you are a 190 lb man and reading book while sitting, you will burn 112 calories on average. For 163 lb woman, the calories burn is approximately 96 calories.


Walking around

And how many calories do you burn a day doing nothing but walking only? If you just walk around your house an hour, you burn approximately 172 calories if you are a man with a90 lb. For a woman who has 163 lb, she will burn 148 calories an hour. That’s for the normal walk and in a relaxed way.

But it will be different if you walk through the stairs. Walking downstairs can burn about 259 calories for a man with the same weight and 222 for women also with the same condition.

That’s just for a rough measurement of calories burned a day doing nothing with specifically walking. If you have higher or less weight, then surely you burn fewer calories.

Lets Measuring How Many Calories Do You Burn a Day Doing Nothing

Other nothing activities

Some of us defining doing nothing as just eating, watching TV or gaming. So there are differences on the measurement on those activities.

If you are eating, then your body will burn the calories approximately 140 calories per hour. While the number of calories burned when you are watching TV or reading is almost the same, it is about 75 calories only.

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And if you do nothing but still using the concentration to focus such as doing homework and any other brain activities, it burns about 110. But still, you need to measure the calories burned each day doing nothing depends on the factors mentioned above. Use the online calculator to see the result. Some calculator may have less accuracy of the result, but it is enough to define the calories burned.

One last activity that also burns calories and includes in the do nothing definition is sleep-related breathing disorders. If you have this disorder and you are a man, you may burn approximately 1763 calories per day. Remember, that an average number.

Have you ever snored? If yes, then you need to know that snored burn more calories. It can burns up to 2000 calories daily while resting.

To can try to use resting metabolic rate calculator to find the specific number of calories that you burned. The more activities that you do such as combining eating, sitting and watching TV, the more calories than you burn. By knowing how many calories do you burn a day doing nothing, you can get the benefit to determine the calories you should consume daily.



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