Smart Tips: How Many Calories Should I Burn to Lose Weight


How Many Calories Should I Burn to Lose WeightHow Many Calories Should I Burn to Lose Weight?
Knowing the answer to the question of how many calories should I burn to lose weight is something that must be known to you who are starting to diet for the weight loss program is successful. – Burning calories is the absolute thing that must happen to shrink the weight. Therefore, it is a natural and obligatory thing to know the answer to that question.
There are indeed several factors that can affect the success and failure of a person in getting the ideal body weight. One is by burning calories. That is because weight loss will occur if you burn more calories than the calories you consume. That is why burning calories into a crucial thing you should consider to lose weight.

Basically, in losing one pound, you need 3500 calorie burns. Therefore, you need 35.000 calorie burns for a month, if you want to lose 10 lbs. So, how many calories should I burn to lose weight per a day? If calculated per day, you need burning 1.166 calories. Another example is if you want to lose 2.2 pounds in seven days, then the calorie you have to burn is 1100. To achieve that success, you have to be hard on yourself. Never skip exercises, consume banned foods and beverages in weight loss programs such as sugar, rice, and so forth.

Everyone dreams of having a slim body. When you know that your weight is rising, you want to lower it immediately. However, no matter how you are, you are not recommended to lose weight per week more than 1.5 pounds. It can have an effect on your health and normal body function.

The calculation of how many calories I should burn to lose weight is quite complicated and takes a fairly sharp count. However, by knowing it, you can focus on getting the ideal weight. To find out, you need to do the following steps.

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Steps to Calculate Many Calories Should You Burn to Lose Weight

The step is easy. You must know first the number of calories you consume per day both foods and drinks. Then, you will find how many calories you must burn. For example, today, you have consumed 1800 calories. To lose weight, you should not consume more than 1687 calories. That means you must cut 113 kcal on that day. You can do this by doing activities. The activity that will give you satisfactory result is exercise.

There are several things underlie the different needs of how many calories should I burn actually to lose weight such as age, sex, height, and activities. For example, you are a 26-year-old woman with a height of 165 cm and a weight of 80 kg. If you want to lose 5kg in 90 days or 1.5 kg per month, you should consume about 1.785 calories per day. Your daily calorie needs to maintain your current weight is 2205, and your BMR is 1603 kcal. BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is the minimum number of calories you should burn, especially when you are at rest.

One important thing you should know and remember is never to consume less than 1000 kcal and also should not exceed 1100 calories per day. If you want the ideal weight, you are not allowed to do that for any reason.

How to Cut Calories?
No matter your target to lose weight, whether it is 2 lbs. in a week or 10 lbs. in one month, you can get it as long as with a mature diet plan. In planning the diet program, you should be able to cut calories. Then, how to do it? Here are the tips:

Smart Tips How Many Calories Should I Burn to Lose Weight


Do Exercises

In exercises, you automatically need calories and energy to do so. That is why exercise becomes a necessary way of doing for people who want to lose weight fast. It has been proven by many people. Nevertheless, the number of calories you have to burn to lose weight through exercise varies, depending on how old you are, weight, the intensity of activity and duration you are doing.

If you want to be easier to burn fat, you should do cardio. That will make you burn more than 1000 calories. Besides, other exercises such as running or playing skate or rollerblading, you can burn 900-1400 calories in an hour. The point is that the more muscle you have, it means the more calories you burn. Thus, be diligent to do it.

The other exercises such as jumping rope, tae kwon do, football, and jogging will force you to spend 600-800 calories per hour. Among those exercises, which one do you like? Then do it well! Also, you can do an easy exercise to lose weight that is by climbing the stairs several times without stopping. If you do not like any exercise, you can start slowly. Initially, it may feel torturous, but you will be satisfied and love it after you gain success in losing weight.

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Set diet and menus

It is necessary for you to notice the first time when planning to appear more streamlined is to pay attention to your diet and daily menu. That is because food and drinks are a source of calories to do all the activities, including exercises. Therefore, you must succeed to control both sources of calories to successfully lose weight. Then, what kinds of foods are recommended for burning many calories?
Steps to Calculate Many Calories Should You Burn to Lose Weight
There are many types of foods that can lose weight. Some of them are included in simple foods that you can get easily. They can help you reduce about 1000 calories.

If there is a suggestion, then there is also a ban. For those of you who are a big fan of coffee or tea, you must get rid of the habit of adding it with a sweetener. It will save about 400 calories. Avoid dessert and switch to fruits what will store you 450 calories. Then, if you are a snack lovers such as chips and potatoes, replace it with a berry to slash 500 calories.

By knowing the answer of how many calories I should burn to lose weight, you can have a clear picture of your daily caloric needs. Also, in this post, you also have to know any way to burn calories and any foods that can store calories. It obviously will help you to get the ideal weight.


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