Apply These 3 Secret Techniques To Improve Losing Inches But Not Weight


Losing Inches but not losing WeightThere is some case when you are trying to lose weight but the result that you get is losing inches but not losing weight. Actually, that is normal and there are some scientific reasons that make you face that problem. – Unfortunately, if you face this thing then you need to find out the reason. If there is a big problem, then you can get some action to solve. But usually, it doesn’t relate to health issues or some symptom.

Sometimes, many people work hard to lose the fat without well preparation which turns to the wrong measurement. It means that when you realize you just losing inches but not pounds, you are assuming it as a mistake.

Before you have any kind of speculation, you can the first throwback what was your first goal. Is it to lose weight or muscle built? Also, what kind of the exercise that you did so far? Both questions can help us to explain what is really happen with your body.

Please keep in mind that this is the general explanation for the general case of losing inches. If your case is quite different, then you may need some medical test.

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How is possible to lose inches but not losing weight?

Let us start this explanation from the questions above. Actually, the exercise is the key to this case. You may lose inches but not pound because of your exercise.

Let’s say that your aim was to lose fat not weight with some exercise. If you take the exercise such as body lifting, then it is normal if your weight is stable. Or the other case is that you look thinner but in stable weight. Why is this happen?

It is all happening because you grow your muscle without you realizing it. When you lose your fat, you actually lose you weigh but not on a big scale. And since you keep doing the exercise, your muscle cells grow bigger and it adds your weight. As the result, you will see you are thinner with the weight that almost the same.

The one who aimed for building muscle also has the similar case. The difference is that the exercise in this purpose is focusing to build the muscle which automatically burns the fat. And the result as just the same, you just losing inches but not pounds.

As an addition, it could happen when you have a good diet too. You are having such a good nutrition in your meal. Remember that the good meal affects your muscle cells to grow faster and healthier. With this condition, it is normal if you look thinner but having the same weight.

You should probably understand that the bigger your body, then easier your muscle to grow. With the note that you do the exercise in a right way.

After you know the general explanation, you may rethink what you have started.


The Explanation of Losing Inches but not losing Weight


Rethinking your goal

Now, you may focus on one goal, it is to lose your fat. It is fine if you still have the weight that similar to the previous weight as long as it is the muscle weight that supports you. But please keep in your mind to not try harder because it can damage your muscle. Overall, you just need to regularly do your exercise. As you losing inches but not losing weight, you should also keep yourself eating healthy.

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If you feel you have achieved the weight, you shouldn’t stop exercising. If you suddenly stop it, then your body will change. Please remember that build the body as the shape right now is way much harder than let it change. Your body will be easily changed into full of fat again. It needs more than a year to lose weight and build the muscle. But losing that result can be less than three months.

You don’t need to stop exercise as it healthy for your body too. If you think it’s achieved, then reduce the exercise scale. If usually, you have it five days per week, then change into three or two days per week with the similar exercise.


losing weight but not losing pounds


Additional notes

Some of us may face the differences of losing weight but not losing pounds. Some of them may don’t take the exercise, or only focusing on the meal only. If you facing this, then it means that there is something wrong with your body.  Since exercise or the other daily activities can grow the muscle that can add the weight, no exercise for this case sounds weird.

So, if you doubt what’s going on in your body, you may look back what you did to achieve the losing weight program. You may find the reason for answering the question above.

What if you still don’t understand? Easy, you just need to have a consultation with the doctor. This can be your last choice just if you think that there is something wrong with your diet, the result and it frustrated you.

Before you decide to take an action when realizing that you get thinner but not weight, you’d better learn the measurement and the right method of body loss program or building muscle. You may practice it first for few weeks and see the progress of losing fat not weight.

If you didn’t know about the progress measurement, try to ask for help with the expert. To be honest this issue sometimes confusing because it is related to many things. Remember, that when you on your lose weight program, it is related to the nutrition, energy and many considerations.

So the important steps when you are facing this case is just to look back your goal, think about your progress and measure the effort that you have passed through. If you think it is the goal that you should be done, then you just need to reduce the exercise intensity.

Since the problem probably not the same, contacting the expert to have a consultation can be a great choice. This is to prevent if there is something that could harm you and the body. Basically when you lose inches but not weight is a general thing, but we should still aware if it’s not the healthy condition.



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