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Proven Ways How To Lose Weight Without Exercising


No Sugar For Weight LossHow to Lose Weight Without Exercising But Really Works

Nowadays, some people questioning some weird question such as how to lose weight without exercising. Other people that hear this question probably will laugh or think that it’s impossible to do any method without exercising. The fact, it is possible, and it works. – It is not using some extreme diet method, it just needs a longer time and doing the method constantly. On the other side, even some scientist told that exercise isn’t important, but it’s recommended. So let say that you are doing the diet only without doing any exercise you will still lose your weight. Indeed, it is possible. The key of all is just how you manage the program. What people not really understand is that their activities are probably replacing the exercise or has some function with the exercise. As an example, walking to your campus or the office could help your body to burn about 150 calories.

Since the main reason for the weight is the food, the to answer the question how to lose weight without exercising will be more focus on the food consumption and as addition also the explanation of your daily activities that support your diet program.


How can food consumption help reduce your weight?

Based on the question how to lose weight without exercising, explore more about the diet program, particularly managing the food consumption that works in losing the weight.

It is widely known that food is the main factor that can affect your weight up and down. If you want to lose your weight while eating or don’t have time to do an exercise, managing food that you consume is a good choice. First of all, replace your food to healthy food. Reduce or stop consuming junk food, instant food, and fast food. Don’t worry, healthy food here is delicious, or you can make it special more than just delicious.

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What scientists usually recommended is to consume food that lack of carbohydrates, sugars, and salts. You can still consume it but in a small amount. More protein and vitamin is suggested. If you are sad that you can’t consume food with carbohydrates, you can change it to a delicious meal such as by eating meat, vegetables, and fruits. The good thing is that you can break the rule by consuming some food that contains carbohydrate just one day in a week. For example, you can eat potatoes or rice every Saturday or Monday. Don’t worry, as long as you aren’t consuming it much, your diet will still go on.

Low sugars and carbohydrates in your body will lead the metabolism system to burn the fat. This has scientifically proven. With this condition, you will also not easy to feel hungry. If you try to do this method at the first time, you should make a half portion from your typical meal and replace it with more green vegetables. Less carbohydrate will affect the insulin inside your body to burn fat which affects directly to your weight.


Another food thing that you need to understand on answering how to lose weight without exercising is that to consume them as normal as you wanted. By replacing your food into healthy food, it doesn’t mean that your meals time also affected. For breakfast, you can combine the fruit and the food that contains rich of proteins such as meat including beef or a chicken and fish such as salmon. You can modify the food to make it attractive and delicious. The classic juice combination of dragon fruit and banana with nature honey can make your breakfast perfect. Cook the beef or the fish in a special way. You can do it with a simple seasoning then put on a microwave. While for lunch you can try a vegetable salad. If you still need some carbohydrates, you can combine with a few of baked potatoes. Although it is recommended to reduce the carbohydrates consumption, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop consuming it. Still, consume it but in a small amount.

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Since the answer to the question how to lose weight without exercising is merely about the food, the key to make it succeed is the transition of your food and how often you manage it. Let say that you can only replace 20% of your food into healthy one in just a day you probably will see the result of your body in a longer time. If you can replace it up to 80% daily for a few weeks, the sooner you’ll see that you lose your weight. So as routine as you can, a diet without exercise will work on you.


Things you don’t realize but helping you

This is worth to understand as the part of the answer from the question how to lose weight without exercising. You may don’t need an exercise, but some of your daily activities are supporting the diet that you are currently doing.

Walking is known to burn the calories. So if you like walking, it has a unique advantage so you can forget exercise to help you gain the equivalent weight. Not only walking, but some activities such as cycling or biking, running when you are in a rush or a sudden dancing when you listen to a good song are also indirectly supporting your diet program.

So basically, if you are an active person, you’ll get the benefit without you know in reducing the weight. What about those who aren’t active? Some of what they do is also helping in losing the weight. Some quiet activities like reading or thinking also could help in burning activities. Even when you are too silent due to depression or just gaming, it can help in burning the fat inside your body. What makes us surprise is that laughing also can help in gaining our equal weight when we are on a diet. Enough sleep and drinking enough water also have been mentioned that it could help your diet program.

Without exercise, you can lose your weight just by manage your food consumption and actively keep your life.

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Losing Weight Without Exercise

How to Lose Weight Naturally Without Exercise

Losing weight without exercise is possible and can be done easily. It is not hard, but it just needs a commitment to do it. There are many diet programs don’t require exercise. Some diet experts said that exercise isn’t the primary factor that affects the way we lose weight. The primary factor is the food that we consume. Exercise is just to support the way you burn the calories and fat.


Home remedies to lose weight fast without exercise

Home remedies for losing weight that popular is drink. They are easier to make and easy to consume it daily. These home remedies also mostly have a great taste, so it’s nice for you. If you dislike the home remedies that usually taste bad or bitter, you are lucky that many home remedies to lose weight taste well and fresh.

You can enjoy these home remedies without doing the exercise for your diet program. The first recommendation is plain yogurt and honey. Choose the plain yogurt, not vanilla yogurt or yogurt with any other tastes. You can enjoy the yogurt every day for your snack or even your breakfast.

Honey can be added as the rich source. It is healthy and will help you lose your weight. To maximize the result, try to use the low-fat yogurt. You can also put fresh fruit as your yogurt topping. Try to use strawberries, blueberry, cherry, raspberry or grape.

The second recommendation is to consume more apples. Apple contains the great source of nutrition that can help the metabolism process in your body. You can eat up to two apples every day. You can eat it as a snack or part of your lunch meal. When you eat an apple, you are recommended to leave the skin on because it’s a great source of fiber.

The next recommendation is to make a cinnamon tea. To make cinnamon tea, you need to prepare one cinnamon stick, one teaspoon of ground cinnamon and a glass of hot water. Place both cinnamons in a mug or glass and add the water. Boiling water is recommended. 15 minutes after it, it’s ready to drink. You can drink 1-2 times daily.

Home remedies are not merely about the drink. There are some home remedies to help you in losing weight without exercise. For example, try snacking on good food such as fruit. Any fruit can help you to reduce your weight. Try to change your food is also one of the recommendations. Try to consume low-fat food sources and change to healthier one.

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How To Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise In A Week


How To Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise In A Week

Losing weight without exercise in a week is possible. Although you’ll do the diet program without exercise, it doesn’t mean that you will skip meals time. You are recommended to reduce your food in your each meal time. Do your meal time normally by reducing the amount of food and change it to low-carbohydrate food.

A smaller portion of food is what you need. More vegetables, fruit, and meat is better for you. High protein is needed to help you reduce your weight. It has proven that protein can reduce your hunger and it can help you to eat fewer calories. To help you deal with it, you can use a smaller plate and chew slowly.

For your breakfast, you’d better have more protein than the usual. Avoiding junk food and other unhealthy foods are important to get the optimal result. Drink water regularly before the meal. It can make you feel full so that you will eat fewer calories. Sugary drinks should be avoided too, and you should choose healthy beverages to drink.

Apart from the consumption rules, there are some additional things to notice to help you in losing weight without exercise. There are some eating habit and things that not related to eating stuff you should notice. Eating habit such as paying attention when you are eating is important.

You can control the calories and the kind of food that you consume. People who eat in front of the TV while watching a movie or playing a game is usually eating more calories than they should do. If you want to snack while watching TV, you should choose the healthy snack like fruit.


Another eating habit is that to control the unhealthy food by putting it on a different plate. This can make you measure the amount of unhealthy food that you want to consume. Use the smaller plate is recommended.

Another habit that can affect the way you lose your weight is by managing your sleep time. Sleep well can help your losing weight program. Lack of sleep can disrupt your diet program. Scientifically, lack of sleep will disrupt hormones leptin and ghrelin which will cause hunger. You also should avoid to stress. It can disturb the way you lose your weight.

Those things can help you in reducing your weight only in one week. To make it successful, make sure that the calories you take are way too smaller than the calories burned by the body. Making those recommendations can help you to lose 1 pound weekly, even more after eight weeks.

The key to losing weight without exercise is about the food that you consume. From reducing your portion until having a healthy food, there is a rule that can help you reduce your weight. Since healthy is everything, those all the recommendations are the diet program that scientifically healthy for your body. You aren’t necessary to do it all simultaneously.

Start with the simplest thing that you can deal. You need some strong motivation to help you start the program. A strong commitment is also needed. You can improve the methods day by day until you get used to it all.

For example, you can start by reducing choosing the healthy food, and the other day you can start to reduce your plate and so forth. Do it regularly, and you can see the result of losing weight without exercise from the first week.


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