If I Starve Myself Will I Lose Weight? Here’s the Explanation for You!


If I Starve Myself Will I Lose WeightSome people who want to lose their weight usually wonder something such as if I starve myself will I lose weight and other similar questions. Yes, some of us may think of starving to lose the weight. Some choose this way because they want an immediate result.

OnWeightLoss.net – And if you starve yourself, you will lose your weight. But remember, it is not a healthy diet and it will damage your inside body. In other words, the starving choice is a wrong method to lose weight. Besides, it will hurt you so it is better for you to not choose that method.


If I starve myself will I lose weight? Yes, but notice this

When we talk about this, we talk about the basic knowledge of weight loss. Knowing it will help you to understand why starving will never be the healthy way to lose your weight.

So weight loss will only happen if you reduce the total calorie intake to below what you burn. But it doesn’t mean starving. If you cut your calories that you consume and burn the calories by exercise, you can lose your weight without damage yourself.

Remember that immediate weight loss is not easy and it needs a process. Starving will make you lose weight immediately, but the most case it will return to the usual habit such as eating regularly. The result is obviously you will gain weight again. Sounds like not a fun to lose weight, right?
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What happens if you keep starving?

When you still try to keep yourself starving to lose weight, there are many things that will happen in your body. First of all, obviously you will be hungry and followed by some pain. If it’s your first starving day, probably your digestion system will have a reaction.

You need to know that you need calories intake daily to support your body activities such as breathing and hormone production. Starving will result in nutritional deficiencies, nausea, irritability, fatigue, and weakness. The worst effect is when you have ulcer problem, it will lead to throwing up and you will suffer.

You will constantly be thinking about food, feel so hard to starving and at the end, you will feel bad about your decision. This can lead to you to have a negative thinking, guilt and even depression. At the other words, continuing yourself to starving for too long can lead to organ failure and even death.

You probably have heard about the starving to lose weight success stories. And probably, you are also inspired to do it. Know the side effects and consult with your doctor before you decide to do it. It is too risky because can seriously compromise your health.

If I starve myself will I lose weight Yes

Reasons not to starving

If you think it is not enough to prove you that starving can lead to the negative result, then here are the reasons why you shouldn’t starve yourself.

Some of the starving to lose weight side effect has been mentioned above which makes the first reason of all. Yes, starving is a pain. If there is another way to lose weight without pain, why choose the one that hurt you?

It has stated above that when you end the starving program, you will eat again. And the fact is that the way you eating again is worse than what you did before. It is like a result of emotional pain that drives you to get food as much as you can.

The next reason why you should not starving to lose weight is it will affect your sleeping time. You will have sleep issues such as there is no position that comfortable to sleep and you may hard to fall asleep. This is because your body is screaming and wanting to eat.

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Remember that sleeping is important for you physically and mentally. So if you get the sleeping problem then it will affect your emotion and how you feel about your body.

One thing that also has clearly seen about not to starving is that you will lose energy. The combination of empty stomach condition which means no nutrition and also lack of sleep will make you feel so tired. You may feel more exhausted when you wake up. And if you have no energy, then it means you will not burn any calories.

If you starving yourself for a week and don’t eat anything then the fainting may occur. Some stories have been published that starving ended up collapsing. Some even should go to the hospital due to the condition.

Other reasons are that you will have mood swings which will also distract your life. If you are not usually having mood swings, then it will be hard for you to control it. This is related to your mind that affected by starving.

And the last thing to not practice starving to lose weight is that there is another way to lose weight in fun way. You will not in pain and no need to worry such as in starving program. Some program even improves the health of the body. Sounds cool, right?

What happens if you keep starving


Losing weight in a healthy and fun way

No matter if you have heard the starving to lose weight success stories that seem interesting, it’s not much better than having the fun diet program. To help yourself losing weight, you can simply eat healthier or eat less in a healthy way.

Healthy food that we can find nowadays can be delicious. So, don’t miss the food while you are about to lose weight. You just need to measure the calories that you should consume and burn. Some example of the healthy food is including berries, tuna, salmon, apple, and spinach.

To burn the calories, you can have simple exercise. If you are a beginner, then you can have some simple cardio exercises. Some activities that you can daily do such as walking will also help you to burn the calories. Overall, it is better to do happy diet method than painful starving losing weight program.


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