Find out: How Much Weight Can I Lose In A Week by Doing the Simple Way


How Much Weight Can I Lose In A Week by Doing the Simple WayHow much weight can I lose in a week? Maybe it is a common question in a recent time. Many people think that they are obese and need to lose the weight as soon as possible with a simple thing. There are too many people that want to decrease the weight as the requirement in looking for a job. On the other hand, they also do it to attend or want to perform perfectly on the important occasion. – Everybody has the different capability to lose the weight because it depends on the body metabolism too. Before thinking how much weight I can lose in a week, you must be aware that it needs a process. It takes an effort, high motivation and also perseverance because you cannot do it instantly in one night. So, do it with full heart to achieve something that you need to get a body goal.

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Think to make a target of how much weight can I lose in a week is a reasonable step that will improve your mind. By making a weekly target achievement to lose some pounds, it will be an effective way. But please do it in a good way that will make your body stay healthy and not lack of nutrition. Because it will the worst thing if you do it and ignore the body condition that needs nutrition from a healthy food.

When thinking of how much weight can I lose in a week, several people will think that diet is the best way to do it. It is the right thing, but please do it with pay attention in your body condition. Make a weekly target by diet and also exercises will make a great change in your body if you do it in the right way. You will try the best diet that suit on you and continue it in the next week to get the best result.

For you that need to lose the weight soon, you will check the several ways that recommended. Through, these way, you will predict and answer your question how much weight can I lose in a week. Let’s check them out and choose the suitable one for you soon to get the best result.


List to do to answer your question how much weight can I lose in a week


  1. Doing workout.
    Train your body by doing a cardio is key to keep your muscle while burning the fat. You will do it three times a week and after 8 weeks, you will lose 9% of your body weight. It means, in a week you will lose approximately for about 1% of your body weight. You will also choose the aerobic group to lose the weight and make sure your body will get a good response to how much weight can I lose in a week.
  2. Protein intake.
    Protein is a good substance for your body and gives essential amino acid to make a muscle and reduce fat. Through it, you will lose the weight until 10% in every week. It is because when you consume more protein and decrease the carbohydrate, your body will give a different reaction. Your body will burn the fat and change it as the fuel to do your daily activities.
  3. Sleep habit.
    Maybe too many people that don’t know that sleeping time gives a big impact in lose the weight. Lack of sleep will make your metabolism hormone cannot work properly. The scientist tells that in one week a person will lose the weight for about 3 pounds if you sleep 5 until 8 hours every day. But if you want to get the best result, you must sleep more than it. A person that sleeps longer will lose twice of the fat in their body.

Find out How Much Weight Can I Lose In A Week by Doing the Simple Way


Besides the list above, you will also choose the best way that really helpful for the weight loss. To do it, you will answer the question how much weight can I lose in a week easily. If you ever practice to consume some juice for diet or make your self-starving, please don’t do it again. It is not a good way and will make your body metabolism slower.

So, please make a wise decision by boost your body metabolism. Make your body in a plateau condition is a simple way to lose much weight in a week. But it is not a good one if you do it for a long time.  It is better for you to eat more protein or fat burning foods to keep your body stay full. Because it is very important for you to keep the body from hunger feeling and starvation mode.

Control your meal by making a big portion of protein in every meal and make the largest portion in the morning. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water to make the metabolism work easily. Make a diet menu that will sift the calorie need inside your body is also effective. You will choose some food that will make your stomach full in a long time.

The way to reduce the weight for the answer how much weight can I lose in a week sometimes is by fool the metabolism. In this part, your body will burn the fat to get calories because you don’t consume carbohydrate. It’s mean that you must eat some nutritious food but that low in calories. Through it, the calorie shifting work and your metabolism system will work easily.
how much weight can I lose in a week
But the best result will come to you if you do the diet with exercise. It will speed up the metabolism system and will lose the weight quickly. Doing an exercise is an easy thing and will be a good habit. But maybe several people think that exercise is a hard thing to do and they don’t have a strong motivation.

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For you that lazy to do it, you will do it by walking like doing a window shopping. By doing it your mind will be happy and never think that burn the calories by exercise is very boring. By walking for about 30 minutes, you will burn many calories that boost the metabolism system. The key is, you must do it regularly to get the good result.

Now, there is too many program diet on the internet as your reference to challenge yourself how much weight can I lose in a week. You will do it by eating your favorite food but must play with the requirement role on the diet program. If you still confused, you will get the daily menu in reference to the internet. Check the simple and affordable menu to get the body goal.


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