Eight Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss: A good way to stay slim


Healthy Snacks for Weight LossFor people who are on diet, snacking becomes the heaviest enemy for them. The people must avoid it because snacks contain many calories, fat, salt, and sometimes sugar. Even though, avoiding snacks are quite difficult in case it has become their habit for a long time. Women are the most difficult person to abandon this habit.

OnWeightLoss.net – However, there is a solution for you who want to lose weight but you keep able to snack. Nowadays, lots of healthy snacks for weight loss which will make all people happy.

Kinds of Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

In fact, having snacking habit is not good for the health. Moreover, people often do it anytime with any food. Nonetheless, there are some positive effects from snacking where it will make you bit relief. Snacking helps women to revive their mood and feeling. People with heavy work such as farmers, construction laborers, factory workers, and so on should own snacking habit. Glucose in the snack helps the metabolic process so that the body keeps getting energy before eating heavily.

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Chocolates, potatoes, chips, cakes, fried foods, fast foods, are examples of bad snacks. Actually, it does not matter in case you want to eat them. Even though, you must control the portion and the period time. Moreover, you often do it while watching TV, working in front of the computer or before going to bed.

Snacking is not very good for office workers. Below are the numerous bad effects that you often ignore:

  1. Obesity.
    Snacking causes obesity because of the fat and calorie inside. In fact, it has many calories and fat through the shape is lightweight. Most people who like snacking has the distended stomach and the fat body.
  2. Causes digestive problems.
    Snacking habits causes digestive problems primarily when you do it at night. Those bad foods inhibit the digestive process resulting in the accumulation of fat in the body. That is why body weight rises if too much snacking. On the other hand, snacking makes the esophagus connection and stomach flat. This will make the stomach often feel heartburn.
  3. Causes dental problems.
    Snacking will damage teeth, cause plaque, and tooth cavities. The remaining food that is still attached to the teeth will cause these problems. Tooth decay may occur more severely if the type of food contains a lot of sugar.
  4. Causes bad breath.
    You won’t be able to brush your teeth as often as possible after snacking. In fact, snacking is not only done with dental problems but also bad breath. A smelly mouth will definitely make you not confident to talk and make people around you feel uncomfortable.
  5. Unbalanced nutrition.
    Snacks contain very little nutrition or maybe none at all. Many snacks contain preservatives, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, flavorings, high salt, and high calories. These ingredients can inhibit brain growth and development.
  6. Disturb diet.
    Actually, snacking is an activity to delay hunger before doing the main meal. If you snack constantly, this will always make your stomach full. So, you will postpone large meals where large meals are more important than snacking. A very good taste also makes you lose a healthy appetite.
  7. High blood pressure and diabetes.
    The high content of salt in snacks will cause high blood pressure. If this habit is not controlled, it will trigger a heart attack. Meanwhile, sugar can cause diabetes.

8 Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss
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Please consider to think  about your health and weight. If you cannot leave this bad habit, find out the healthy snacks for weight loss. You perhaps still regard that the healthy snacks have not delicious flavor. Apparently, you can find many good foods with delicious tastes such as:

  • Yogurt with blueberry and honey
    Yogurt is the food from the fermented milk which has a sour and sweet taste. The food comes from Europe contain much fiber, protein, and good fat. Yogurt solves your hungry each 3 o’clock. When you add blueberry and honey, it is not only tasty but also healthier. The blueberry has vitamin C that helps burn fat inside the body.
  • An with a glass of nonfat milk
    The apple is free from fat or cholesterol, and low calorie. Instead, this fruit contains lots of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin C. Meanwhile, nonfat milk is very high in protein. Proteins are able to maintain energy levels in the body and reduce hunger. Those snacks give you 200 calories, 10 g of protein, and 5 g of fiber.
  • Avocado and Cheese
    Avocado has creamy texture and taste. You can consume it with split the fruit and then removing the seeds. Fill the fruit basin with grated cheese. The combination of avocado and cheese results 7 g of fiber, 9 g of protein, and 200 calories.
  • Oatmeal and blueberry
    Oatmeal is not only for breakfast menu but also for snacking. It is because you can eat it every time. The oatmeal is rich in fiber and it helps the body controlling the blood sugar. On the other hand, blueberry becomes the substitute for sugar or natural sweetener. Alongside that, vitamin C helps maintain immunity during the diet.
  • Banana and peanut butter
    Bananas are a source of carbohydrates so they can increase energy. Meanwhile, peanut butter contains protein that is able to maintain energy. One banana with a little sugar-free peanut butter can withstand hunger during the daytime.
  • Almond
    There are good fat, protein, and fiber in the almond. People chew it until 40 chews feeling full longer than using ordinary beans even in the same amount.
  • Grapefruit
    The grapefruit helps to decrease insulin and control the appetite. Only eating the grapefruit every day makes your body lose 3 ½ pounds for three months.
  • Dried fruits
    The dried fruits are healthy food and snack because come with no sugar or sweetener. It can help people to lose weight because there are essential mineral and vitamin inside. You can combine it with peanuts to balance the carbohydrate and protein.

Honestly, there are lots of healthy snacks for weight loss in around you. You can make it where it is really healthier. Discover many recipes of the healthy snacks from the internet or the recipe book. Then, practice it and you will feel satisfied.


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