The Controversy of the Artificial Sweeteners for Weight Loss warn you to get the Best Diet


Artificial Sweeteners for Weight LossFood actually not gains your weight because calorie that makes it. When you eat any foods but in normal time and portion, it will not make you fat. The calorie stacks on your body because of how much it enters to your body. Therefore, reduce the calorie becomes the best way to diet or lose weight. Usually, people do it to maintain their meal time and or use medicines. Even though, some of them try with using artificial sweeteners pretty they can have a good taste. – Nowadays, the usage of the artificial sweeteners for weight loss is still controversy. Between one expert and the others have different arguments.


Need further Understanding before using the Artificial Sweeteners for Weight Loss

An artificial sweetener is a refined sugar which is made by people from chemical essence. This sweetener is low or even zero calorie so that current people who usually get diabetes keep able to drink or eat sweets. This product changes sugar or honey that high calorie.  Seemly, the low calorie inside that becomes the reason to lose weight. Nevertheless, not all experts of doctors suggest it to diet because some sweeteners are unsafe.

Base on FDA (Food and Drug Administration) from the U.S., there are two types of the artificial sweeteners. Safe sweeteners include saccharin, acesulfame potassium (Ace-K), aspartame, neotame, advantame, and sucralose. Besides that, FDA also regards about the steviol glycoside (Stevia) to be the generally recognized as safe. Meanwhile, the unsafe sweetener according to FDA is cyclamate and the crude whole-leaf Stevia extract. Nonetheless, totally change the natural sweeteners with the artificial product for the normal people are not right. It worries if it will cause another problem after the long-term usage.

Recently, there are still two opinions toward the artificial sweeteners to lose weight. Some people say that this product increases your weight and some of them tell the opposite. Absolutely, those viewpoints have a certain explanation that makes sense. Well, the low-calorie sweetener is able to lose weight indeed if people use it rightly. They consume it to change the sugar on foods and beverages. People use it while maintaining their food intake (not eat exceed).

Meanwhile, the sweetener can cause weight gain because it asks them to eat more. Definitely, they think that consuming food and beverage with sweetener is safe. Just remember that obesity or fat coming from the amount of the food. Eating food and beverage like those same with accumulate calories slowly. So, it is only about how you manage your diet with the artificial sweeteners.
the Artificial Sweeteners for Weight Loss

Side Effects of the Artificial Sweetener for Health

Be careful to use the artificial sweeteners for weight loss! This study still becomes a controversy with the strong arguments. Alongside that, you have known how that product helps your diet. Nonetheless, there are many side effects behind the kindness toward your health:

  1. Increasing Diabetes Type 2
  2. How come it happens? Is the artificial sweetener for diabetes sufferer? Yeah, that is right. Apparently, people with this disease can increase in type 2 if they are not careful in usage. They keep must limit consuming beverage and food with sweetener.

  1. Accumulate of belly fat
  2. People with sweetener routinely improve the waist size and the fat amount in the abdomen. It is because the relationship of the new fat cell presence after consumes sucralose. Certainly, the waist size development means the belly fat increases too. Obvious, it refers to the obesity and the several of the health problems. Even, consume it longer and routinely is quite dangerous.

  1. Sugar addicted
  2. Consuming the sweetener continuously cause the body more sensitive toward the sugar. Automatically, it causes the brain getting the sugar addiction where the people always want to eat thing with sweetener.

  1. Increased calorie intake
  2. The artificial sweetener contains low or non-calorie indeed. Even though, it keeps able to make the blood sugar up and down quickly and influence toward the hunger. When the body enters the calorie step by step, it finally causes the accumulation. Surely, your diet will fail if you let it influence your mind.

  1. Exceed weight
  2. Such as mentioned above that the sweetener causes the fat accumulation. It implies you have exceeded weight because of the new fat form.

  1. Lack of nutrition
  2. The artificial sweetener has a sweeter taste than sugar, honey, fruits, and perhaps vegetables. It makes people with sugar addiction not interest toward those natural things. Therefore, their body will lack nutrition accompanying by the weight gain. Wow, it will be worst.

  1. Preterm labor
  2. In fact, sweetener more impacts on the health than give the benefits. Even, it is able to cause the preterm labor for women who often drink light beverages with sweetener.

  1. Increasing the heart attack
  2. Base on the study in Harvard with 40.000 participants during two decades. It shows that a man with a can of sweetened beverage per day has 20% higher to get the heart attack.

Artificial Sweetener for Weight Loss

  1. Increasing the pancreatic cancer
  2. A study by the University of Minnesota in 2010 discovers a risk of pancreatic cancer. The disease increases twice only from the sweet drinks such as soda.

  1. Dilute muscles
  2. Consuming the sweetener drink for 4 weeks routinely cause the muscle damage. It speeds up the fracture due to the carbonate sweet drink.

  1. Causing the tooth damage
  2. All of the sweet foods and beverages can scrape the enamel of the teeth and cause the defect.

  1. Hypertension and cardiovascular
  2. Lastly, the artificial sweetener causes hypertension and the cardiovascular.

Now, you have understood what an artificial sweetener is. It recommends for people with the diabetes disease but they keep not to using it routinely. Although the sweetener is low calorie, you cannot use it as the main way to lose weight. It better you try the other healthy ways first such as with exercise. Besides that, it can be done with control the meal time and reduce the carbohydrate intake. If you sure to take the artificial sweeteners for weight loss as your diet program, remember about the sugar addiction. Think well for your health.


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