All about Body Wraps to Lose Weight


All About Body Wraps to Lose WeightThe usage of body wraps to lose weight nowadays becomes something that we want to talk about. Body wraps are not a new thing in this world.  Many people trusting it to help them in the body loss program. But actually, there is pro and cons that rise due to the usage of this body wraps. – Some people believe that using the body wrap is something that effective enough to help in losing weight program. On the other hand, some experts claim that it’s dangerous and can damage the body. And the proof of both claims is real.

That case just makes the other people who want to try becoming afraid if something bad happens to them. If you one of the people who are afraid that still wants it, then you don’t need to be afraid. Below there will be some explanation that will make you think clearly about the body wraps.

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Is it a good idea to use the body to lose weight?

Some people said that it is fine as long as before you do it you have to make sure that everything is set in the place. But the other says that everyone should be aware of it due to the damage that they receive after that. So which one is true about body loss by body wrap?

Before answering about that, you should know the wrap itself. Wrap has existed more than a decade. It is now become the trend and use the herbal to help the body excrete the sweat. By excreting the sweat, then many people believe that it also excretes the fat. They believe that the fat burned as the sweat.

If you ask body wraps to lose weight is a good idea or not, then it depends on the type of the wraps and also how it reacts on your body. Some of the reaction that looks good for you may suitable for you. But remember that it may be not a thing that you will always do.

The answer is relative because it depends on you. There are also some variant wraps that you can choose depends on your need. Some wrap may have a different effect on the same individual.

Although there is a good reason to take it, everything has their bad effect. And there are some negative effects that can damage your body. And this is why we should keep ourselves aware of the product to avoid the damage.


Type of wraps

There are some types of wraps that helps body loss. The first one is the herbal wraps. Just like its name, the herbal will be used to care your skin. Usually, the herbal wrap is the mainstay of salon and spas.

It usually starts with an exfoliating scrub. Then some special wrap product will be applied to your body and cover yourself with a thermal blanket. After 30 minutes, then it will be removed, there is some cooling down method.

This wrap takes up to 90 minutes and many people have their confess that it helps them burn the cellulite. This is why they say that body wrap can lose weight.

The second type is heat wrap. This wrap is different because using the topical heat that will be applied to the body. If the herbal wrap is aimed to get smooth skin, then this wrap is to benefit the skin cell that under the surface.

Unfortunately, this wrap has some strict diet such as not to consume the salt and procedure. It is like in the sauna and the result is reported to be successful in losing weight. Some are losing pound after doing it regularly.

The next type body wraps to lose weight is an infrared wrap. With this option, the patient can reduce the fat in particular area. It will heat the area; increase the blood circulation and burn calories at ones.

By seeing the type of each wrap, it seems that it is true the wrap loss weight can work. But for your good reason, you will need to see the risk. There are some risks that you may understand.


Body Wraps to Lose Weight


The Risks

According to the scientific sources, there are some negative effects of using body wraps to lose weight. No matter if you treated by the professional or by making your own wrap, there is still some negative effect.

The first risk is about the sweat that we claim as the fat. Actually, it is the water. So if there are some people who claim they lose weight due to wrap, then they lose their body water. You can danger yourself if you keep doing it. Dehydration is what many doctors worry about of the wrap usage.

When you are inside the thermal blanket, you will be so sweaty. The over sweaty is not good because it can make you dehydration. As the result, there will be a lack of oxygen in your body, headache, confusion, and even death.

The next risk when you are using body wraps to lose pounds is related to the blanket. Try to check what is the blanket made from? Majority they use the PVC. And all of us in the medical world know that PVC one of the dangerous thing.

It has a negative effect on your liver, kidney and your weight. Besides, PVC is strongly related to cancer. You may also have an allergy to the other thing there.
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The truth

So the truth is that when you are sweaty inside the thermal blanket that’s definitely water from your body. You can recharge the water inside your body by drinking. And this sounds that body wrap can means nothing and wasting the time.

It is still better for you to have a healthy diet and doing some exercise. As an additional, you should also consume the healthy food. These three steps can lose your weight in a safe way without any effect.

Besides, doing the wrap will make you spent some money. While doing your own exercise can be done without spending any money. It also makes you healthy. So, you get a double benefit. More benefit is that your muscle will be stronger if you do the exercise.

But it’s all depends on you. So starting from now, you may rethink to have body wraps to lose weight.



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