Does Adderall Make You Lose Weight Effectively


Does Adderall Make You Lose WeightDoes Adderall Make You Lose Weight Effectively?
Hello, good people. What do you know about Adderall? As we know, it is a kind of medication which is recommended to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy. Now, let’s consider, does Adderall make you lose weight? To answer such question, it is not easy. – We should know some facts and contents of this medication. Besides, to know whether it can lose your weight or not, we should also know the effects after using this medication. Thus, we can decide it easily whether it will give impact to weight loss or not.


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Some facts to prove the right answer of a question ‘does Adderall make you lose weight:
  • Decreasing the appetite
    Many people have a big problem in weight, especially who have a fat body. They a do not feel comfortable in doing everything, for example in walking. They will feel tired easily, in a near or far distance. To solve this problem, they have an inspiring idea which is using a medicine to lose their weight.
    The medicine is usually called as Adderall. Some of them have an interested to use the medicine to lose their weight. After using it for several days, their weight decreases. Of course, they are very happy after knowing the good change. Besides, they also have another advantage in consuming the medicine. It can also decrease appetite for the users so that their weight will be stable.
  • High blood pressure
    Besides having a good advantage, it can also give disadvantage for the consumers. When we consider whether the Adderall make you lose weight or not, the answer is yes. But, when you consume in wrong dosage or inappropriate dosage, it can lead to an unfortunate effect like high blood pressure. When it happens, it will be better for you to stop using and see a doctor. When it is not done, it can lead to a serious problem for you. It can be so because high blood pressure will make a bad impact on your health. Hence, you should consider well the dosage of consuming it when you need it as a medication to lose your weight.
  • Increased heart rate
    Another bad effect that may happen to you when you decide to consume Adderall as a medication to lose weight is increased heart rate. We know that it will give terrible end when it is not handled well. Increased heart rate may happen when the medication is not fit to the condition of your body which can influence your heart to beat faster.
    You must know that when the heart beats faster continuously is not good news for everybody. It is possible for everybody to experience sudden death when their heart beat increases faster. So, think twice before you consume this medication for losing your weight because it may harm you much.

    Does Adderall Make You Lose Weight Effectively


  • Mood swings
    To experience mood swings is not a good condition for you in the daily activity. This condition may happen for you who consume Adderall. The condition of mood swings will be crucial to face the daily activity. It can create a good result, but it can also make worst. When the mood is getting good, you may run the activity comfortably and can solve any problem for your daily activity.
    However, when the mood is going bad because of the medication, it will damage your activity, such as work, study and so on. So, it is suggested for if you feel getting mood swings after consuming this medication, to stop consume will be the best choice for you.
  • Headache
    The fact, Adderall can lose weight effectively. However, before choosing it, you should consider the effect after consuming. You need to know that Adderall will be possible to make you get a headache. To experience this condition will be a big problem for you. It will disturb your activity when the problem comes.
    Even, it will harm you when you are doing activities which need to concentrate well, like driving. Thus, when you find this problem when you try to consume this kind of medication, it is better for you to stop it. It will be easier to prevent compared to curing when the problem comes.
  • Trouble sleeping
    The last effect that may occur after you consume Adderall is getting trouble in sleeping. To be difficult to sleep is not good condition because it will cause some other troubles for you, such as being sleepy for the next day, getting a headache, getting pale, and so on. Medication will usually have an effect that makes the consumers feel sleepy sometime later after consuming it. However, this kind of medication may lead to the difficulty of sleeping for the consumers. So, considering that it gives bad effect, you should consume it appropriately when you need it. Make sure that it will keep you safe even though you get trouble sleeping.

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Also, you need to know that this medication can be dangerous for people with a heart defect. It is a good idea not to try to consume it for you who suffers that kind of disease. There is another bad effect too for you who have been accustomed using this medication as a pill for your daily need.
It can be so because you may be addicted to using it. This medication contains material which can make people tend to be always obsessed to consume it. So, it will be, of course, not good for your health.

From all of the facts above related to Adderall, some bad effects will happen for the people who consume it. If it is not so important to consume it, it will be better for you not to use it. But, if you need to use it, for instance for losing your weight, you should use it with a prescription from a doctor. You should always consult for every problem you have since you consume it. Then, now, do you know why does Adderall make you lose weight? After knowing the facts above, you must know it.

The stronger reason why it can happen is that this medication will make you get appetite decrease. So, when you feel a little reluctant to eat much, the condition will bring you to get thinner body size. Thus, your body weight will lose automatically.

The last, there is a suggestion for you who want to get weight loss healthily. For you who want to get the less dangerous condition, to take the healthier way to lose weight rather than consume drug is better for you. You can do it by combining good dietary and right exercise regularly. So, consider well first before using this kind of medication to lose your weight.


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