Does Yoga Help You To Lose Weight On Your Diet


Does yoga help you to lose weightDoes yoga help you to lose weight on your diet?
The question does yoga help you to lose weight on your diet has been answered scientifically through research that it does help. The way it helps is not part of the physical effect, but it is only influencing only. – Yoga sometimes helps the mind and the mentality which affect the perception on losing weight process. The fact, food consumption is still the major factor of losing weight. According to the scientist, there is a special relationship between yoga in supporting the body to lose the weight.

The analysis between yoga and losing weight has been started a long time ago and still needs more analyses. There is good news about the latest research that can contribute to healthy knowledge. The fact will help in understanding about yoga and diet program.

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Medical and research says

Back to the question does yoga help you to lose weight that has a medical explanation, there are many things that public society need to know. These medical explanations will reveal the truth about yoga and lose weight.

Theoretically, many yoga practices burn calories, but it fewer than another exercise. Yoga burns fewer calories than jogging. The psychologist said that yoga can help to increase the one’s mindfulness which leads to the new way of thinking on the body condition. This mindfulness is important because it can help into healthier diet thinking. As an example, relax thinking will make ones aware of the food that they eat.



It is also mentioned widely that stress or depressed feeling can turn somebody to consume much food. While yoga can reduce the depression, it will help somebody to control the portion of daily food. This is the special connection between yoga and losing weight in a unique way.

What need to be reassured here is that yoga has different levels which lead to the different number of burned calories. For the basic level of yoga, doing regularly will only help you burn few calories. The level of yoga that will help you to maximize your daily burning fat is the one that challenges your heart to beat faster. For some 90 minutes of yoga that has the higher level of needed power, it can support the way you lose your weight also benefit for your muscle.

According to the research that conducted by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in 2005, it mentioned that yoga was a factor in controlling and preventing weight gain, especially for those in the middle age. This was just additional evidence-based research and fact to answer does yoga help you to lose weight. The research result defined that by practicing yoga once a week for at least four years and in at least 30 minutes, people can lose 3 pounds of weight. There were 15,500 survey correspondent and those who do yoga lose their weight.

Although the result can be highlighted that the yoga can support the weight loss, it doesn’t mean that the participants lose their weight. The important explanation in this research is that yoga has a strong potential role in helping your weight loss program.


How to maximize yoga’s work?

There are some ways that can prove the answer of does yoga help you to lose weight. Take a look again, the aim of the yoga is just only to help your process of losing weight. It will be a different way to answer if the aim of the yoga is the main method to lose weight. So now to make it works and help your diet well, there are some things that need to be noticed about yoga.

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The first thing to lose your weight with yoga support is to make to combine it with the nutrition consumption balance. A yoga expert said that the combination will effectively help your aim to lose some weight. It doesn’t need to take daily yoga exercise, 4 times every week is fine to help you.

Since yoga could help in increasing the physical activity, you will need style. So the second thing here is to choose the right style of yoga. Some smart choices of yoga styles are including Yoga Power and Ashtanga. With only doing one of them in about 90 minutes, you will get the benefit that your body can burn calories which also affect your muscle shape. In 60 minutes of Ashtanga yoga, it estimated that 300 calories are burned.You don’t need to do an extreme yoga style because your focus is on yoga support only. It can damage your body if do so. Another choice is Bikram yoga which contains 26 postures.

Yoga and Weight Loss

Third, practice your yoga regularly. Even if you are done with your diet program, you will still need to do some yoga exercise to help your body in stabilizing the body. You can do once a week to keep your body healthy. Although the regular practice is needed, there is additional information as part of the answer of does yoga help you to lose weight. It is that you should understand yourself, including analyzing your weight and height before deciding to take the right yoga exercise. This is important to count the possible calories and the strength of your physic to take the particular yoga style.

When you do the yoga, focus on yourself and your goal. This will affect the way yoga work with your emotion and mentality. Without any yoga effect on those two things, your mind can lead you into negative behavior that will damage your diet program. More than just that, if your mind is depressed because you can’t focus, you will consume much food. It is familiarly known as stress eating. Although stress or depression need energy too, the way you consume food need to be controlled. For a beginner, ask the yoga trainer about all yoga problems that you need to know. Tell about your lose weight support purpose and ask the right type of yoga that suitable with you. The instructor will give you some lecture and bring you directly to each type of yoga that you should practice in. Some preliminary yoga practice probably needs to be followed, because yoga needs to be done step by step.


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