Working Out but Not Losing Weight: Reasons and Explanation


Working Out but Not Losing Weight Reasons and ExplanationDo you have the experience of working out but not losing weight? Well, it happens mostly to women. They have tried so hard and probably in a long time just to lose their weight. But it doesn’t work and this makes them wonder what exactly happens to them. – If you find this case also happens to you, you don’t need to worry. Some may become stressful with this condition, but it will not help at all. What you need to do is finding the reason. Figure it out and then solve the problem.  There are many reasons that keep your body in the same weight although you have been working out in some periodic time. The reason for each person who faces this case probably is different.  Let us identify the reasons for working out but not losing weight and find the way to solve it.


Working out but not losing weight: The Reasons

Like mentioned before, there are so many reasons that causing your body weight still in the same number. You may experience one or more of the reasons that will be explained below.

  1. Wrong exercises
    The first and most possible reason is that you do the wrong exercise. You will not lose weight although having exercise if you do it wrong. The meaning of “wrong” here represents many cases. The first mistakes that you may do in your exercise are that you are doing the cardio too much. Yes, cardio is an important part of doing exercise. But doing it too much is a big mistake. Doing only cardio is also a mistake. If you are doing only cardio, then it will make your body in trouble. It will also affect your body to do bad habit like snacking or overeating. If you think this is your problem, then change the duration and add some harder exercise.The next mistake that you may do is that you don’t lift the weight much. This may happen while you are focusing on cardio only. If you want to know, lifting weight can help you burn the fat and calories and make your muscle stronger. But there is something that you need to remember. It is that there is the difference between the exercise that you do for weight loss and for bigger muscle. If you don’t really understand your aim, then the way you are exercise will not lose your weight. Although you can do both weight loss and build muscle exercise, it is better to focus on body loss goal. Once you focus on it, you will focus to burn the fat. Don’t worry; it will also affect your muscle without you realize it. What’s the solution? Ask your goal to your trainer. Make sure that he knows well how to train you to lose your weight. Follow the instruction and ask to give you any kind of exercise. The professional trainer will understand what you should do inside the gym to have lost weight.
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  2. Wrong consumptions
    Losing weight is strongly related to the way you consume the food. If the eating habit is not good, then probably this is the problem.First consumption mistake is that you are eating the wrong food. Junk food, high-sugar drink, and much unhealthy food affect your diet. Try to remember if the eating habit is still the same or not.To solve this problem is so easy; you just need to arrange your food. Make sure you get enough carbohydrates, protein and the nutrition that your body need. Eat fruit and vegetables at night. Having great diet is what you should aim for. The next mistake is that you are eating too much food. The worst thing is that you are eating too much wrong food. It definitely becomes your serious problem. It will make your work out becomes nothing. Snacking and eating too often although on a small scale may fail your weight loss goal. To solve it, change your eating habit. Eat only healthy food and set the schedule daily when to eat and snack. Make sure your snack is also a healthy snack.
  3.  Not really hard working
    The next reason that makes your exercise didn’t help losing weight is that you are not working hard on it. You may work in low scale. You may do no more than five minutes to do cardio or lifting weights.Unfortunately, we can’t make sure the number on we should have the workout. One thing for sure is that it must be increasing the time by time. You may see the change after four weeks or so. Make sure you have the schedule and practice it carefully. Ask the trainer to improve the workout so you will easily lose weight.

working out but not losing weight


Other reasons

There are reasons that lie behind the case of working out but not losing weight. These additional reasons can be one of the reasons for your own case.  The first reason is that you drink less water. You should know that drink enough water daily will help you burn the calories which lead to weight loss. If you think you drink lack of water, then do it from now.  Your mental condition also affects your weight loss. Stress, depression and frustrated in some case can lead you to eat or snacking much which makes you hard to achieve weight loss goal.  You may be happy that this case is definitely not related to your metabolism. It is more of your habit and the way you are working out.
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So don’t worry. Identify the reason for understanding yourself and the activities. After that, find the solution. You can have a consultation or tell your trainer about this problem. Change your eating habit and maybe some activities too. Do the exercise in a proper way regularly.

Also, remember that the progress of losing weight is usually slow. If you haven’t seen the progress in two or six weeks later, then don’t be afraid. It takes time. Some people out there need more than eight weeks to see the result. There will be always a way to solve the working out but not losing weight case.



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