5 Types of Weight Loss Surgery for Chronic Obesity Problem


Weight Loss SurgeryDo your diets not work properly? How long have you been running it? Yeah, obesity still becomes the serious problem for people who live in this era. Besides it makes things worst, it risks many diseases for someone.


OnWeightLoss.net – Obesity causes heart attack, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, until several cancers. Up to now, there are many tips of diet both traditional and modern. Even though, just a few people who succeed to lose weight. Perhaps, you are getting this problem where you really want to the more effective way. By the way, there are good types of weight loss surgery. It is the new way to lose weight quick and effective.


These are 5 Types of Weight Loss Surgery


If you have tired with all recommendations from many sources, try to do a bariatric surgery. This surgery is for the chronic obesity sufferers where diet, exercise, and other treatment are not effective again. Usually, the bariatric surgery works with restriction and malabsorption. Restriction mean restricts the total of food intake and reduces the gastric size. Meanwhile, malabsorption confines the food absorption in the intestinal tract by bypass the part of the small intestine.

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Losing weight with the bariatric surgery certainly differs with the general surgery such as Cesar or tumor surgery. Even, it does not take a long time during the process and you have 5 opts if you need to do the bariatric surgery:

  1. Gastric Bypass.
    Apparently, gastric bypass includes the oldest method and it becomes the well-researched.  The weight loss method which is also known as the Roux-en-Y bypass uses surgical stapling tools. It will divide the belly into a small pouch, a little larger, and close to the esophagus goes down into the belly. Gastric bypass is able to hold the food significantly so it reduces the calorie intake and causes weight loss.Subsequently, the intestine connects to the small stomach pouch again by overstepping the duodenum. Duodenum or the first part of the small intestine help in the food absorption. It ensures that your body not absorbs all calories from the food and results from more weight loss. So, for who is this method now? Gastric bypass is good for people with the severe acid reflux and diabetes. The reason is the surgery splitting esophagus from the acid-production part. It also reduces the upward pressure amount of the food and pushes back up the esophagus. Meanwhile, gastric bypass will switch the food from the duodenum and influence the insulin level.

    Nevertheless, the doctors do not recommend this weight loss method for people with the heavy medical problem. Clearly, it can increase the surgery risk for them with a bad heart, for instance.


  1. Sleeve Gastrectomy.
    The sleeve gastrectomy uses the same devices with the bypass. Hence, the doctors divide the stomach into the tube in a banana-shaped. Besides that, it removes the rest of the belly from the body. This method makes the patient get full faster with a smaller portion. In the other sides, the removed stomach part contains a hormone that sends a signal to the brain when someone’s hungry.  Automatically, someone will longer full and does not want to eat too often after throwing away this part.Well, someone with many operations on the stomach better chooses sleeve gastrectomy. Even though, the doctor not too recommends it for people with acid reflux. Yeah, it may work well and help them in improving the reflux symptoms. They worry that this surgery will create more resistance because the stomach is narrow. Sleeve gastrectomy is indeed more quick and simple but it has the bigger complication risk than the bypass.The sleeve gastrectomy can cause a leak where all contents leak out to the rest of the stomach. It usually happens when you use the stapler or make a hole and close it. Unluckily, the tissue does not heal properly and open again. At the moment, the people start getting an infection and very ill. So, they will need other operations to salvage the situation.

Types of Weight Loss Surgery

  1. Adjustable Gastric Band.
    Okay, the next types of weight loss surgery are the adjustable gastric band. The method with another name of Lap-band uses silicon ring with an inflatable balloon inside. Later, the balloon connects to the tube which goes out to the little port under soft tissue underneath the skin of the stomach. Then, it is going to modulate the upper section of the abdomen and prevent people to eat the large meals.The adjustable gastric band is appropriate for people with BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30-35. And it is for people who may not suitable for the other bariatric procedures. You should know that this surgery must be under strict supervision by the doctor. The band needs to be changed after 5 or 10 years later pretty do not give another problem. Actually, this losing weight method has been popular since 10-15 years ago but the result often disappointed the users.
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  1. Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch (BPD/DS).
    BPD / DS are the combinations of the sleeve gastrectomy and another procedure. Firstly, it will make a banana-shaped tube and then reconnect the small intestine to the abdomen. By the way, BPD/ DS includes in the malabsorptive procedure because it limits the amount of the nutrition (calorie). The procedure makes a food store in the smaller abdomen and enters it into the small intestine quicker.BPD/ DS are the most effective surgery to heal diabetes. Loss a bunch of weight due to this procedure is what they want from the significant obesity. However, the surgery’s triumph depends on the post-op follow-up. The patient must take the multivitamin and check their nutrition to the laboratory routinely.


  1. Gastric Balloon.
    The gastric balloon distinguishes with the adjustable gastric band. The doctor gives an inflatable balloon through the esophagus to the abdomen. It will take a space in the stomach and makes someone gets in full quicker. People with orthopedics problem of them with special moment are appropriate to take this method. For example, the obese people want to marry or they are with knee or hip need this surgery. The point is the balloon becomes the good tool to make the surgery safer.

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Okay, those are 5 types of weight loss surgery from the bariatric procedure. Learn well again to make sure your decision later. Hopefully, you will get the best way and loss your weight soon.

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