What are the negative effects of obesity

Warning, 10 Health Problems as Side Effects of Obesity


Side Effects of ObesityOnWeightLoss.net – Modern life brings new issue to society in many areas, especially health. Today, obesity takes place as the top health factor that causes various diseases and health problems.

What are side effects of this condition? Before going further, you should know why modern people have this kind of issue nowadays.


The List of Side Effects of Obesity

In simple term, obesity is health issue where body has much fat stored. Actually, you still need fat and other nutrients, but in proper level. Excessive fat accumulation inside the body can cause serious problem. For example, fat is stored under the skin that prevents blood vessel to flow naturally. Besides, fat in blood intake causes thick form in blood liquid. Basically, this condition is starting point to the next level, such as heart attack, liver and kidney problem, stroke, etc.

People have obesity due to several factors. In simple term, you need consume and use calorie equally. You eat and exhaust them as energy. As a result, no excess calorie that becomes fat will be stored. On the other side, some people eat more but use less. This is common factor that causes obesity. Other factors are genetic, medication, and mental disorder. Keep in mind this condition is not disease, but brings risk factor that causes other illness.

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1. Excess sweating and easily tired

Side effects consist of two major types: visible and invisible ones. The first effect is visible where you can see or experience it directly. When body has excess fat, sweat gland will try to control and reduce it slowly through sweating. As the result, you will see more sweat in hand, back, foot, and face, even in head. Moreover, body will feel easily tired even when it only takes minor walking. People think having more fats means more energy to produce. On contrary, fat takes longer time until it is ready to be calorie. Usually, body will get fast calorie directly from sugar-type food. While easily tired, you need more water to prevent dehydration. Those are the most visible side effects of obesity.


2. Back pain and joint issue

The next problem is related to bone and join. Due to fat problem, body receives more weight and need extra energy to move muscle and bone. Imagine you have extra bag at your back that disturbs your movement. As result, the bone does more work, and your back may feel pain. Moreover, joint issue is also common because it works side by side with bone.


3. Cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease is illness related to blood, blood vessel, blood pressure, heart, and other organs that support cardiovascular system. High blood pressure is a risk factor that induces complicated disease. People with obesity have high probability to gain this condition. After blood circulation is not in proper order, the next illness might be heart attack or stroke. Both are at the top list as the most lethal disease in modern life. As you know, it is not virus or bacteria that kill human, but their own body that creates mortality event.


4. Type 2 diabetes

Diabetes is condition where blood has high sugar intake, but cannot turn into lipid. Another name is insulin resistance because this hormone has responsibility to control sugar level inside the blood. There is nothing wrong about sugar because it is source of energy. The problem appears when there is more sugar, but no calorie to spend due to lack of activity.


5. Liver and kidney diseases

Liver is important organ in human body. It is a place to neutralize unwanted pathogen and blood recycling place. Besides under the skin, fat is also stored in organs, such as liver and heart. As usual, more fat will cover liver that reduces its capability. As the result, liver cannot do what it supposed to do.

The next problem is related to kidney. It is place for hemodialysis to clean the blood. This organ will work harder because blood contains more fats and sugars that should be neutralize before passing kidney. Working harder induces excess urine production. This is also related to seating and water intake level. Basically, both organs work harder than they should be. It makes them less capable in long term.
What are the negative effects of obesity

6. Pregnancy complications

Women with obesity issue have dangerous risk in pregnancy period. The fetus might not be in good health after birth. Diabetes has two types and one of them happens since childbirth. This is the risk that might pass to children because the mother cannot control her weight during pregnancy. Moreover, reproductive organ might have disturbance due to blood pressure, sugar intake, and excess fat.

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7. Cancer

Next issue is cancer, especially in breast and bowel. Having fat means eating more, and it disturbs the digestive system. Bowel cancer often happens as side effect of overweight. Research also showed that breast cancer has high probability in women with excess body weight.


8. Low confidence and self-esteem

Those health problems above occur in human body, not in their mind and social interaction. People with excess fat in body will not feel confident enough to interact. In social life, bullying and body shaming are bad things that they will get. In long term, it creates low self-esteem because they cannot muster their courage.


9. Social issues

Social issue is also side effects of obesity. Only few people feel comfortable with their body even though it’s not in normal shape. On the other side, many people with weight problem cannot interact properly because of prejudice.


10. Depression and sleep problems

The last problem is depression because you cannot accept your weight. Depression happens because you think and worry too much. It affects sleep condition then increase depression level. In bad scenario, you might take suicide as shortcut to end your life. This is another level of issue, but still connected to weight problem and obesity.

From the list above, you know that excess weight has many bad effects. It starts from minor issue that makes daily life difficult. After that, the illness and diseases spread from inside to manifest vividly. The last part is social problem that expands issue to surroundings. Understanding side effects of obesity is important to find a better treatment as soon as possible.

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