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Walking For Weight LossDoes Walking Help You Lose Weight In Few Weeks?
Some people try to find the answer to the question does walking help you lose weight. This question has been asked many times by the internet users that particularly curious about the effect of walking for weight loss. – Walking is just a simple a natural activity that we can do every day even many people go to work by walking only.

On the other hand, people have a specific purpose why they are walking every day. Some may set the distance limit for their walking activity because they believe that it could help in reducing their body weight. Is it true that walking can affect the weight? Many people are still wondering the right answer. This is interesting because the answer will need some long explanation.

Here there will be an explanation about what happen when you walk in a particular distance and how it affects your body so that we can find the proper answer for the question does walking help you lose weight. The explanations here are taken from the research data that scientifically has been done.


Is walking help?
The answer of does walking help you lose weight could be yes and no. This is confusing, but you will find out why it can be both “no” and “yes.” It is just because of a different condition and depends on a different thing.

For the “no” answer, here is the explanation that you need to understand. It will not affect your weight in a particular aspect. Let’s say that during your walk you could lose about 100-200 calories. If you lose the calories or carbohydrates in that number every day, it is not enough to help you lose your weight. Why? Because after you walk, you probably consume some food that has higher calories. So the result is that you will not lose your weight, probably the walking just stabilizing your weight.

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It also depends on the current diet program and food that you eat. If the way you walk doesn’t suit with your condition, obviously you will get nothing. It will never be the effective way if you just walk without any other supporting activities. Walking becomes something unimportant to help you on losing your weight if the duration of your walking isn’t much. The intensity of your walking also can be the reason why the answer is “no.” If both duration and intensity are in a low number, then it will be forever no.

The answer “yes” for the question does walking help you lose weight also depends on the condition but just a different. Walking will help you achieve your target to get a skinny body just if you do a walk with the right duration and intensity.

You may able to lose weight just by walking in a particular time. Human will need to burn approximately 500-600 calories each day to lose 1 pound in a week. If you know that your walk just burns up to 200 calories per day then you decide to walk more and more, you can achieve the target. The longer the duration and the more intensity you can take, the faster it works in helping to lose your weight.

Just like the answer “no,” this also could be affected by the nutrition from the food that you consume. If you can’t help the nutritious food, it may not affect much although you already add the duration of walking. But if your diet program is arranged better include the consumption form; you will successfully get your target to lose your weight in few weeks.

What should be noticed carefully is that you need to balance everything. Just because you want to burn more calories to get a skinnier body, it doesn’t mean you can do it over your limit. Overdoing of walking isn’t good for your health. Perhaps we just see it as just walk, but if the duration and the intensity have been increased, it can damage the body, particularly the feet. The muscle may be the first thing that injured. So, although the answer for the question does walking help you lose weight could be yes, there are many things to be considered just like the previous answer.

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How it can help
Answering the question does walking help you lose weight with the right answer will be defined here.
So walking will help, but it’s just as physical activities that support the main exercise to lose weight. What I mean here is that walking can’t be the main exercise activity in losing weight program. Walking is a supportive action that can help you to get a skinnier body.

Suppose you need to burn the 600 calories every day to lose a pound for a week. If the normal walking that you do every day could burn about 200 calories and your exercise could burn 500 calories, then you eat that makes you get 100 calories, the walking can help you. It is supporting the main exercises to reach the target of burning calories.

If you want to focus on walking only, at least walking for two hours can help you reduce your weight. The result will not as better as you see when you are doing exercise at the same time, but it works. Just make sure your shoes are comfortable, and you have warmed up your feet muscle before you start it.

Walking can help in your diet program but with a proper duration and intensity. Exercise is more important that just walking. So the best suggestion would be that you’d better keep walking to help your diet program and some other exercise. There is nothing wrong with walking. Even some scientific research has published an article that 15 minutes of walking could help with your health, mainly with your heart health.

Also in 15 minutes of walking, we will burn some number of calories which perhaps is not much, but it also can contribute to your losing weight program. If you do walking in a long term as you do the exercise, it will contribute much better. Some theories mentioned that walking could reduce the pain of the previous exercise activity such as running or physical exercises.

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Walking For Weight Loss Tips


Walking For Weight Loss Tips

Secret Walking For Weight Loss Tips and the Calculator
Did you know that walking can help you to lose weight? This is not nonsense because some researchers have proven the fact. One of which is a researcher from the University of Virginia. This is encouraging news for those who want to lose a few pounds, including you, of course.

In addition to losing weight, walking can make your muscles tight also improve health such as improving the respiratory system, preventing Osteoporosis and heart health. Anyone would be familiar with one of the safest and cheapest exercise. That way, anyone can certainly do as long as have the will. However, to be truly successful, you should know the walking for weight tips as shown below!

Walking For Weight Loss Tips
To ensure that the walking program to lose weight that you do will work, you had better follow the following tips well.

  1. Pay Attention to the Time You Need in Walking to Lose Weight
    Many medical professionals and sports experts advise walking at least 30 minutes in 3 to 5 days per week. It would be better if you do it seven full days. By doing this simplest way to lose weight, you have more chances to achieve your goal in losing weight. Also, the health of your body will also be better.
  2. Healthy Diet
    Walking is indeed the easiest way to lose weight. However, you also must pay attention to food and beverages that you consume. Balancing the exercise by consuming a healthy diet is the most efficient way to lose weight. Eat whole foods that are low in fat with a high nutrient content. You are strongly discouraged for consuming a high amount of calories because it can ruin your plans to get the ideal weight.
  3. After Walking, Drink Green Tea
    After walking, you must feel tired. However, that is okay because it will have a real impact on your health and your weight will go down. Did you know that drinking green tea after walking can help you recover energy and relieve fatigue quickly? This has been proven in several studies. One of them is done by a Brazilian scientist.
  4. Walk As Soon As You Wake Up
    Once you wake up, wake! This is the best strategy to reduce the percentage of body fat. So said the Holistic Health coach named Seth Santoro. He explains further that during sleeping, your glycogen levels run out so that your real body fat will be used for energy sources. Thus, walk after you get out of bed and do not eat! Do walking before breakfast is the key in this walking tips to lose weight.
  5. Walk at Varying Speeds
    Your body will burn up to 20 percent calories when you walk at varying speeds. It is evidenced by research at Ohio State University in 2015.
  6. Combine Your Walk with Plain Water
    Drinking more water has been shown to increase the body’s ability to burn calories. A study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism has proved that after participants drunk 17 ounces of plain water, their metabolic rate will increase by 30 percent. If you want to lose about 5 pounds, drink 1.5 liters of water per day. In a year, it can burn 17.400 calories.
  7. Swing Your Arms
    Walking by swinging your arms naturally, can help your body burn 5-10 percent more calories than those who do not. The additional tip is to bend your arms at 90 degrees then pump from the shoulders.

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Walking Weight Loss Calculator

As with any form of exercise, to calculate the number of calories you burn, you need a calculator. It is also important to know how successful you are in weight loss programs through walking. You need information about yourself to complete this calculation such as age, weight, height (including feet and inches), gender, and duration of walking.

This calorie counter calculator will show you how much time you need to lose weight by the desired target. Another important thing when you get started a weight loss program is to start writing about all the activities you do to succeed your goals, including your calorie intake and the foods you consume. You also need to determine how to lose weight quickly in a few days and lose more weight over a longer period.


In addition to your data, you need to mention the activity factors, when you start this program and write how much your ideal weight. The other important thing is to know your body mass index or called BMI.

The short steps are as follows:

  • Collect your complete data such as sex, age, height, BMI, lifestyle, current height, goal weight.
  • Get Started. In this case, you should be aware of how hard you are to do exercise. To find clarity and results, write down the date you started and ended it.
  • Diet and exercise. Both of which are the great way to lose weight. Therefore, you have to do a diet that is offset by exercise.

To lose weight, you have to burn 255 calories. You can do it with daily exercise, including walking with the amount of time you should take 58 for moderate intensity and 37 in vigorous intensity.

If you are walking to lose weight, it is necessary for you always to use a pedometer. This tool will measure the number of steps. When you do this, do not change your walking pattern and your lifestyle for 2-3 days, and then see the result.

If your baseline result is 2000 steps, and you add 10.000 extra steps each day, which means you have managed to lose 1 pound weight. That is mean if you want to lose 1 pound per week, then you need 12.000 steps on average in a day.

Walking has many positive benefits for human health. It is also proven to help you to lose weight. By knowing the secret walking for weight loss tips, your goal in having the ideal weight will be realized. In this case, you need to use a weight loss calculator to find out how long it takes you to get your goal.


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