Top 7 Delicious and Healthy Drinks to Lose Weight


green tea help you losing weightTo support you in your diet program, you can try some of the healthy drinks to lose weight. You may be surprised if there are some drinks that really work for losing weight. And the great news is that the drinks can be really delicious, fresh and healthy. – You can get the drink by making it for yourself. And the basic material of the drinks is usually using fruit or some plants that are known to help in losing weight. One of your favorite juices probably can help you in losing weight too.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know about the drink. We will give you the top eight healthy drinks that you can make on your own. Isn’t it fun when you can enjoy your favorite drink and it contributes to your losing weight program?

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7 healthy drinks to lose weight recommendation

There are 7 drinks that will help you to lose your weight. You can easily find the material to make it. Enjoy the drink to lose weight daily.

  1. Slimming tea and mint. The first drink on the list is slimming tea and mint. Their combination in a hot water will help you in several ways. The tea will help you to mobilize the fat which as the result the weight will lose. While the mint will help you in relaxation, has antioxidant properties and also will prevent gastritis. To make this kind of drink, just prepare the green tea leaves and mint leaves with a cup of hot water. Make sure that the tea you use is a slimming tea. Mix them and boil for a few minutes. Drink when you think it’s warm enough.
  1. Pineapple drink.
    For those who would like to get the fruit as the basic properties then try this kind of drink. This fresh pineapple juice will not only help you on your lose weight program but also gives nutrition to your body. Pineapple is also rich in vitamin C that will benefit your body. Drink this daily can make your body fresher. To make the pineapple drink, just prepare a cup of pineapple, ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder (Ceylon) and 2 tablespoon lime juice. Toss the pineapple into a blender and put it into the glass. Add the rest of the materials and stir well. If you want to add some sweet taste, use the honey in this healthy drink of weight loss.


Delicious and Healthy Drinks to Lose Weight


  1. Citrusy pomegranate drink.
    This could be your favorite drink to help you to lose the weight with additional benefits that you will get. To make it, prepare pomegranate and grapefruit, ½ cup for each of them. For sweetener, use organic honey. Mix the grapefruit and the pomegranate and pour into glass. Add honey and stir before drinking. It tastes good and very good for your body because grapefruit is very effective for weight loss. The pomegranate is known to give many benefits to the body health.
  1. Celery drink.
    You can also use vegetables as your weight loss drink by using celery. Celery is good for your body because it is a negative calorie food, which means your body will need the energy to digest it. As the result, it will help you burn calories and make you lose your weight. To make this drink, prepare a ½ cup of celery, ½ teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a cup of water. Mix the celery and the water using a blender and pour the celery juice into a cup. Before drinking, add the apple cider vinegar and stir it.
  1. Tomato drink.
    The next drink to help losing weight is tomato drink. To make it, prepare a cup of tomato and ½ lime juice. Blend well the tomato using a blender and then pour it into a glass. Add the lime juice and stir well before you drink it. This combination of tomato and limes makes the drink rich in vitamin C will benefit the body and support the body loss program. Not only the body weight matter, some benefits are related to blood pressure and digesting system.
  1. Honey lemon drink.
    The next drink to help weight loss is honey lemon. You just need organic honey and lime juice 1 tablespoon for each and also a cup of water. Heat the water and then add lime juice and honey. Drink it while it warm. The benefit of this drink is more than just helping you burn the calories, but also for detox and boost the immune system. So you will not only get help to lose your weight but also get yourself healthy by drinking this. For a better result, drink it in the morning.

healthy drinks to lose weight recommendation

  1. Wheatgrass and grape.
    To make this drink, you can simply prepare grapes and water (1/2 cup each) an also a cup of wheatgrass. Chop the wheatgrass and blend it, then add grapes and water. Continue to spin it and then pour into glass. This weight loss drink will help you with the bad cholesterol and indirectly aid weight loss. Other benefits are including blood sugar control and antioxidant. Not only will help you to lose the weight, but also help you to improve your healthy body.

From those seven drinks, you can choose one or more that will be your drink. For a good result, you may vary the drinking day by day. But it is also doesn’t matter if you have one favorite drink. You can drink it at least a glass a day.

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Make sure that you consume this loss weight drink daily while you are also get trained daily. Exercise and drink it is not enough, you should also consider your food. It is important to eat healthy food in a proper portion to lose weight. If you do it right, then you will easily lose weight in a healthy way.

By having your own drink; it must be fun to work on body loss program. Besides, the drink will also make you healthier. This is why you should practice drinking those healthy drinks to lose weight as listed above.


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