Easy Wasy How to use coconut oil for weight loss

The Easy Ways of How to Use Coconut Oil for Weight Loss


How to use coconut oil for weight lossEverybody knows that a coconut oil has significant effect to lose weight. The question is, do you know how to use coconut oil for weight loss? Some of you may still need right ways to safely use this supplement. So, we want to discuss it in this good opportunity.

OnWeightLoss.net –  In addition, all of us must admit that coconut oil is one of the greatest weight loss friendly fats in the world. It has fatty acids that combine with great effects on metabolism. In this case, people can easily lose their fat just by adding the coconut oil to their diet. Even, any dangerous fat will disappear after they consume the coconut oil. Don’t you believe? Just try it and feel the wonderful effect.

Easy Wasy How to use coconut oil for weight loss

How to use coconut oil for weight loss

To use the coconut oil in the right way is important to guarantee your safety and maximum result. Here are how to use coconut oil for weight loss you can follow.

  1. Know the fixed dosage

    This matter is very important because it will lead to the success of your effort in losing weight when you do it right. So, how much is the coconut oil dosage weight loss you should consume? To answer that question, let’s see the fact below first.

    There is a study shows that overweight people can lose 1.1 inches from their waist in 4 weeks. It can happen after they consume 2 tablespoons or about 30 ml of this coconut oil per day. So, you can follow this dosage (2 tbs per day) for maximum serving to make sure what you do is safe and not overdone. We suggest it because it has been researched and analyzed.

  1. Take this supplement 20 minutes before a meal

    To consume the coconut meal 20 minutes before a meal will be great to reduce your appetite. When it happens, it can make you feel more full and satisfied eating a smaller portion. This condition will be perfect to help you get less calorie intake that can lead to weight loss. So, don’t forget to take this supplement every time 20 minutes before a meal.

  1. Mix the coconut milk with water or green tea

    To consume this supplement, you can put it in a mug and mix with water or green tea. Both of them are good. So, it is based on your taste whether you prefer to mix it with water or the other one. In the matter of mixing, don’t forget to stir it well until it melts this supplement. Make sure that it becomes more fluid.

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How coconut oil helps you lose weight and belly fat

How coconut oil helps you lose weight and belly fat


After discussing the safe ways to use coconut oil for weight loss, let’s see the short reviews of it. Briefly, the coconut oil is able to help you lose weight and even belly fat. How can it happen? Here are the brief coconut oil weight losses reviews that you need to know. Just see the list of statements below!

  1. Coconut oil can boost metabolism
  2. This statement is very familiar with this supplement. It really happens to those who consume the coconut milk. It is logical because the coconut oil contains some beneficial contents to support the metabolism boosting. The two of them are medium chain triglycerides and fatty acids. The two aspects above are very helpful to support the metabolism boosting in your body. That is why this supplement is effective to help you reduce all stored fat in your body.

  1. Coconut oil can burn more calories
  2. The coconut oil has an important property that may not be possessed by other oil. The property is thermogenic. With it, your energy expenditure will increase every time you consume that coconut oil. In this case, you can have better fat burning compared to consume the other fats with the same amount of calories.

    In relation to the coconut oil as the calorie burning, there is a study that is important to know. Based on the study, to consume 15-30g of medium chain fats a day could increase 5% of people’s energy expenditure from 120 total calories a day. This fact can show that this coconut oil is very useful to support you to reduce your fat and body weight. With the matters stated above, it proves that a calorie comes from the coconut oil is not the same as others. Its calories are different from those which come from different oil, such as olive or butter oil. So, if you want to use oil that is friendly fat and can burn calories, the coconut oil is the best choice for you.

  1. Coconut oil is able to reduce appetite
  2. With its contents that have the ability to reduce your appetite, this supplement will, of course, make you eat less although without trying. From that case, you who consume this oil will always get feelings of fullness. When it happens, it will take your body to an automatic reduction in the intake of calorie. In this condition, you are very helped to lose your weight easily. You can also reduce your stored fat day by day.

  1. Coconut oil helps you to lose the dangerous abdominal fat
  2. To explain the statement above, there is a study which supports it. Well, there is a study that takes 40 women. All of the women were given 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. This study was held for 28 days. Then, the researcher asked all women to eat fewer calories and do the activity of walking every day. What happened to them? There were significant results to the women as follow.

    • They lose about 2 pounds of their weight
    • They had significantly decreased belly fat
    • They had raised HDL (good) levels of cholesterol

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From the above results, it shows that coconut milk, besides able to lose weight, is able to lose the dangerous abdominal fat. So, just make the regular coconut oil diet plan and see the significant good changes in your body.

The explanation above certainly can show us how important the coconut oil for our body is. If you really need it as your supplement to lose weight, you should use it properly related to the usage and dosage. Yes, that is all about the brief review about how to use coconut oil for weight loss. Hopefully, it will be clearly helpful for you.



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