The Easiest and Fastest Way to Lose a Weight in a Month


Fastest Way to Lose a Weight in a Month

Many of us who have excessive weight want the fastest way to lose a weight in a month. That sound too extreme because a month is such a short period of a time to lose weight. Normally, people will lose weight until they have a normal weight in at least three months. – It is possible and depends on the weight that you have. If you have excessive weight, probably in a month you only lose 20% of your total weight. So before you make it, please consider your weight first. This will also help you to choose the safest way.

Some of us know that some extreme diet can be done as fastest way to lose a weight in a month. But many of them aren’t safe for us. They are more likely into hurting themselves. But don’t worry, you will find the answer on how to lose your weight in that duration.

First of all, you should know that it is possible to do that. But the consequence is that you need to focus and do it daily. Remember that the healthy method will always be the priority.

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Preparation for doing fastest way to lose a weight in a month

There is some preparation that you should do before starting the exercise. You will need to carefully prepare this to make sure that this is the one month fastest method that also safest and easiest.

The first thing in this preparation is setting your goal. Ask yourself how much lbs that you want to lose? Be realistic and it should be measured by your current weight. If this is your first time, you can set the goal up to 6 lbs.

The maximum number of losing weight in a week is 2 lbs. So if you want to maximize your weight loss, then it’s only 8 lbs. If you want to lose more weight, that is not realistic and damage your health.

The goal can’t be just the goal only. After you set the weight that you should reduce, now think about the other factors that may affect your exercise. At a month you will really need to focus in few hours just for this goal.

You will also need to set the goals of the exercise. It is the one that should be your exercise plan. You may do four days in a week or three days only.

The last thing that you should remember here is that drastically lose weight is so risky and not effective. The worst thing is that it will damage your health. The usage of pills or something that offers faster results is definitely not a good idea. And using such damaging thing is not the fastest way to lose a weight a month. The faster you get, the easier fat comes back too. Remember that rule.

Fastest Way to Lose a Weight


Cutting calories

After doing the preparation, you can start the journey to lose your weight. You should cut the calories that you consume daily. There are many ways to cut your diet. Before you begin, you can measure it.

The first way to cut your calories is by eating more protein, fruits, and vegetables. Include three of them in each meal. Keep the focus on your low calorie. If you want to choose the grain, better have 100% grain. It contains a high amount of protein so it will help you a lot.

Are you usually snacking? To get the one-month weight loss, you should reduce the way you snacking. Limit it and choose the healthy snack. Drink more water to avoid snacking ideas. Water can keep you full so your hunger can be managed well.

The most important part is to cut unhealthy food. Junk food and instant food should be reduced from your lifestyle. They aren’t healthy and contains less nutrition. Besides, most of them are also having high calories. Some common unhealthy food and drinks are including chips, soda, candy and energy drinks.

Exercises to lose weight



There is some type of exercise that you should do. Exercise is also the key to lose the weight, but you are not allowed to work on it over and over again. There is some limitation so it will not damage your body.

The first type of exercise is cardio. Do it regularly but not pass the limitations. Spend the time about 150 minutes per week for the cardio exercise.

To reach the weight loss only in a month, you also should do lifting weight. There are many kinds of lifting weight exercise that you can try. You’d better go to the gym and ask for help with the trainer. Tell your aim and he will guide you.

Please remember that you should consistent to do the exercise while you still do the special meal. If you think after exercise you can eat as much as you can, you are totally wrong. But don’t worry, you can reward yourself with nutritious food that also delicious each weekend.

If possible, try to increase your movement. At the second week, you can increase your exercise rate.
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Track the progress

After you can do that, you should check the progress. You can ask your friend to help you track your one-month weight loss program. You can do this every week. Please remember to revisit your goal and increase the exercise intensity so your goal can be achieved.

If you think it is hard for you, you may give a reward for yourself.

What if the month loss weight program is not reaching your lbs target? Don’t worry, there may be something wrong the way you exercise. You just need to retrain yourself and it will work. Also, usually the first trial can be so hard so many people fail to reach the target.

If you are the type of that person, then reassure yourself to follow the commitment of losing weight. The program will be your habit and that’s what you need until you reach the goal. Once you think you can follow it, then it will become your easiest and fastest way to lose weight in a month.



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