Least Invasive Weight Loss Surgery

The Best of Least Invasive Weight Loss Surgery


least invasive weight loss surgeriesOnWeightLoss.net – Weight loss surgery is often seen as a great way to lose weight quickly. Many people have problems with their weight these days. Most of the problems are related to being overweight. If someone is overweight, their overall health may be in great risk of diabetes, strokes, heart attack, and many more. If strict diet and exercise cannot shed the excess weight effectively, surgery is probably the only way to solve it.

If you are interested in the method of surgery to help losing excess weight, here is in-depth explanation about that matter for you.


The Best Types of Weight Loss Surgery with Minimum Invasive

As we know, surgery is often seen as something painful, which is absolutely true. Weight loss surgery is no exception. Incisions are often needed to do the procedure. As the result, there will be lots of swelling and soreness throughout the healing process. Thankfully, with advanced technology available today, new types of surgery to reduce weight loss can be done with minimum invasive.

Minimum invasive means the procedures do not need lots of tissue removal and skin puncturing. This new style of surgery certainly makes the healing process quicker. Here are five best types of surgery with minimum invasive to reduce excess weights that are very popular these days. Many people use these surgery procedures to effectively reduce their weight and reach the ideal body shape.


1. Lap-Band

Lap-Band is one of the most popular surgery procedures to lose weight significantly. The surgery basically reduces the size of stomach. After the surgery is done, the patient will no longer feel hungry so frequently. Besides, this weight loss surgery also affects the digestion system, making it way slower than it should be. It impacts on the less hunger feeling as well.

The procedure starts by making tiny incisions to insert the laparoscopic tools. After that, a sort of band is placed inside the stomach to create a pouch and essentially reduce the size of the stomach. The band is highly adjustable and removable. This minimally invasive surgery causes no scarring at all, and it works effectively to reduce at least 50% of the weight in a year or two.

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2. Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

If you are looking for a type of weight loss surgery with no scarring or incisions at all, endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is the best type to choose. This non-invasive surgery reduces the weight effectively by modifying the size and shape of stomach. Essentially, the surgery limits the amount of food that can enter stomach and automatically restricts the calories absorbed in body as well.

Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty surgery procedure begins with general anesthesia. When the patient is under sedation, the surgeon will insert a tiny camera and some sort of suturing tool down the throat to the stomach. The suturing tool is placed carefully inside the stomach to change its shape and size to make the volume smaller. After the surgery is done, patient is expected to lose 30-50% of current weight under 12 months.
Least Invasive Weight Loss Surgery

3. Gastric Balloon

If the amount of weight that needs to be reduced is not too much, gastric balloon is the type of surgery a patient needs. This non-invasive procedure is quite unique because, as the name implies, it uses a balloon to help reducing the weight. The deflated balloon is inserted into stomach. Once the balloon is inside your stomach, it gets inflated by filling it up with a sort of saline solution. The fully inflated balloon inside will basically fill up the stomach, making the patient less hungry.

Of course, the balloon inserted is not just any types of balloon. It is special made of safe and sterile materials. It will not interfere with the overall health at all. Even so, the balloon will be removed in under 6 months after the surgery. This weight loss surgery helps to reduce weight at least 10%.

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4. Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass is a surgery with close resemblance to endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty. The difference is that this gastric bypass surgery involves small incisions. The incisions are made for about ½ to 1 inch long and used to insert laparoscopic device. The device is going to create a pouch inside stomach, thus reducing the amount of food the stomach can have. This surgery makes patient feel less hungry from time to time.

In addition, the gastric bypass surgery is considered as minimal invasive one, and the scarring usually takes 1-2 weeks to heal. Gastric bypass is very effective to reduce weight in huge amount. In average, people who have undergone this type of weight loss surgery can lose 70% to 80% of the excess weight fewer than 2 years.


5. Gastric Sleeve

As an alternative, gastric sleeve is a kind of weight loss surgery to meddle with hormones. This type of surgery basically reduces the size of the stomach and remove the part of the stomach where hormones to trigger hunger are produced. By eliminating the hunger-triggering hormones, a patient will no longer feel hungry for very often. Most of them feel full already after eating small portion of food.

The gastric sleeve is a procedure where incisions are needed. The incisions are usually ¾ to 1 inch long and they are used to insert laparoscopic device. After surgery, what is left of stomach is a long and thin shape. It makes the stomach looks like a long sleeve, hence the name gastric sleeve. The surgery involves some scarring, but it is very little and it will heal itself within weeks. The surgery is effective to reduce over 70% of the excess weight of a patient.

Well, the types of surgery to shed weight above are considered to be very effective. Overweight people with high risk of excess weight-related health problems can really use the help of those surgery procedures to save their lives. However, surgery should be the very last option. Intense diet, exercise, and healthier lifestyle must be tried first to lose weight before attempting any weight loss surgery.



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