Tea that Helps You Lose Weight: 6 Top Kinds of Tea


Tea that Helps You Lose WeightThe information that will be provided here is about the tea that helps you lose weight. For some of you probably haven’t heard before that some kinds of tea are able to help in losing weight.

OnWeightLoss.net – Yes, some kinds of tea are known to help our body in losing weights in different ways. Some are just helping burning calories and some are in their own ways. Many types of research have shown that tea will be able to help us in weight loss problem.

But you should notice that you can’t just drink the tea only without any additional activities. You should still do the proper workout or exercise. It doesn’t matter if the activities are not the hard one. A regular workout is the important things.

Not only the activities, the tea that helps you lose weight will also maximize its work in your body if you do the right diet. The tea will just make your loss weight goals becomes perfect. Do the right diet, keep yourself on work out and do the healthy diet. You can drink the tea after a workout so that it helps burn more calories.

If you are looking for the tea that will be able to help you in losing weight matters; there are at least six kinds of tea that you can take the benefit.

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First tea that helps you lose weight

The very first tea on our list is green tea. This is also one famous tea that now becomes the thing that most people like. Green tea can be consumed as a drink or in other ways. The real green tea has a bitter taste but it is great. You can put some sugar and it will be the best tea that you have ever tasted.

Green tea is believed to be one of the teas that help you lose weight. Why is it possible? Of course, it will help the body cell destroy the fat cell. It will release the fat into the energy. This transformation will work in optimally if you drink this tea before workout and before sleep.

For a maximum effect, try to drink up to four green tea types daily. It will calm you down and think more about the peaceful mind. The nutrition will also help your metabolism in a different way. According to the research, the compound in the green tea called catechin will unlock the fat cell and release it into energy. This mainly happens around your belly.
green tea help you losing weight

Other tea

    • Oolong tea
      Another tea is called Oolong tea. The color of this tea is more likely into black, but it turns to reddish when you add the water. Oolong is a Chinese tea which means black dragon. Just like green tea, this tea also has the catechin. But there are many different compounds so the function is different. This oolong tea that helps you loses weight works by boosting the ability of your body to metabolize the lipids or fat cells. It can help you lose a pound a week with right work out. If you think this tea can help losing weight, try to drink it regularly at least in the morning and evening.
    • Mint tea
      The next tea that will benefit you much in your diet program is the mint tea. Mint tea probably sounds rare in some countries but it exists and will help you a lot to lose your weight. It made from some plants and combined the tea, usually.
    • White tea
      White tea is also a rare one. It is called white tea. You may often hear the white tea instead of white tea. White tea is nor literally white. The tea leaves dried under the sunlight and proceeds in a different way. An antioxidant is the highest compound that you will find inside her. This tea has the most antioxidant compared to all. This tea will help you lose weight by block the adipogenesis or the formation of fat cells. And according to the scientific research, it will stimulate the growth of lipolysis. It is a compound that will break down the fat. So if you are really focusing on weight loss and fat loss then drink this tea.
    • Rooibos tea
      Rooibos tea is the other tea that will help you lose the weight. It is made not from the tea tree that we know. It is made from some reddish plant in South Africa. It is very rare and makes the price is higher than the other. But it rich in flavonoid compound, this makes one of the recommended tea types for you. The tea above will help you reduce the weight because it will affect your body to not easily hungry. If you don’t take any food, then it must be healthful diet. This is good to support your diet and also your exercise.
      ginger tea


    • Ginger tea
      The last tea for weight loss is ginger tea. The ginger tea is quite rare in some countries. You may hear this tea for this first time. In some tropical countries, this is so often we can see anyone drink ginger tea. The taste will be so different to another kind of teas. The smell is definitely different. But it is very effective to help in losing weight. It works by promoting the satiety which prevents you from snacking. When you drink this, you will be able to control yourself from food stress.


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From all of the teas above, you can easily get it in the supermarket; expect the ginger tea that you can make. You can make it by yourself just by using ginger, honey, and lemon. Drink it daily.

Please note that you will still need to have regular exercise and having a healthy diet. It will work faster in a good way. If you are not sure about that, ask your trainer and or ask yourself the best way to overcome it.

Choose one of the teas that you want to drink. Don’t worry to think about the dosage to drink it. If you are not sure, drink tea twice a day. Also, don’t forget to talk to your doctor to consume tea that helps you lose weight for prevention.



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