Stretches to Lose Weight Daily Exercise


Stretches to Lose Weight Daily ExerciseMany of us know that doing stretches to lose weight is possible. There are also many benefits of doing stretches. Some of doing stretches are that your body will flexible to do the exercise. Stretching is needed before we do exercise, and yes it burns calories. -Remember that losing weight is about burning your calories. The number of calories that you burn should way much higher than the calories that you consume. To burn calories, one should do exercise or workout or just doing some activities that will burn calories in different ways. And stretching as part of the exercise also helps you to burn calories.

Stretching will help to decrease the injury risk when you are doing the workout. Muscle pain can be avoided by doing stretching regularly. There is also long benefit by doing stretching.

Before we continue to understand the stretching is done to support weight loss that we should do to burn calories, it is better to understand more the benefits.

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Stretches to lose weight: More benefit

Do you think doing stretching is only about to avoid muscle pain? Well, definitely it is not. There are some benefits that you will get. Here are the lists.

The first benefit is better flexibility that means the movement around a joint becomes more free to move. This flexibility is important for all longevity and overall wellness.

The second benefit is to improve your posture. Good stretching is able to help you to lengthen the muscle. And as the result, you may have better looking than before and also can easily work with the muscle.

According to the research, every day stretching exercises have an amazing result. It is that one will get an improvement in endurance, upper body strength, and hamstring flexibilities. And of these make a good posture. Some benefits also including improving the functional capacity and the health.


How can stretching lose weight?

For those who are still wondering or not sure that stretches can help in losing weight, the answer is here.

So, stretches activity includes in non-exercise activity thermogenesis or that we simply call NEAT. This category refers to the burned calories that done by doing daily activities. Some activities are such as walking and moving.

Simple stretches samples
And in stretching, your calories burned because you hold position and hold your body. To do your stretching position, your body needs energy which then burns the calories. Although the number of burned calories is less than the ones burned when doing exercise, it still helping your diet program.

Stretching will also be able to decrease stress. This affects the way you lose weight because relax mind can lead you to less hungry and less eat. So, for you that usually stressful then you may try this stretches to lose weight program.

And the last benefit is that your workout will be more effective. As we know that stretching is the basic workout, so by doing regular stretches then you may have better exercise.


Simple stretches samples

There are so many stretch styles that you can try. And here are some examples for you.

The first stretching style is the three stretches. To perform the three stretch exercises to lose weight is to stand with your legs and place the most of your weight one on the leg. Raise the leg with the least weight so now you stand with one foot only and face your foot inward. Place the heel of your foot onto your other leg and hold on for that position.

Then, gently raise your hands above your head. Keep your body balance and make sure your fingers point to the ceiling. Breath steadily and keep yourself focus. Repeat up to five times and get 15 seconds of rest for each.

The second style that you can try is called the cobra. This stretching to lose weight on the stomach will make you happy because can help strengthen the muscles. Upper body will also stronger and flexible.

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To do it, you can lie down comfortably and allow your stomach to touch the ground. Stretch your legs so your toes can touch the floor. After that, take a slow breath and raise your chest backward and hold the positions for about 25 seconds.

Slowly exhale your breath and then bring your body back to the original position. You are recommended to do it five times and take a rest for 15 seconds.

You can also do the bow which almost similar to the cobra. The difference is that the hand on bow style holds the foot up backward. And repeat this stretches to make lower belly fat. Repeat up to five times before you drown the ship.


Benefit Stretches to Lose Weight

Split squat is also on our list. To do it, it is very easy. Just stand with your feet with width as your shoulder. Step the right foot forward and then curls the left toes and focus to balance the weight. Then, place your hands underneath your ribs and start to slowly bend both of your knees.

Press the leg to the floor and back to the starting position. You may feel the stretch in your left leg. Repeat this four times and switch the leg. Repeat each side up to five times.

The last recommended style of stretches to lose weight is seated side straddle stretch. To do it, start with wide straddle position of your legs by sitting down on the floor. Then align your head with your spine. Don’t forget to adjust the legs accordingly to make it proper stretching.

After that, extend the arms to sides, tighten the abdominal muscle and also pulls the shoulder down to your back. Stretch back and trunk side only and continue up to four times repetition.

Actually, there are so many styles of stretches, more than the styles that mentioned above. This because the activities like this are always developed but not many people know it. You may try some of the styles above.

Keep continuing stretching because stretching will make you see the weight loss result. To do stretches to lose weight you need to at least three times weekly to practice it.



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