Some Reasons for Why Is It So Hard To Lose Weight


Why Is It So Hard To Lose WeightMany people might ask about why is it so hard to lose weight of their body? Some experts told that they who are in weight loss management are aware. Even, they try to eat any calories in a little. Then, you have to know that most people who are overweight have such a problem with metabolic. – It can make them feel hungry all the time. In a fact, that problem of metabolic will not make your losing weight program work well. Besides, it can make you have some serious health problem. They can be high blood pressure, heart disease, and also diabetes.

In relation to the topic of why is it so hard to lose weight, you are allowed to increase the metabolism of your body. Actually, it can be done by having an insulin resistance. Have you known about insulin? Well, insulin is a hormone which is produced by the pancreas of your body. Greatly, it is able to check the levels of your blood sugar. Moreover, it could control the storage of the fat in your body.

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For the additional information for you, the insulin will decrease your fat and sugar too from your body. Both of them are usually absorbed from any meals which you have consumed every day. Completely, it will push the calories in order to be burnt.

However, if you are an insulin resistant, surely, the muscles of the body will so hard to absorb those calories. Thus, you would feel hungry again, even all the time. So, you probably eat in many times. As a result, you will get fatter but you still feel hungry. So, it is the problem why is it so hard to lose weight.


Some Reasons for Why Is It So Hard To Lose Weight


Some reasons for why is it so hard to lose weight

Some people, even many people, say that why is it so hard to lose weight. These following reasons for it will be discussed together clearly.

  1. People do not love themselves
    If we really love ourselves, of course, we will keep our body and our health. When most of you do not feel hungry, you usually eat whatever which is available. In a fact, many experts told that eating to live. However, some people, even all people say that a life to eat. Hence, they like and love the pleasure and the enjoyment which they get from food that has consumed.
  2. Some people do not care their weight
    Talking about the review of why is it so hard to lose weight, actually, some people do not care about their body which is overweight. Probably, it is caused that you do not care about your health of the body. Even, you also do not care if there is an improvement of the risk for the chronic illness.Besides, maybe, you do not have a big attention to the shorter life, low energy, and also accept the level of low mood. Those are the reasons why some people do not care about their weight.
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  4. There is no magic pill
    In a fact, being overweight can decrease your own life. Instantly, everyone has a big desire to lose their weight quickly. However, there is nothing which is like that. It is because all of the things need a process, including losing weight. Thus, it is one of the reasons of why it is so hard to lose weight.
  5. Weight is not everything
    It is better for you to know that the body weight is one of the indicators of the health measurement. Moreover, there is the biggest problem which is related to why it is so hard to lose weight. Do you want to know guys?Well, it is that people who are overweight do not eat foods which really health. On the other hand, people which are health surely have the healthy weight too.
  6. The food conspiracy
    One factor makes why it is so hard to lose weight is the food conspiracy. In this case, many people eat three times as much food as they want. Even, it becomes their bad habit. Even though, you are able to prevent it by doing some exercises three times too. It is used to make the balance of your weight.Actually, it needs a process which is long enough. So, it is not a practical way. Related to the food, there are also some junk foods which can be found everywhere. It is, of course, there is no label which is healthy food.
  7. Reason why is it so hard to lose weight

  8. Society makes hard
    Many people find and get an advertisement to eat food more every day, even every time. Most of them are junk food which is marketed.
  9. People do not drink enough water
    Not drinking enough water can be one of the significant causes of why is it so hard to lose weight. It is rational because the H2O has an important role to suppress appetite when it comes up to the shedding pounds. Thus, people will be likely to overeat.However, when they do not drink enough water, you will be certainly dehydrated. When it happens, the kidneys will not function properly. Also, the body will turn to the liver for an additional support. As a result, the liver will work so hard and more of their fat they consume is accumulated rather than burn off. That is why it is so hard for them to lose weight.
  10. People sit at a desk all day
    To sit all day without many movements may lead to getting hard to lose weight. When you need the answer to a question “why is it so hard to lose weight”, this case can be one of the right answers. It can be so because to sit only in a few hours can cause the body to stop producing a fat-inhibiting enzyme. We can call it lipase. From that case, we cannot imagine if we spend time sitting all day at the desk in front of a computer. It will create so much lipase that can make us harder to lose weight.

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From the cases above that can be the answer to why is it so hard to lose weight, you should avoid them. You should do it if you want to lose weight easily. Besides avoiding those cases, it will be better for you to do exercise regularly and make many movements. Thus, you can burn many calories in your body and will not find hard ways to lose weight.

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