Things To Consider How Much Cardio To Lose Weight


How Much Cardio To Lose WeightConsider How Much Cardio to Lose Weight
Do you ever think about losing your weight? Some of you who are fat or even overweight must think about it, but you do not have time or money to go to a gym and pay for the trainer. For all of you, who deal with this case, don’t worry. You can still lose your weight effectively by yourself. It is by doing cardio exercise. – Yes, cardio exercise is a cheap and easy way to do to lose your weight. Then, how much cardio to lose weight perfectly for you who are overweight? To do as much as possible can be the best answer for such question. The most important thing is you can get your desired size of your body.

Talking about how much cardio to lose weight effectively, it will be well finished with some right exercise. There are some right movements to do in cardio. All of the movements have certainly different functions for your parts of the body. Do you want to know some movements that can be very effective to lose your weight? Just keep in touch with this writing to let you see it.

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Six movements of cardio that will lose your weight effectively and shape your body beautifully:
  1. Toe Touch Jack
    This movement is very good to do when you need to have beautiful legs. Doing it is not difficult. You can just start it by standing with opened legs and raising your hands. Then, it is continued by jumping down with one of your hand touches the toe of the contrary side of the leg, for example, the right fingers of the hand touch the left toe of the leg and vice versa.
    After that, you can stand again like the first position. Then, do it again with the different side of hand and leg. It is simple, isn’t it? When it is done continuously, you will have a chance to lose your weight and get a beautiful shape of the legs. To do this, don’t too much think about how much cardio to lose weight you should experience. You should do it as you can, the more one is the better.
  2. High Knee Skip
    The second movement that can support you to lose your weight is to do high knee skip. With this movement, you can easily burn the fat on your legs. Besides, it will also strengthen your thigh and calf. Thus, it will be good for your health.
    Then, you need to know that it is easy to do but can give big benefits. The way to do it is just by running in place, but you need to lift your knee as high as possible. It is not difficult, is it? Just do it every day more or less one minute. So, you will get big benefit about losing weight and your health.
    movements of cardio that will lose your weight effectively
  3. Pillow Plank Jumps
    This kind of movement will be good to lose the fat around the stomach and hip. With the pillow, you can also do exercise. In this case, a pillow will not only be used just for sleeping. By knowing this idea, it is suggested for you to not only think about sleeping when you meet pillow but also can consider about the chance to exercise using it.
    Well, the way to do pillow plank jumps is started by putting a pillow on the floor. Then press both of your hands and make your feet straight behind. Make sure that your feet shapes as planking. After that, what you need to do is to lift one of your legs and bend your knee. Then, push your knee to the contrary side with your leg, for example, the right knee is pushed to the left side.
    When it is done, make your leg straight again as the beginning. Then, do the same with the other leg. Just do it one minute, you will get so many fat loss on your stomach and hip effectively. But remember, it is rather hard to do. Make sure that you do it by degrees.
  4. Squat Tap
    To get a slim stomach and thigh, doing this movement can be the best solution for you. This movement will show the effectiveness of cardio in losing weight. It can be so because this movement can burn fat in two places at once, they are stomach and thigh. Then, how to do a movement of a squat tap? Let’s see the following instructions.
    First, stand up in the straight body with two arms raised up. Then, jump down in the squatting position with the leg opening. After that, try to touch a floor with your hands. The last, go back to the beginning position and do again. Do it regularly to get a slim stomach and thigh nicely.
  5. Squat Punches
    This kind of movement can be the most effective way to burn fat. It can be so because it needs much energy to do it. Besides effective to burn fat, it can also be good to increase your strength and agility. Also, when you need to burn so much fat, don’t think only how much cardio to lose weight. It will be better for you to think how regular you do the cardio itself.
    Well, to do this most effective movement to burn fat, you can start it with standing up with the feet opened as wide as your chest. Then, make your body down until you reach the squatting position. Then, push your body up and throw your right punch to the left side. After it is done, do it again with the left punch to the right side. By doing this movement, almost your muscles work and move, like the muscles of calf, thigh, stomach, and arms.
  6. Cross Punches
    With this movement, you can burn fat on your high body. So, it can make it more beautiful. It is little different with a heavy punch. If the heavy punch is done using one hand and the other hand does it after some other movements, in this movement is done directly after doing the first movement of your hand.
    The step to do it is begun by standing with the legs opened as wide as the chest. It is followed by putting your hands on your chest. Then, punch your left hand to the right side. After that, make your body down as soon as possible and punch the right hand to the left side. After it is done, do it again with a different side of the hand.

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Well, there are several movements of cardio that you can do maximally to lose your weight effectively. When you need how much cardio to lose weight, just do all of the movements explained above. All of them will support you to get the beautiful body as you want.


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