How Many Steps A Day To Lose Weight Regularly


How many steps a day to lose weightHow Many Steps A Day To Lose Weight Regularly?
Committing to walking 10,000 steps every day is the best answer for the question how many steps a day to lose weight. This daily step can be the alternative ways for those who don’t have enough time to do an exercise. – There is some medical explanation and research that have been done which talk about the beneficiaries of 10,000 steps a day. Probably you will so surprised and start to think that it is a massive step to be done daily. The fact is that you don’t need to walk and count it through your fingers. It can be done easier than what you think such as through some walking in your office.


The fun facts about walking and burning calories

There are many incredible facts that said about walking that can make you lose weight.
The first fact comes from researchers from the Arizona State University. Those researchers divide four categories of steps level. Those who take fewer than 5,000 steps are considered as inactive or sedentary. The second category is for those that take 5,000 to 7,499 steps daily are considered to have a low active lifestyle. Somewhat active is described for those who take 7,500 until 9,999 steps daily. The last category is for those people who are considered to be active that they can walk more than 10,000 steps daily. This live stage is defining that the 10,000 steps are the right number to answer how many steps a day to lose weight. Having more steps is recommended for those who are aiming to lose weight.

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The second fact is about the calories that burned out. Approximately in 10,000 steps can burn the calories about 500 calories. The number of burned calories will be increased on the pace or the trek. For an uphill trek, it will burn more calories. If you practice it every day, you can burn up to 3,500 calories per week. One pound fat equals to 3,500 calories. It means that walking 10,000 steps a day for a week can result to lose your weight about 1 pound. Americans tend to walk about 2,700 steps per day. Amish people talk about 19,000 steps a day. An incredible number that leads the community has the less obese adults.

The time that equal to 10,000 steps will be the third fact. 10,000 steps equal to 30 minutes of strenuous exercise. It is also equal to 5 miles of walking a day. Walking with rate five mph can gain the purpose of losing 1 pound a week.


Creative ways to walk

It has been mentioned that the right answer of how many steps a day to lose weight is about 10,000 or more. The question is now turning to how we can do it daily and the possibility to do it. You don’t need to walk
how many steps a day to lose weight tips
5 miles and counting the steps or the distance. You can do it unless you have a free time or free day that doesn’t make you move from your house. But if you are typically a person that has a busy day and unable to have some 30 minutes exercise, you can try these ways to reach 10,000 steps daily. The key as a beginner is that you need to start it slowly. Don’t force yourself to do 10,000 or more at once if you haven’t done it before. Start slowly like 2,000 to 4,000 steps in the morning and then about 4,000 steps in the evening.

If today you can only gain 3,000 steps, increase to 4,000 or more in the next day. In this case, the 10,000 steps of how many steps a day to lose weight need to be done depending on your strength, especially as a beginner.

If you are an adult that has a job in a place other than your house, you can try to go to your office by walking. Use public transportation also can help you walk more than if you are driving alone. Through walking when going to your office, you can get 3,000 to 7,000 steps.
If you are a student, walking across the campus building to visit your class can help you gain the 10,000 steps goal. Moving from class to class or visiting campus just by walking can contribute to your goal.

Don’t you think that even going to the toilet from your class by walking is also counted? Although the distance of both places is less than half a mile, the way you walk will be counted. Why counted? Because it also burns the fat in your body. So basically, the way you reach 10,000 steps can be done by keep walking. Even small distance has a contribution to burn your calories.

So through that idea, you can develop the way you walk. There are many creative ways that you can practice to fulfill the goal. Try to walk visiting your friend’s table in your office on a break. You can use manual stairs other than the elevator or lift if it’s just one or two floors ahead. The stair that goes up can burn more calories than if you walk horizontally at the same distance. It is because you need more energy to walk on it. Visiting canteen through walking is also a good idea. Wherever you are, if it is accessible by walking, just walk.

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Other ideas are including visiting a park in the evening to fulfill the steps goal or go to the nearest place that can make you fun. Walking accessible nearest library can be a good place to visit too. Or if you get easily get bored, you can visit some popular city monuments, market while looking something or even visiting a mall.

Visiting mall and walking to look something from one store to others have reportedly helped to lose your weight. It contributes much in burning the calories. Anything as long as it is walking, it can be counted to your 10,000 steps as a way to fulfill the answer of how many steps a day to lose weight.


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