Losing Weight Without Trying, Is It Possible ?


Losing Weight Without Trying, Is It PossibleSome of us may have the experience of losing weight without trying.  But, it does not happen significantly in a quick period. It takes time to see that you lose your weight. You may see it for up to 6 months or even a year. And for those who are currently experiencing this condition, you don’t need to worry.

OnWeightLoss.net – There two types of this quick loss. They are the intentional and unintentional loss.  You will find the description and explanation of that below.


Intentionally losing weight without trying

The first type is the intentional losing weight without reason. Intentional means that you are trying to lose your weight in a particular way, but not exercise. Is it possible? Definitely, it is possible.

Some type of diets doesn’t require the exercise or anything to lose their weight. So if you have some typical diet or bodybuilding plan, then you don’t need to worry.

You may probably aim for it or plan to lose your weight through any effort. If so, then you don’t need to worry. It is a sign that your work is worth enough. It is the result of your effort.

Some of you may change the consumption habit to lose the weight. But some other are trying to practice it. If you want to lose your weight, you just need to change your habits. Changing the meal that you are consuming can decrease the weight but you are fine.

If you think you will do it, please remember the risk. You may choose some different diet that doesn’t require any exercise but extreme enough. Please keep yourself healthy by changing the eating habits.

Please also note that the way you change you’re eating habit such as decrease the sugar contributes to the loss. The way you sleep also can be the reason. Although you do not intentionally do it, obviously it is related to your habit’s change.

If you realize the body loss, then just think what you did recently. Even it can be caused by stress or panic.

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Unintentional causes

The second type is the unintentional type. If you think you didn’t do anything to your body but your weight keeps decreasing without you know, then you must worry something. There are some possibilities the way you decreased your weight.

The first one is caused by the illness. There are many kinds of disease that will affect your weight. But it usually with additional signs. If you have some disease, you are not only losing your weight but also feel the difference. You may experience some hurt in a particular part of your body.

The disease that may become the cause of losing weight is including cancer, infections, parasite infections and some serious disease. Usually, you will understand why you keep losing weight without doing anything when you feel some pain. As an example, you will feel the infection that hurts you. So if you don’t feel any pain in particular body, then there could be other reason.

The next reason is your mental condition. If you are typically a stressful, depressed or frustrated individual, then it makes any sense. Some people who are stressful or currently suffering from depression confess that it makes them lose their weight. It can change your eating habit and other habits that contribute to weight loss.

You may not feel it and the way you lose your weight can be the additional reason for your depression. You just need to look back and think that depression is not good for your mental and physical conditions.

Intentionally losing weight without trying


Other reasons

There are some other reasons that may affect your weight loss. Find them below:

  1. Hormone changes
    Hormonal changes also able to affect your body weight, mainly if you are still young. It sounds fine, but you need to check yourself just in case it is a serious problem. Some hormone such as endocrine can affect your weight.
  2. Your activities
    Do you change your activities lately? If yes, then the cause of losing weight without doing anything is answered. Such activities that change are such as sleeping behavior, the way you work and also your mind. You may lately go to the office by walking and many more.
  3. Aging
    Don’t you know that aging also lead to the weight loss? The older you are, and then the body weight will decrease.
  4. Medical treatments
    Medical treatments that you are currently taking also affect you. It usually backs into normal weight after you get well.


lose your weight without exercising


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What should you do?

The big question is what you should do when you realize that you lose your weight without exercising. You may currently ask the same. Find the answer below.

First of all, don’t be panic. It is okay to lose weight. After that, think the change that you experienced. Probably your lifestyle has changed. If you see there is some change later, then you conclude that it is the reason.

If you see changes but your weight loss is not in a normal condition, then something needs to be worried about. As an example, it is suddenly happening in less than 2 months. If it happens, then it is better to have a medical test.

But if you think you didn’t change anything, then plan to visit the doctor. Whether you are sick or not, feeling good or not, you need to visit the doctor as soon as possible. Mainly if you think you are fine, but your body weight drastically decreased. It is something you need to worry.

If you understand that you have a particular disease, then visiting doctor is a must. Weight loss can be a sign that the disease is getting worse. That’s why you need to visit the doctor in this case.

If you aren’t diagnosed with something serious, then be happy. But if the diagnose seems scary, you will need to have a consultation with the doctor. But don’t worry, if you follow the doctor then it can’t be a big problem.

Whoever you are, body weight is not a big problem. But once it is a big problem for you, visiting doctor to heal the losing weight without exercise is the best choice.



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