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Slim LegsHow To Lose Your Weight In Your Legs Through Exercises

Many people keep asking on how to lose your weight in your legs because they have some diet problem that may don’t affect their legs. This is not a weird case, many people have finished some diet program to lose their weight, but when they look at their legs, they don’t feel satisfied enough. – Some diet programs may only focus on the stomach or the body as a whole, not including the legs. Or in the other case, the diet program didn’t affect the fat on the legs. This is disgusting because it will make us look chubby and not skinny enough to be balanced with the body.

To make a great impact to your legs, you will need to do many things that seem suit on you. We will provide some ways on how to lose your weight in your legs, and you can choose one or two simultaneously. Through these ways, we hope that you will need to do some hard work such as visiting the doctor or trainer guide. You can do these on your own at any time. Some just take few minutes. They will not disturb your daily activities.


What can we do to lose weight in legs?

To begin the methods on how to lose your weight in your legs, you should know that there is something important before you do the methods. It is that you need to warm up your leg first. You can try to walk for about 10 minutes. It will help the muscle in your legs and prevent cramp. After having a walk, increase the activity with the jogging. It is recommended to jog for approximately 10-15 minutes. The transition from walk to jog should be made step by step and little by little. After those warming up activities, now you can begin the some of the methods to help in making your legs skinnier. A method called kick back which is kicking your legs up in the back or until touching your butt will be the first method. Do it repeatedly up to 40 or 50 times for each leg. This will affect the muscle inside your leg to be decreased in size.

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Another method that you can easily do is biking or cycling. To do this, you will still need to warm up at the start. You can just bike around your town or go biking to your office or campus. Cycling has known to be one of the effective ways of making your legs shape look prettier. It also affects your health to be better because the burn of the calories is real and has scientifically proven. This is probably the method that you can do if you are busy to get exercise time in your daily activities. If you do this daily, you will see the result faster than ever.

The next easy leg exercise that you can try is called lift up. This method is the opposite of the kick back method. You just need to lift up your knees one or two times and then do the same for the other leg. You can also do it while you are running. It can help you burn the calories faster.
Other easy ways to help you on how to lose your weight in your legs are by making a leg roll and doing squat. Doing squat for an exercise has many versions such as jump squats and split squat. You can try one of them or combine it.

Please keep in mind that when you combine several methods, you will need some rest after 40-50 minutes exercise. Taking rest here means to slow the heart rate. On the other hand, we can say that we don’t need to do in a rush. Just do slowly but in a certain way. If you think you are about to finish it, never fold your leg to avoid cramp and bad effects.

Not only by doing exercise in your home, but you can also make it by doing yoga. But it’s a kind of yoga that focused on the leg only. Some gym activities also could help you. It is surprisingly some dances also able to help you to get a skinny leg. If you don’t believe it, you can try to ask a professional dancer. Some dance that can help you is Zumba dance. With the dance, probably you will get the most interesting method. It’s not boring because there will be a fun music. Salsa dance also could help you. Even if you just dance following the rhyme, you can still get it. But Zumba and Salsa are highly recommended. Still remember that even for dancing, you will need to warm up your legs first.

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Other supporting things

To get the best answer on how to lose your weight in your legs, there are important things to be noticed. It is about the consistency and the nutrition that your body got.

The consistency is about the routine exercise that you do. You don’t need to do the hard one, just do the simple exercise but constantly do it in your daily activity. Just like the general diet program, it needs consistency. Targeting the leg probably is much easier than targeting the whole body, but the consistency to do the exercise is same important.

Don’t ever think that how to lose your weight in your legs is about exercise. It also needs to be supported from the nutrition from the consumed food. It means nothing if you work for the leg, but you still eat junk food or food that contain much fat or carbohydrate. It is highly recommended to consume nutritive food, particularly the one that contains high protein and mineral. For the food that contains protein, you can try meat (from fish) and milk. Other suggestion is to consume more fruit and vegetable. What most important here about the food is to suit the kind of food with your nutrition needs. Choose the proper and the right food to support your exercise.

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Home Exercise To Reduce Thighs and Hips


All people especially women must want to look beautiful because by being gorgeous, they think they would get a boyfriend or a partner easily. Of course, it is wasteful to have such a beautiful face if you are fat. Being fat is like a horrible dream to anyone including you.

You must want to do everything like going to the fitness center to gain your success in making your body skinny but healthy and sexy. However, for someone who does not have much money, going to the fitness center has to be a significant thought. It might be okay to go there once but not too often.

Therefore, diet is the only option for them who want to lose weight. Diet might not be the only option. Well, there are many effective ways to have a skinny body that is by having an exercise at home. This time, we are going to talk about reducing fat in both hips and thighs. Well, what kind of home exercise should you do to reduce your thighs’ fat? Let’s take a look.

Talking about home exercise, everyone knows that it is way cheaper than going to the gym. It is effortless to do. Moreover, it is pretty useful to reduce fat. You might do home exercise with your family, too.

There are many kinds of home exercise to reduce fat, but this time, we are going to talk about home exercise which is used to reduce thighs and hips. Why thighs and hips? That is because those body parts are ones where fat exist and it ‘s hard to reduce the real fat there.

Here are some effective home exercises to do.

  1. Standing side kick.
    With feet, hip-width apart plus hands on hips, let you slowly extend your right leg to the side at hip height in 3 full counts. Make sure to keep the inner thigh parallel to the floor. Hold for one count. After that, take three counts to lower to the floor. Start doing it at least 15 times before you switch sides. Finally, people have a standing side kick to reduce fat exist in outer hips, quadriceps, glutes, and inner thighs.
  2. Side jump.
    You need to stand with your hands on hips and later hop 3 feet to your left side. Then, land on your left foot with a left knee to bend. Bring your right foot down to the floor. You need to do this act 15 times before you switch sides. People have side jump to reduce fat in outer hips, hamstrings, glutes, and inner thighs.
  3. Hip raise.
    To start with, lie face up with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. After that, you should lift your hips and extend your left leg. Then, point your toes toward the wall in front of you; move your left leg out to your left side at 90 degrees. This exercise is useful to reduce fat in outer hips, hip flexors, glutes, and outer thighs.
  4. Traveling squat-kick.
    The first thing you need to do is standing with both of your hands on hip. Then, let you continue kicking your right leg in an arc across the front of your body before bringing your foot to the floor in a squat. Then, you have to step your left foot next to the other right one. Then, you can come to a stand. Do this 15 times.
  5. Leg raise.
    Get on all fours, weight evenly balanced on your hands and knees. Then, do not forget to lift your left leg out to the side. This is done to keep your knee bent 90 degrees. Slowly, kick your leg diagonally behind you, bring your heel toward the ceiling and then return your left knee to the floor and do ten times; switch sides.
  6. Your 10-minute hips workout.
    Put it all together of those previous ways which have been mentioned before for 10-minute to work out.

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How To Reduce Thigh Size In A Week


How To Reduce Thigh Size In A Week

The thigh is one of body parts which must often have much fat that is kind of hard to reduce or lose. But with the diet and some exercises, you might reduce the thigh size. If you do these things, you might even be able to reduce the thigh size in a week.

However, you need to be patient and of course, do the exercises regularly. There are many ways to reduce the size of the thigh in a week. This will be explained below.

  1. Cardio activities.
    Cardio has been one of home exercises which experts recommend to do to boost the pumping action of your heart so that you can stay healthy. Cardio activities include biking, running and jumping rope would not only help you burn calories but also reduce your thigh and leg muscles’ size.
  2. Low resistance workouts.
    If you are successful in losing fat from the thighs by doing a cardio activity, you need to use resistance training exercise to improve their shape. Use moderately light weights to build defined thigh muscles. Repeat this activity again and again.
  3. Side to side plies.
    While looking straight ahead, stand with feet wide apart; your toes must point about 45 degrees outward. Rest your hands on the hips. Then, bend both of your two lower hips and knees as little as possible to the ground. Keep your back and shoulder straight. Hold this position for about 30 seconds. After that, slowly straighten your legs and slide left heel towards your rights.
  4. Inner thigh attitude pulse.
    While standing on the left leg, lift your right leg off the ground and bend the knee; turn knee outward and bring the heel up towards the ceiling. Bring the right leg across the front of the body and past the left leg. Then, lower your right leg so that you can lift up as high as you can with heel up.
  5. Butterfly stretch.
    While standing on the left leg, lift your right leg off the ground and bend the knee. Turn knee outward and bring the heel up towards the ceiling. Bring right leg across the front of the body and past the left leg. Then lower the leg and lift up as high as you can with heel up.
  6. Go on a diet.
    You need to have a diet to reduce your thighs’ size. Having a diet does not mean you are not allowed to eat something. Of course, you will still eat food, but you must change your usual food with vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

Finally, if you do both diet and exercises at home, you will be able to not only reduce fat from your thigh and hips but all the entire parts of the body. You need to do the exercise at least once in a week if you do not have much time.


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