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Slim TeensThe Best Answer on How to Lose Weight Fast for Teens

How to lose weight fast for teens becomes a nice topic to be discussed. Well, overweight is not only the problem for an adult. Teenagers also face this problem too. Are you teenagers who have a problem with your weight? Do not be sad; you can make your weight lower. It maybe seems difficult. But, it is not the reasons for you to give up. Even, you have to be more serious and make sure to yourself that you can do it. You can follow some steps in this article to make your weight loss. – The way on a diet hopes not disturbing the growth for them. So, you can do the simple way in making your body slim and healthy.


The Ways in Losing Weight for Teenagers

You will be great to read how to lose weight fast for teens below. Having fat body in teenagers is the problem. As you know that teenagers are the period to do many activities such as studying, do their hobby, and teenagers are the period which full of chance. Therefore, it will be better to run teenagers time with a proportional body. So, it will be easy to do much activity for them.
Well, let us go to the point. You can practice some wonderful ways in losing weight for teenagers below.
Losing Weight for Teenagers

Make your goal

The first answer in how to lose weight fast for teens is by making a goal. You have to start something simple. Avoid getting the difficult goal. It will make you give up before trying. So, make your simple goal and specify what your aim in losing your weight is. If you have your simple goal, it makes you easy in starting to lose your weight.

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Make a plan

As a teenager who is full of cheer, you need to make your plan. You have to look for free time after school or during the school activity. You can use school activity to do exercise seriously. After school time, you can make a plan to do jogging with your friends. Do it regularly and make it being your constant activity. Do simple exercise in your house such as by skipping or aerobic. Is it easy, right?


Eat healthy food

Eating healthy food is one of the answers on how to lose weight fast for teens. Moreover, eating healthy foods is needed for teenagers who are in the growth period. You can eat four or five times every day, or eat every 4 hours in small portions. It is better that you take a meal just three times a day in big portions. By doing so, your blood sugar level will be in a stable. Therefore, you will not feel hungry. If you just take three times meal a day in large portions, you will feel hungry fast. The negative result is you will take your bad snack.


Please sitting while you have your meal

You have to sit while you have a meal. It means you are prohibited to stand while you eat. You can choose your particular place to eat. By doing so, you prevent to get eating unconsciously in front of your laptop or TV. Try to count your chewing times. If you are chewing in many times in your meal, it will help you in losing your weight. Remember, it makes you feel full at a sooner time. You need 20 minutes to realize that you fell full. So, stop eating after you are satisfied


Choose healthy snack

One of the answers on how to lose weight fast for teens is by choosing a good snack. You have to be serious in choosing your snacks. Choose fruits for your snack. You can choose yogurt to help you in increasing your metabolism. Moreover, it tastes excellent guys. The other snack which is good for you is popcorn without sugar. It is fibrous and good for your diet.


Drinking eight glasses every day

At least drinking 8 glasses every day will increase your metabolism. You should not do it straight. You can take your comfortable time in drinking. If you feel comfortable, you can drink in amount. Try to like drinking every day. Drinking is also helped your digestive health. Remember that vegetable juice or fruit juice are not good as pure fruit or vegetables. So, you can take fruits or vegetables when you want it. Do not make it into juice. Based on the research, drinking eight glasses water every day makes your skin smooth, and wrinkles will be avoided.


Chewing mint

It is one of best answer on how to lose weight fast for teens. You can try to chew mint instead of chewing gum. Everyone knows that chewing gum is very delicious than mints. Moreover, chewing gum is good to burn calories. But, it is not good for your stomach. It forces you to swallow a lot of air and makes your stomach bigger. Is it not good right?

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Doing sports

Well, it is a nice answer on how to lose weight fast for teens. Teenagers always like to do sport. There are many sports can you do. You can do football, basketball, swimming, skipping, and so many other sports can you try. No matter you feel bored or not, you have to do sport or exercise every day. Just choose a different activity so that you will feel not bored. For example, if you are doing jogging this day, you can do swimming tomorrow, etc. Whatever happen, you have to do exercise minimally 3-4 times a week. It will burn your calories.

So, those are the answer on how to lose weight fast for teens. When you are doing exercise, you can imagine that you will look thinner that before. It will be a good motivation for you. Do not give up. Losing weight in a short time is difficult. You have to be patient and do diet every day. In every time you will give up, think that your appearance will be good if you are slim. You can listen to the music while you get exercise. Be happy in doing your diet girl!

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Weight Loss Method For Teenage


The weight loss program for a teenager is easy to do. It is because they are currently affecting by the growth hormone. And the weight loss method is obviously different than for the adults. Many things should be noticed for the teenagers that wish to reduce the weight.

Probably it is hard for teenagers to lose their weight because many of them aren’t sure about the goal of the diet. It is hard, especially if you are on a diet program and you see your classmate is eating pizza. Especially for the teenager that majority go to in school, the dietary plan needs to be analyzed before start doing the program.


How to lose weight fast for teenage guys

Weight loss for a teenager isn’t a bad way if you are a teenager and overweight. Don’t be afraid that you will feel so bad about the diet. You don’t need to starve to lose your weight. There are some steps that you should follow.

First of all, you shouldn’t skip all the meal time. You need to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If possible, you can reduce your portion at every meal time. You are also recommended to eat the small portion of food every 4 hours daily.

You can even try to have five meals per day. Don’t worry to show that you need a smaller plate and portion to face this problem. People keep getting used to this issue. The stigma in the society is that don’t miss the meals will make you lose your weight. That’s wrong because food can normalize the sugar inside your blood vessel.

Drinking plenty of water is also recommended. Water is the greatest liquid that can help the human health. Drinking at least 3 L water a day is the challenge. But water offers many benefits. Regular drinking will not cause red eye and flush the toxins from your body.

Although water is the best choice, it doesn’t mean that you can’t consume other watery things. Green tea is recommended to be your morning warm tea. It will help you to reduce the weight. Vegetables and fruits juice are also strongly advised. If you want to snack, choose the healthy snack such as fruits and low-fat yogurt.

Next advice for a male teenager is to increase the protein and decrease the carbohydrate. Protein will not only help you in reducing weight but also will improve your brain works. Not fishing in the area that usually becomes the biggest creature in the ocean.

The following everything should be done. You are also required to do some easy sport or exercise. The examples are walking for 15 minutes and walk around your office. You can also visit the gym or jog around my house.

Exercise for guys is important to balance the teenage hormones. This is why it’s part of losing weight program.  To do this, you need a strong commitment. Don’t forget to record your progress. It can show you the way you work with the program and do the evaluation.

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How To Lose Weight Fast For Teenagers At Home In A Week

Losing weight in a week for teenagers is possible. You just need to cut the carbohydrate food. Calorie rejection is a part of yours. Reducing the calorie means to help you in facing the obesity. Healthy and food choices also recommended in supporting the diet program. Make sure that your food is in smaller portions.

You are not allowed to skip the meals time, but you need to cut the portion that you should consume. If you want the snack, make sure you choose the healthy food such as fruit. Avoid eating anything from 9 pm to 6 am. It is important always to remember that you have a limited time to eat.

As teenagers, the hormone is on the peak to work, so you’d a better sleep than to eat anything. Sleep well will also help you to reduce the weight. Don’t forget to drink more water than you used to do. Losing weight needs water that can affect the metabolism inside your body as a contribution to weight loss program.

In the other hand, you will need to do the exercise too. You can choose your exercise. It varies from swimming, running or just walking. Doing the practical exercises for at least an hour can help you in burning the calories up to 900 calories.  It probably almost the same than the tips above, but this one is way tighter. If you follow the rules, then you can see the progress in less than a week.

If this is the first time you join the diet program, you can practice it one by one. You don’t need to do those all at the same time, at the same day. You can start with the easiest one such as drink the water. Please keep in mind that water is the cheapest and easiest method of diet program. You just need to get used to the diet method and develop yourself.

After you get used to diet method, then you can quickly improve by practicing the others. If you get used to the diet method, you can try the one fast method and apply to yourself day by day. It will help you. Always record your progress daily to make sure that you can find the weakness or things that you can learn in your life.

The evaluation stage could be the motivation to keep doing something special. The key of all here is the food and the exercise. Food is the primary factor that will affect somebody around. Don’t stress because it can disrupt the way you climb the mountain.

For a week result, you need to have high motivation and commitment to do it. You don’t want to starve because there are many foods left. At last, always remember that weight loss for the teenager is different with the mature diet program and need special attention.


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