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Weight Loss ExercisesHow to Lose Weight Fast With Some Exercises

How to lose weight fast with exercise becomes the alternative way for you to being healthy. It is really important for your life. Keep your body healthy by doing some exercise is very helpful to lose your weight instead of only eating healthy food. Even the effects of exercise work quickly than the other lose weight treatment.

OnWeightLoss.net – There are some reasons why people are trying to lose their weight. Do you not feel comfortable with your weight? And now you are trying to reduce your weight quickly for several reasons. It might be the general reasons why you need to lose your weight.

1. Your outfit is your reason
You don’t feel confident because of your weight. You need to fit your favorite cloth. This is also one of the reasons why someone needs to lose her weight. Or there is a limited edition fashion item especially a stunning dress, and you want it. However, the problem is your weight. You need to reduce your weight quickly to get it. There is a party, and your dress is not fit enough, so the solution is reducing your weight.

2. Big is not beautiful
Some women feel that slim is beautiful even they have to try reducing their weight. They think that being beautiful is necessary to get contentment. They always try to find the way how to lose weight fast with exercise.

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3. Healthy reason
The good reason is wise. Being slim is better than overweight. It makes you easy to do many activities. The combination of doing a regular exercise and eating a good food are the best solution how to reduce your weight problem. Drink enough mineral water support your weight loss program. Eat a healthy food could also quickly boost you reducing the weight. Then vegetables and fruits are important enough helping you to decrease the calorie.
The ideal body is what people dream. It needs a process to lose your weight. So how to lose weight fast with exercise works. It takes the time to do it because it could not happen in a day. You should follow the process and be patient of course.


Manage your time how to lose weight quickly

Do the regular exercises mean you are ready to burn calories more? Do the exercise for your daily routine. You only need a good intention to begin your weight loss program. Start from your home; you could manage your program how to lose the weight fast with the exercises at home. It doesn’t need a much time, but actually, it only works because of good time management.

First of all, decide what time do you need. How many kilos of your weight are? Could it be done quickly or slowly? Start your program as soon as possible. You might try to measure the progress after a week. This is the first step for your diet program. Even though you have succeeded in the first week, you should regularly do the best program until a month. Usually, the effect could be seen in a month whether you did it well or not.
An important point for you is you must be consistent for reducing your weight to get ideal body shape. The more persistent you do, the quicker you get it.

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The process how to lose weight fast with exercise

Now, you might know several exercises how to lose weight fast with exercise. Many kinds of exercise you could try to reduce calories of your body. You choose the favorite:

1. Jumping rope
It is kind of cardio exercise that you could do easily. Jumping rope is very interesting exercise. It is fast burning your calories. You also could set a program to get your diet purpose successfully done by doing jumping rope. Do it regularly per day. Therefore, you will see the amazing result of your diet program.
This is a workout. This exercise is good for your healthy life. It reduces many calories in your body. So do it this exercise to lose your weight. Do it anytime and anywhere easily. You only need a little time per exercise. It is about 5 minutes till 10 minutes. So this is recommended exercise to shape your body. You could do it also in your spare time in your daily routine. By doing this exercise, it has not been a dream to get the ideal body.

2. Running or jogging
It is also an exercise that helps you to burn many calories if you do it regularly. It doesn’t spend your much time. You need about 10 minutes or 15 minutes a day for doing this exercise. It is better to do running in the park either you get the benefits of your exercise, or you also could see the beautiful view. Automatically it encourages you to do the exercise well.

3. Kickboxing
Kickboxing is not a kind of an exercise for women however some of them are interested in doing this exercise. The benefit of doing this exercise is useful to burn your calories. It works well for how to lose weight with exercise. It helps you shape the body very well.

4. Push up
Push up is very simple exercise. You will get the benefit of this exercise if you do it regularly. You no need much time to do this exercise. This is simple yet effective exercise to lose your weight.

5. Cycling
Cycling will be an interesting exercise. It is fun if you do it with your friends. It burns many calories from your body to lose your weight. You could get extra benefit by cycling. Just prepare the tool such as a bicycle, and you could do your exercise around your house. It takes a little time. It is about 30 minutes.

How to lose weight fast with exercise gives you a solution to get a better life because you would be healthier, of course. You could try it as regular practice every day to get a life balance. Being healthy will make you happy actually. So don’t be lazy for doing a simple exercise.

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Most effective weight loss exercises

Weight loss exercise can be done in many ways. You can choose a general sport or some different sport. Any exercise can help you burn calories that will support the way you lose your weight.

It is important to notice that different exercise burn a different amount of calories. If you bored with normal exercise, there are many exercises look more attractive and suitable for you if you love the sport, you are an active person and want to challenge adrenaline.

Attractive Weight Loss Exercises

There are many exercises adequate to help you in losing weight. The effective weight loss exercise is jumping rope. Doing it for an hour can help you burn more than 1050 calories. It said that jumping rope is the ultimate fat burner. In other words, there are no exercises that comparable to this exercise.

According to scientific research, doing jumping rope is way more efficient than doing a running. The research mentioned that it could burn up to 1300 calories per hour of vigorous activity. It also stated that ten minutes of jumping is equivalent to run for 8 minutes long.

Not only the most effective weight loss exercise, but it is also the one that can help you improve your brain works, increase bone density and build quickness for your body. Doing this exercise also claimed to have lower risk than running.

Another exercise that you can try is Taekwondo that can help to burn about 900 calories per hour. This is a martial art from Korea. Taken from the journal media research, Taekwondo athletes have proven to have the highest peak of anaerobic power.

By doing Taekwondo, you are not only losing your weight, but you have the other skill that can be used to protect yourself. The Taekwondo class will improve your strengths and health too.

The next exercise is the high-intensity workout protocol. It’s called Tabata training. For intensive one hour training, you can also burn up to 900 calories. To reach the maximal goal, you need to work on this intensely. Try to do basic Tabata in 20 seconds, and then take a rest for about 10 seconds, then do it again.

There are three types of Tabata that you can try to choose. They are sprinting and ropes Tabata, dumbbell Tabata, and body weight Tabata. Each type of Tabata has its method. Please be careful to choose the one that right for you. If you are in the gym, try to ask the trainer to choose that suits your need.

The next exercise to reach useful result in losing weight is vigorous swimming. By practicing it, you can burn up to 890 calories per hour. Swimming does not only help you lose weight, but it offers many advantages to your body. It can help you to improve muscle strength, reduce inflammation, lowers stress and depression, and can make you smarter.

You just need to practice it every day for few laps in a swimming pool. The last list is skiing. Practicing skiing when the winter can help you burn the calories up to 850 calories. It can make you look young and improve your mood.

This is because skiing is fun. Skiing is a top Nordic sport that offers you many benefits other than helping in losing your weight. It can help you to improve health and cardiovascular endurance, relieve stress and train your focus skill.

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Exercise For Weight Loss At Home For Female


Exercise For Weight Loss At Home For Female

For a female, the weight exercise is different. Although the female can also do those listed exercises, there is the more proper exercise that will work properly for them. The first suggestion that can be done in the home for a female is doing squat and kick.

It is can be done by putting your hands behind your head, set to pose half squat and kick through either left or right foot. It depends on you. Doing this can help you in losing your weight and also improve your feet strength.

The next exercise is jumping lunge. It is easy to do it; you just need to jump from the floor and switch the legs in mid air. It is fun if you do it with the workout music. The other exercises are cross body mountain climber and stacked-foot push-up.

The cross body motion exercise can be done by setting yourself in push up position. Make sure your arms are straight. And then move your right knee toward your right elbow. Return to the normal position and switch with your left knee. Continue to do this exercise, and you can get some additional benefits. It can help you improve your hand’s strength.

While for the stacked-foot push-up, you can do it by get yourself in push up position and put one foot on the top of another. Now do the push up as usual. Just like the previous exercise that mentioned, this latest-listed exercise also will help you to improve the hands’ length. It also can help you to train your body balance.

Since there are many exercises will help in losing body weight, you can choose the ones that suit you. To choose it, make sure you consider your body strength and other safety things. It is possible to do any exercise whenever you are, so you can choose more than one that you can practice daily in a different location.

At the first time try, never push yourself harder. It can damage your health and your body. If you are in the gym, follow the rules that have been given.  You need to get used to the exercise that you choose.

Make it step by step so you can improve it day by day. Just like other things, doing weight loss exercise takes time to achieve the goal. It is a process, so you can’t see the progress just in one day.

At least in three days, you can see that you feel different that something happens inside your body. One more thing to remember is that to not overdoing the loss weight exercise; just do for an hour daily is enough.


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