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List of 5 Best Vegetables for Weight Loss


Best Vegetables for Weight LossAiming to lose weight makes you should be selective to eat vegetables and that’s why you need to review the best vegetables for weight loss. The vegetable is the key to lose weight. When you are on weight loss program, you should cut the carbs. And the best this you can do to cut the carb is by eating more fruit and vegetables. –  Although you should consume the vegetables, it doesn’t mean that all kind of vegetables is allowed to eat. There are vegetables that you should avoid because contains carbs that bad for you. Some vegetables are also will make you gain weight faster.

It means that you should be selective to consume the vegetables. And some people are confused with the vegetables that should eat. And if you also need some reference to get the right vegetables, you can read this recommendation from us. These are the best weight loss vegetables that you can list as your priority vegetables.

5 best vegetables for weight loss

After you understand that what you should consume daily to lose weight is vegetables, you need some healthy vegetable list to support it. And here we will help you to provide the list of the best vegetables so you can lose weight effectively.
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Broccoli seems like the vegetables that many people like it. Good news if you like broccoli so much and you are currently on losing weight program. You can use this vegetable to be in your meal plan daily. This vegetable will definitely help you to lose weight.

So according to scientific research from the experts, it said that broccoli contains some compound that will help your body fight against fat. So this will definitely help you losing fat and as the result, you lose your weight.

This vegetable also has other benefits to your body health. As an example, it rich in vitamin C. It can help you to lower the cortisol level during the stressful conditions. But please notice that some people should consume less broccoli because it can cause more gas inside the gut. So if you are one of the kinds of people, then you can manage your own on how much you should consume.
5 best vegetables for weight loss


The next top vegetable for weight loss is spinach. This green vegetable can help your body burn the calories. This vegetable has a protein that will benefit you to recover the muscle and make it grow. And the good thing is that when your muscle grows and its mass increased it means the more calories that burned by your body. And as the result, you lose your weight.

This leafy green vegetable is also rich in thylakoid that able to reduce craving significantly and promote weight loss. It is recommended to add spinach to your dinner plate.


Other leafy greens

Not only spinach, but other leafy greens vegetables are also on the best vegetable for weight loss’s recommendation. What are the examples of other green leaves? The other examples are including kale, swiss chards, and collards.

On each leafy green vegetable have several properties that will support you to lose your weight. They are also low calories and carbohydrates. And the good thing is that they are rich in fiber. Fiber is important to not only to your weight loss program, but also to your health mainly tummy’s health.

Many experts said that leafy greens are the best weight loss vegetables that you can eat much. Since it is low in calories, increasing the meal volume by having green leaves is suggested for you.

Besides, they are rich in vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant. As nutritious vegetables, they also contain calcium that can help burning fat. So by eating these leafy greens, you have more benefits. To serve the green leaves, you can make it as a salad that is easiest to make.

the best weight loss vegetables



Potatoes both red and white ones are having several properties that will support your weight loss program and also benefit your health. There are a diverse range of nutrients that will benefit us if we eat it.

Potatoes are high in potassium which benefit us to control the blood pressure. And for the weight loss benefit, it will help you feel full so you will eat less.

To get the benefit from this weight loss vegetable, you can bake it or boil it. But don’t eat it warm. Let it cool for a while because if you eat it warmly, the substance that will fight the fat will not have the function.

Since you may not get used to eating it cool, you can make it as a salad. So after you let it cool, cut them into slices and mix with Dijon mustard, chopped green onions, fresh pepper, fill and plain Greek yogurt. Just mix them all and put in the refrigerator before enjoying it.
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The last best loss weight vegetable is peppers. Both hot peppers and mild peppers can help you scorch calories. They also contain high vitamin C and some special compound that will help you lose weight faster because they will fight against the fat inside your body.

You can take the benefit from both red and green pepper. To enjoy it as part of your meal, slice them into your omelet or salad. You also have a choice to use the corn tortilla with chicken, avocado, onion, and salsa for your dinner.

From the list of the best weight loss vegetables above, you can select them to be added to your meal plan. Don’t forget to make sure that the vegetable portion is the biggest so you can effectively lose weight. Make sure that you also consume the protein and other nutritious food that fulfill your daily nutrients.

And also, combine with the exercise so you can maximize your weight loss goal. The exercise can be simply walking or any form of cardio. You can effectively lose weight by combining the exercise and have the good meal with best vegetables for weight loss.


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