Surprising Facts About Lifting Weights To Lose Weight


Lifting weights to lose weightSurprising Facts about Lifting Weight Effective to Lose Weight
For people who want to have an ideal body must have ever thought to do exercise such as lifting weights to lose weight. However, among you, surely there are still wondering if it is true that lifting weight can lower body weight? In this post, you will find the answer. – Lifting weight is one of the most astounding exercises that brings many benefits. It will not only keep you away from heart disease and cancer, but it will also cut the excess fat in your belly. Thus, you will look sexy. Although most women have less power than men, this exercise is recommended for those who want to look interesting with an ideal body and health. Practice it at least twice a week; then you will see the fantastic result.

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Fact Benefits of Lifting Weights to Lose Weight

  1. Burning More Calories
    One of the greatest benefits of lifting weight is that you will burn more calories. This is because, after each time you exercise strength, your muscles will need the energy to repair the fiber. A study found that when people do a total-body workout with three big muscle moves, their metabolism will increase for 39 hours after they do so. Also, they will also burn a greater percentage of calories from fat than those who do not do it.
    In fact, lifting weights with eight movements that take about eight minutes, can issue 159-231 calories. This result is the same as if you ran at 10 miles per hour in the same duration.
  2. Losing More Fat
    Many people still think if the key to reduce belly fat is with cardio, but in fact, lifting weight can do a better job. Those who diet with extra weightlifting can reduce their belly fat to 6 pounds more than those who diet with cardio only, which is about 21 pounds. Thus, you can reduce your stomach fat by 27 pounds if you do lifting a weight.
    Also, the dieters will lose the weight of fat to 75 percent. Then, they also will get 25 percent of muscle. Then, the weight lifter can remove fat in their stomach almost pure in the form of fat only.
  3. Improve Your Diet
    Exercises such as weightlifting will help your brain to stick to a diet plan. A study at the University of Pitts Burgh found the fact that those who diet with the exercise will always remember to stay on the plan of diet and achieve success in getting the ideal weight.
    To get maximum results, of course, you need to know how to do the correct lifting weight exercise and need to program it. Here are good steps of lighting weight to lose weight.


Surprising Facts About Lifting Weights To Lose Weight


Recommended Steps of Lifting Weight to Lose Weight for Beginner

It is important for a beginner to do lifting weight to lose weight step by step. Here are the steps:

  1. Embrace the Dumbbell
    You must know how to do it. Just embrace the dumbbell.
  2. Control the Weight
    For beginners, you are not at all advised to use a heavy weight. You need the right time to do it. You must keep your muscles from shocked and sick.
  3. Start Slowly
    Getting started lifting weight slowly will make you comfortable and love it. If you are used doing it, it is good and then will make you feel ready and challenged to try the harder.
  4. Ready position and standing upright
    How to know you are in a ready position or not is to check your posture. To do this exercise, your body should be upright, shoulders back, and chest out.

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Tips for the Beginners

  • Stay Hydrated
    Most of the muscle content is about 75 percent water. Before and after exercise, get used to weighing yourself on a digital scale, then drink a few ounces of drinking water. Remember that drinking water is also an effective way to lose weight.
  • Bring Double Towels
    It seems easy, but it is important. Always bring two towels in a gym. One to clean your dirty litter from bench between sets and the other for a shower after exercise. Complete one set of each exercise in order and then repeat it again.

Lifting Weight to Lose Weight for Beginner

Best Types of Lifting Weight to Lose Weight

The following six exercises will stimulate your largest muscle group and will have a significant impact on your PMR.

  • Squat
    Perform 20 body weight squats. If you have a chance to go to the gym, you can use a barbell or dumbbell.
  • Twisting Lunge
    This type of exercise includes primal movements into one. Thus, you can hold a dumbbell, a medicine ball, or kettlebell to create the endurance you need. Is it fun, is not it? No wonder if this one becomes a favorite exercise for some people.
  • Push Press
    This movement combines a quarter squat with an overhead press. In this step, you need to get help before trying it yourself because this step includes a slightly more advanced step than the previous. If usually, people may use it with the barbell, you can combine movement by using dumbbells or kettlebells.
  • Inverted Row or Pulling
    This exercise involves almost all the core parts of the body such as the back, shoulders, and arms in a single motion. This makes it great for your metabolism. Also, this type of exercise will give strength to all the right places to form the ideal body.
  • Deadlift or Bending
    This exercise belongs to an expert category. For beginners, you are strongly encouraged to ask someone to learn about it specifically.
  • Russian Twist
    Russian Twist has many styles and tools needed. People also have many ways to do it from simple, moderate, to the challenging. This exercise covers all areas of the muscles in your stomach, so this becomes one of the recommended lighting weight exercise to lose weight and belly fat. Also, this will strengthen your back and arms.

Perhaps, some people, especially women feel scared, hesitated, and wondering about weight lifting. However, the fact is the lifting weight is effective to lose the weight after you read the information above. Moreover, you already know the recommended movements that can remove the fat in your belly. Then, you will get the ideal weight and body.


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