Be Careful: Do Laxatives Help You Lose Weight


Do laxatives help you lose weightDo Laxatives Help You Lose Weight According To Research?
Scientific research has proved some unbelievable facts as part of the question do laxatives help you lose weight. Many people, especially women, use laxatives as part of their diet program. – Laxatives aren’t designed for that. And although it can help you lose your weight in some special condition, the study found that it is a bad idea. There are bad effects of using it for a long term. Using it can cause serious damage inside your body and affect your health. So basically, if it works for losing your weight in 3 days, probably you’ll get your bowel hurt at the next day. It means that nothing much to expect to use laxatives as part of a diet.

In a simple sentence, laxatives aren’t the best solution or even a support way to help you lose your weight. Many media report the things about laxatives and dietary program secrets that public should understand.

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Laxatives have types and different function

Many of the laxatives types are aiming to prompt water to enter the colon through osmosis. According to the expert, such types will lose the water weight from your body. So if you ask do laxatives help you lose weight, probably it’s not the body weight, but the waters. Other types have a purpose to help to relieve constipation. Losing weight is not related to the urine that you secreted.

Laxatives can’t help losing fat
Losing weight is usually close to the term of losing fat. The health expert said that the laxatives only could lose fat in very little scale. This is because laxative isn’t the medicine to burn the fat inside your body. In other words, any laxative can’t help in losing your weight.

The new study also found that 10,5% women of 13,000 research correspondents have used laxatives to help them losing weight. The most common used laxative is called stimulant laxative. This laxative has been mentioned to relatively harsh and harmful to your health. The expert from the medical research institute also mentioned that it shouldn’t be used for a long term. People will only use the laxative in less than a week because it works immediately.

Now, what happens if one uses it for a long term? The result will against you lose weight purpose. The long term usage will make the bowel get used to them which can cause more constipation. In this part, you will be suggested to drink more water and nutritious food. And constipation has been cured; you will need to eat regularly like before.

Be Careful Do Laxatives Help You Lose Weight

The danger of laxatives for your diet

Since laxatives can’t help with the question, laxatives help you lose weight. For curing constipation, a laxative is normal and fine to be used. But for help in losing weight, it can be dangerous particularly if one use it for a long time.

First, your bowel can be irritated which affects almost all gastrointestinal issues. One of the gastrointestinal issues can damage the whole body metabolism.

The osmotic laxatives can drop your blood pressure which can lead to some other illness. For example, you will get a headache easily. This condition should be overcome through stop using the laxative and immediately need to consume more water simultaneously with nutritive food. Permanent kidney damage is also possible to happen. This can also lead to other illness because the kidney is one of the vital organs that related to each other.

Blurry vision until death is possible to happen too. Laxatives can lead to a condition of imbalance nutrition and dehydration. A long term usage can cause serious physical and health condition. This is why many experts warn public not to use laxatives for your diet.

The short effects of using laxatives include nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. Stomach cramps and increased also bloating possible to happen. Both long and short term effects depend on how the person uses it and how their physical condition fit to it.

But some people say that there are some methods support a positive answer do laxatives help you lose weight. A new study reveals that 47% of global women that want to lose their weight are using laxative pills. Some are suggesting to use a short term only and don’t use regularly. This is to avoid serious effects. For reducing your weight, you are recommended to use it for less than five days. Get enough of sleep and rest is needed when you take laxatives pills.

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Alternative ways

There are alternative ways to laxatives for weight loss. If laxatives are usually aiming to lose water weight, you can try to consume less water daily. Drink not more than eight glasses of water each day. Lack of water also can help to speed up your digestion process.

natural laxatives
Try to have enough prunes regularly and have them on an empty stomach. It will not only keep you away from constipating but also help you in reducing your weight fast. Prunes are known for rich of vitamin A and potassium. Having coconut water daily also can help you. It will contribute to your health too.

Cabbage also can be consumed too. It is known as good food for regulating the digestion process. You can make cabbage salad or juice. Surprisingly, it will also help you reduce your weight too.

So generally, you can have some natural laxatives around you. Please notice that those alternative ways which part of the explanation answer of do laxatives help you lose weight need some consideration. It includes considering your physic condition, the nutrition, and the needs. You need to consult with the doctor or the expert about using laxatives to help you reduce your weight. Anything that happens after consuming laxatives to reach less weight should be communicated with the doctor as soon as possible. This is important since knowing that laxatives are a medical product that needs medical treatment for any case that uses it. Besides, the doctor is the only right person you should visit for any physical harm.


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