Is It Bad to Lose a Lot of Weight Quickly? Pros and Cons You Need to Know


Is it bad to lose a lot of weight quickly Know the measurementIs it bad to lose a lot of weight quickly? Many people ask this question mostly when they face the case that they lose weight so fast. Yes, anyone that is currently on his own diet program will ask about this due to some reasons. It can be a sign of worrying and curiosity. That’s a good question that everyone should ask to keep losing weight in a healthy way. – And what is the answer to that question? Well, to answer such question isn’t just simply giving yes or no. there is some consideration that can make the answer yes and no. It means that the answer can explain that it is bad for some reason, and it is fine to your health in particular conditions.

To find out the answer to that question in some clear ways, here’s the explanation about it.

Is it bad to lose a lot of weight quickly? Know the measurement

The first thing that you need to know before knowing the answer to the question whether it is bad to lose a lot of weight or not is getting know about the weight measurement. So, there is a standard so we can say that it is a fast weight loss.

According to the expert, everyone that loses 1-2 pounds or up to 0,9 kg per week is a healthy and safe rate. While more than it can be considered as too fast. In most of the case, it will damage your bo0dy, but then it also depends on how you do the exercise and the diet plan.

The bad things about losing weight quickly

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The bad things about losing weight quickly

If losing weight is really quick, it will be bad for you, mainly for your body. Although it works to lose the weight and you may feel it is alright with that fast, but it could put you at risk of many health problems. Some of the health problems are including the muscle loss, nutritional deficiencies, gallstones and a drop in metabolism.

And if it continues for a long time, it can injure you in a worse way. So if you don’t want to harm yourself, then you need to notice few things on your losing weight program.

But you need also notice that some case about losing weight quickly can be a normal thing. The explanation is below.

The good news

There is good news for you about losing weight quickly. So it is not only bad but there is a special note that you should not. Expert says that when we just starting the diet or exercise plan you may lose more than the normal weight that has been mentioned above in your first or second week.

So if you lose more than 2 pounds in your first week, this is normal but with the note that it is for this initial period only. This can be called as the water weight during this losing weight period. Why is it called the water weight? And is it bad to lose a lot of weight when it is water in fact?

It means that when you are starting to consume fewer calories than the calories that your body burns, your body will then use the glycogen as the new source of energy. The glycogen in our body is actually in bond with the water which then means when the body uses the glycogen, it also releases the water. So, you lose more water that as a result, your weight loss is more than normal.

What you need to know is that it will stabilize in a normal range of weight loss per week. But you need to know that the way you eat and exercise will affect how much you lose the weight. It means that you can maintain your weight loss so it will not lose quickly. It is important to maintain so you understand to answer the question whether losing a lot of weight quickly is bad or not if the next time you face the same case.

The Good News about losing weight quickly


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Maintain the weight loss

Many of the experts say that it is better to lose weight normally but in a long term is better than quickly losing weight but it is temporary. Usually, people who quickly lose weight and then stop to exercise after achieving the target will have some weight problem.

To maintain the weight that is a slow weight loss but it helps you to build your health is by being selective for your food. Change your eating behavior to eat more fruits and vegetables. You should also drink fewer a sugar-sweetened beverages. If possible, drink a zero sugar beverage so it will keep your weight loss stable in a long term.

And for the exercise, you need to ask the trainer for the best exercise for you. The type of exercise that you do will affect how much you lose the weight. The trainer will usually change or improve the exercise periodically. Although the exercise will be harder, it will not really affect the loose weight if you do it right.

So if that question is for yourself, you need to ask yourself about how much the weight you lose and how long you have been losing that fast. That is to determine whether your losing weight is dangerous or not to your body. If the fact you lose it quickly for few weeks, you need to visit the doctor to see what happen with your body.

So, which the answer that you got for the question is it bad to lose a lot of weight quickly? Well, it is important for you to lose the weight by processing. You need some time to lose your weight. Don’t use the chemical medicine that can reduce the weight very quick because it is dangerous for your body. You can do exercise regularly to lose the fat in your body. Then, you also can choose the healthy diet method for losing the weight.

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