Ridiculously Simple Ways on How To Lose Weight In Your Arms


How to Lose Weight in Your Arms in Few Weeks

Many people have successfully lost weight on their program, many of them also too often to ask how to lose weight in your arms. It is not a strange thing that the diet program didn’t work for the whole body.

OnWeightLoss.net -Some part of the body such as legs and arms are the part that sometimes didn’t get the effect of the program or exercise. So people are wondering about the way to make some particular part such as arms of losing their weight and suiting with the body weight. But the fact, to answer the question above it’s not merely doing an exercise that targeted to your arms.

Several things can help you in getting the equivalent weight for your arms. It takes times, but if you do it constantly, you will reach your dream to get skinnier arms.

Probably you need to know before we answer the question how to lose weight in your arms that reducing weight in a specific body area is possible, but not as possible as losing the weight in a whole body. As we know that our arms are made of muscles, some exercises just make it healthier in a new shape.


Doing arms exercises

A possible way to help in answering the question how to lose weight in your arms is saying and providing some arms exercises. There are many arms exercise that you can try at your home.

The first arms exercise is the thing that we can usually do; it is push up. This does not only help to keep your stamina on, but also to keep the perfect shape of your arm. If you are rarely doing this exercise, perhaps it will be slightly hurt after the first time you do it. After pieces of training, you will not feel hurt anymore, and you can see the progress of the shape of your arms. You don’t need to do push up more than 20 times. 10-15 push up every day is enough. Don’t forget to warm up yourself first.

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The second option will be an arm exercise called dumbbell fly. Use the small dumbbell or choose the size that suits you. Make an open-close hands movement and do it in less than 20 times. For the ideal result, try to make 15 times. You can also do it with a barbell with another method. One of the methods that can use barbell as an exercise is skull crusher. But if you don’t know how to use these things, you’d better choose the easiest exercise or ask the trainer to guide you through the proper exercise that suits you to get a skinnier arm.

Not only through specific arms exercises, but some basic cardio workouts also able to help you on the question how to lose weight in your arms. The basic workouts are such as swimming, doing aerobics or running on your treadmill. For your arms, probably swimming will affect much to help you get the calories burn in your arms.

If you visit the gym, there are many tools that you can use to help to reduce the fat in your arms. What you need to do is ask the trainer about the effective tools that can help you reach the purpose. If you don’t know, ask the trainer to guide and give you the example. The good thing is that many tools can be set for the beginner. So if you are new, just mention that you are new to the trainer and he will help you. Never forget to begin any exercise with warming up yourself first to prevent cramps or other muscle injuries. Some injuries of overdoing or wrong method on the exercise can damage the way you do the method on how to lose weight in your arms.

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Other things you need to pay an attention

The first thing that we would like to mention is about food. Just because it focused on your arms, one of the small parts of your body, it doesn’t mean that you can enjoy any food. Although it’s in particular parts, the food that you consume is just the same with the rules when you were on a diet program in general. Perhaps it sounds unfair, but the fact that the food that you consume can change your body as a whole. Surely you don’t want your body to get a bigger size when you focus on arms exercises just because you forgot to control the food you consume. No matter if you seek the real answer to the question how to lose weight in your arms, food will be part of it.

So just like comprehensive diet program, you need to reduce the sugars and carbohydrates consumption. If you are currently on your arms exercise program but you can’t control the sugar and the food that contain high carbohydrate, it will disturb your body weight. Or in other words, you will get nothing if you can’t reduce them.

What most people forgot are the drinks that contain more sugar. Don’t you think that branded drinks contain a lot of sugar than you can ever imagine? If still consume it, you will get no result although you constantly do the arms exercises.

Consuming more pure water also will help you burn the calories. It will not help the kidney works but will help your body to do its natural metabolism. But please remember to drink much when you are not at meals time.

The last recommendation is to change your food to be the healthy food. Consume more fruits, vegetables and high protein foods such as meat and fish. They are not only good to help you in reaching your goals, but also to keep the weight of your body while you are focusing on your arms. Please keep in mind to make the food in a balance substance which means that you can’t just eat vegetable only every day. Although they are healthy, if it’s not balanced then it will badly affect your body.

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How To Lose Weight In Your Arms For Females


How To Lose Weight In Your Arms For Females

To have much fat in some areas of your body will make you feel uncomfortable, right? This condition must interfere your appearance, especially for you who have a huge pile of fat on the arms. So, to burn and lose it is important to do.

Also, at a particular moment in which you should wear mini T-shirt or sleeveless gown, it will be not so nice to see when your arms are full of fat. You can imagine how funny you are when you wear a mini shirt or sleeveless gown but you experience big arms. So, it should be a handled well so that your appearance will be pretty beautiful.

To lose fat on the arms, you should know that there are some ways which are effective to do. The followings are how to lose weight in your arms for females:

  • Weight lifting
    This exercise will be very useful to burn fat on the arms and make them tighter. For this exercise, what you can do is just to choose the equipment such as tool ballast.
    Remember, don’t choose the tool which is too heavy because it can be dangerous for you. Select the tool more or less 1 Kilogram. It can be suitable for this exercise.
    The way to do this exercise can be started by holding the tool ballast and putting your arms straight. Then, lift them above your head. After that, put them down behind your back.
    Try to get the lower position in putting down. However, make sure that it does not hurt you. Then, do this movement slowly and carefully.
  • Chair dips
    Another exercise to lose the fat on the arms is by doing chair dips. This exercise is perfect to burn fat of the arms because the movement can force the arms’ muscles to hold the body weight although the feet touch the ground.
    Then, to do this exercise, you should choose the appropriate chair first. After that, stand in front of the chair with a face opposite the chair. Then, put the two arms on the chair.
    Make a position in which the buttock’s position is the same height with the chair. Then, move so that the buttock touches the ground. Then, go back to the first position. Make this movement regularly to burn the enormous fat off your arms.
  • Counter push up
    This exercise is very appropriate to tighten the arms’ muscles because the movement needed can support it. The movement of this exercise is the same as doing push up. The difference is this exercise done with the use of a table or other things as support for the hands.
    To this is begun by putting your hand on the table. Make a balance of your body so that the feet and back put in the straight position. Then, you can bend up your elbow and move down your position.
    Then lift up your position and stay back in your first position. Try to do this movement as many as you can and based on your strength. Don’t too much force because it can hurt you.

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How To Lose Arm Fat Without Exercise


How To Lose Arm Fat Without Exercise

Furthermore, talking about losing fat on the arms, there are also some ways which can be done without exercise. The ways are as follows.

• The movement of rotating arms
This way is suitable for you who do not like to do exercise. You can just do this way regularly to have fat loss of your arms without doing some kinds of exercise. To do this way is not difficult at all. You can try it.
To do this way, you can start doing it by taking a position with opening your feet as wide as your shoulder. Then, just lift your arms and make them positioned straight forward.

After doing it, move your arms as the arms of the clock move. Do this rotating movement at least fifty times in your doing. So, you can decrease little by little the fat of your arms just by doing this simple matter.

• The use of plastic wrap
Using plastic wrap can be one of the right solutions to throw the fat away from your arms. You can just wrap your arms with a special plastic to burn your arms’ fat. Although the result is not as maximum as by doing exercise, it can be a solution to decrease the volume of fat in your arms when you do not have time to do exercise or do not like to do exercise.

• Going to Sauna
A sauna can be the best place to lose weight with fun and comfortable atmosphere. You can have a pleasurable time spending time there and get a particular benefit that is big decrease. It can reduce the fat attached to some parts of your body, includes arms. So, this way can be tried to lose your fat on your arms, especially for you who like to go to a sauna.
The best way to do this activity is staying there for about twenty minutes every time you do it. So, you can enjoy this activity while getting a benefit of burning calorie and fat in your body.

• Consuming papaya
To get weight loss can also be done by consuming good diets. One of the good diets to consume when you do not want to have huge fat attached to your body, includes your arms, is papaya. Indirectly, consuming papaya helps you to prevent getting a pile of fat on your arms. It can be so because the fiber in papaya can lead to proper digestion of your body. So, it is perfect to consume.

Because of the importance of having a good look in your appearance, includes the look of your arms, it is necessary to pay attention to the ideal matter. The ideal look can be seen on the arms which are proportional. It means that the arms are not full of fat.

Thus, for you who are experiencing much fat attached to your arms, you can try the high ways to solve the problem. You can choose as you like, the way with exercise or the other one which does not need to do exercise.


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