How much do you have to walk to lose 2 pounds a week

People Ask: How Much Do You Have to Walk to Lose 2 Pounds a Week?


How Much Do You Have to Walk to Lose 2 Pounds a WeekA walk can be one of the ways to lose 2 pounds a week. Yes, just by walk you can lose your weight up to 2 pounds or 0.9 kg every week. 2 pounds is the normal number of weight loss and you should never lose weight more than that per week. But all of us are wondering about how much we should walk. Actually, the answer depends on yourself. –  The answer depends on yourself because there are some factors that will affect how much you walk for that weight loss purpose. Mostly the factors that affect it is that your meal. This because the walk is the basic form of cardiovascular which will help you burn the calories. While the meal contains calories that end up in your body.

To learn more about the walk that has many benefits including losing weight, the explanation is below.

Losing 2 pounds a week: How to do it?

Before talking about losing two pounds, we should understand that it’s strongly related to the calories. By knowing this, you then can help yourself to decide the miles you should walk.

So in a pound contains 3500 calories. So if you are about to lose two pounds, you will need to have deficit 7000 calories each week which means 1000 calories a day.

And now it’s time to measure the walk and the calories. When you walked 1 miles, then it means you burn 100 calories. And for every 1 mile, it’s up to 2112 steps. So if you only focus losing the weight loss by walking, you need to walk 10 miles daily.

But there are many things that you need to remember here. First, you need to know the other activities that you do. If you have an exercise that will burn 500 calories daily, then you need to walk 5 miles only.

You should also notice that the speed when you are walking also becomes the factor the calories that you burn. As an example, if you decide to walk by the speed 4 mph for an hour (4 miles daily), you will burn around 900 calories. But if you do it by 3 mph only, you will burn around 550 calories.

To have a healthy walking to lose 2 pounds a week and effectively make it, you can follow these tips that will help you much. The thing you need to remember is that it is not enough just to understand the measurement above. You probably need some tips that will help you achieve the 2 pounds goal.
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Tips to lose weight 2 pounds by walking

Tips to lose weight 2 pounds by walking

Before you taking the losing 2 pounds weight by walking program, the first step you need to do is consult your doctor about weight loss. The doctor that expert in this thing will check you first and hear what you want then give you the best solution.

It will be great because the doctor usually considers your health and many other factors before giving his best advice for you. The doctor will be able to help you design your walking program. All you need to do now is to visit the trusted weight loss doctor.

After that, you need to buy a pair of comfortable walking shoes. This is will impact how you walk. If the shoes aren’t comfortable enough for your feet, it could damage your feet. As the result, you may can’t continue to walk to achieve the goal. And the worst is that it will damage your health. You need to know that pain in feet can be so painful and you can feel it in other parts of your body.

The next tips for your losing 2 pounds a week program are to track the calories that you eat daily. You need to write down what you eat including what you drink. To calculate the calories, you can use nutrition labels of food. Calculate the calories in a serving, how many servings you make and the serving size. At the end of the day, you can add up the calories.

Then, you should determine how you will burn your 1000 calories daily. Do you want to gain it walking only or combine it with exercise? Reread the measurement above, if you want to focus on walking, then you need to walk for about 4-5 miles daily. But if you combine it with exercise, you can divide into half. Walking 2-3 miles daily with additional exercise that burns 500 calories.  Or you can make it as 600 and 400 calories measurement.
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How much do you have to walk to lose 2 pounds a week
If you are not sure about the calories that you burn by walking, consult with the doctor. Age, weight, walking time, speed and the gender will be the consideration to help you decide the walking that you can do.

Besides, you need to walk every day to reach the goals. Record your daily activities so you can see if there is any progress. Nowadays, there is an online calorie calculator in app form that you can use to track your progress. Get benefit from the advanced technology so you can lose weight 2 pounds a week without thinking hard manually about the calories.

The last tips are to increase the intensity of the workout. On the first week up to the second week, you may feel tired or even get hurts in some part of the body. But it will be alright after you get used to the exercise and the walking.

To walk, actually, you can take benefit by walking into your office, walking to the office’s canteen while working, and even use the stair instead of the elevator. This will benefit you mainly if you don’t have time to go to the gym.

It is better to talk to your doctor about your progress. Make it or not, the doctor will give a wise advice for you. It is important to consult with the doctor like maybe once a week on the beginning to see that you don’t have a health problem. If you don’t have, you can continue to do it to lose 2 pounds calories a week by walking.



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