Health Risks of Obesity, It Can be Prevented and Solved


Health Risk of – People will agree that obesity becomes one of the health problems. It cannot be taken as simple issue as it can lead to various health risks, even to death. This condition happens when calories entering the body are more than the calories that is burnt.

However, this is not just caused by overeating. Medical researchers and doctors have proven that there are many factors leading to overweight. It can be caused by genetics, environment, behavior, and factors of social conditions. In this case, some health risks of obese condition will be discussed in order to bring awareness of this condition, since actually it can be prevented and solved.


Some Kinds of Health Problems caused by Obesity

It is very important to have awareness of this problem. By having proper awareness, some prevention can be made because sometimes, people do not really care about this problem unless they know the risks. These are some potential risks triggered by obesity.


1. Diabetes

There is diabetes in the first place. This is quite common to happen. However, people must be aware that it is not only caused by overweight, since some other causes and conditions may also trigger it. To be specific, it is the type 2 diabetes that has strong correlation to the overweight. Those who have this health problem are usually obese.

The obesity develops this disease by changing the cells to be resistant to insulin. This is type of hormone has important roles to carry and distribute sugars where later are converted into energy. Moreover, obese condition also makes the cells to work harder to control blood sugar as there are excessive materials to burn. By having this condition, the workload may make the cells failed to work properly.

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2. Heart disease

This is serious problem since it deals with the problems affecting the work of heart. Usually, it deals with blood vessels and heart’s ability to pump the blood. When this problem gets more serious, it can lead to heart failure and death.

In this case, overweight can cause heart disease because those who are obese will have higher level of blood sugar and cholesterol that trigger the disease. Moreover, excessive weight can bring certain changes to heart condition, and this will give extra workload for pumping and distributing blood. These are how obese condition is linked to the heart disease.


Kinds of Health Problems caused by Obesity

3. High blood pressure

Blood pressure refers to pressure given by blood in pushing the arteries. When blood pushes harder, it will have higher pressure. Actually, high blood pressure may not be disease, but it can lead to serious disease, such as heart disease, failures in kidneys, and also stroke.

Then, obesity can be linked to high blood pressure. It is because people who are obese will have more cells in body, and this makes heart to pump harder in order to distribute the blood to those cells. It may make the heart work excessively and increase the blood pressure. Moreover, overweight will bring excessive level of fat. This will damage the kidneys that have functions to control and manage blood pressure.

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4. Stroke

This health problem happens when the brain cells die because there is no flow of blood to all parts of brain. The cells need blood and nutrients carried inside it. When the cells die, this will make the brain not able to work properly. In serious problems, some parts of brain stop working, and this leads to death.

Then, obesity can trigger stroke because this excessive weight will increase the blood pressure. Well, this increases the chances of blood vessels to burst. This is how the stroke happens. Moreover, obese condition is followed by the high cholesterol and blood sugar that may block the artery in distributing the blood.


5. Cancer

Cancer happens when certain cells grow uncontrollably. These cells will become bad cells which may consume other cells. Then, obesity can be linked to this health problem because people who are obese will have higher level of fats. These fats trigger the release of certain hormones which will affect the growth of certain cells. It is how the cells can grow uncontrollably and bring serious problems in your body.


6. Kidney disease

Kidneys have role to filter the blood and other waste products. The results of this filter will be brought out of body by urine. Related to blood, it also has important role to manage and regulate the blood pressure. When the disease happens, kidney will not be able to work properly anymore, and this brings serious problems.

Then, the obese people will have higher risk of this disease because of high blood pressure that can lead to chronic kidney disease. By having higher pressure, kidney will have to work harder in regulating it and the workload brings bad impact.


7. Osteoarthritis

This refers to stiffness and pains felt in joints. Obesity can trigger this problem because extra weight will give extra burden for joints in moving. The pressure makes the tissue in joint to wear away. When this happens, joint will not be flexible anymore, and pains can appear whenever certain joints are moved.


8. Sleep apnea

This may be less known compared to the other health risks mentioned above. This refers to condition when someone experiences certain pauses of breathing during the sleep. It may not sound serious, but when the apnea gets worse, it can affect the heart and lead to the failure of heart. Then, the overweight can cause this problem because of fats stored in area of neck. These fats will disturb air circulation, so it is harder to breathe. Moreover, fats stored around the neck may trigger inflammation and apnea.

Those are several things to know about the risks of health problems faced by obese people. Those problems are serious since some of them can lead to death. Luckily, overweight can be prevented. Changing the lifestyle and diet program are two effective ways to control the weight. Having regular exercise may also be good way to prevent obesity.



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