Overweight vs. Obesity Five Major Differences

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Difference Between Overweight And ObeseOnWeightLoss.net – Obesity has been one of the major health problems experienced by millions of people around the world. Unhealthy lifestyle, such as eating too much junk foods and lack of exercise, triggers the constant growing of the number of people with this health problem these days. Being obese is not the same with being overweight.

Even though both of them are basically health problems related to body weight, there are some big differences between the two of them. Here is more information that you probably want to know about the difference between being overweight and being obese.


Overweight vs. Obesity: Five Major Differences

There are some major differences between being obese and overweight. Seen from what the term means, overweight is a condition where someone has more weight that it should be. There are certain standards about the weight that is considered normal, usually according to the sex, age, and height. If someone’s weight goes way beyond the standard, it is considered as overweight.

As for obesity, this condition is seen as a serious health problem, and sometimes even as a disease. This is a condition where excess fats are piling up in the body, causing it to grow uncontrollably large and heavy. Being obese is also where the body mass index or BMI goes beyond 30. Here are five major differences between being overweight and being obese that may explain more about both conditions.


1. The BMI Range

One of the major differences between being overweight and being obese is the BMI range. BMI stands for Body Mass Index. The number of BMI is generated based on someone’s height and weight. Basically, if someone has high BMI, he has more fats in his body. Today, BMI is often used to decide someone’s health condition. The normal weight, according to the BMI, is 18.5 to 24.9.

Someone is considered to be overweight if the BMI is just above the normal weight. The BMI for overweight person is between 25 and 29.9. As for people with obesity, the BMI is over the one for overweight person and way above the normal weight. Obese people are usually have the BMI over the number of 30, which is very dangerous and can trigger so many severe health problems.

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2. The Causes

The causes that trigger the case of overweight and obesity are quite similar. However, there are some causes that are not the same, too. Let’s start with being overweight. Overweight is not quite a severe health problem. It can be triggered by excess intake of food, which is a very common cause for someone with weight problem. Overweight is also a genetic problem. It means that the condition can be passed from parents to children. If one of the parents, or both, is overweight, there is over 50% chance that the children will inherit the condition.

As for the case of being obese, the causes are more medical. Besides of the excess intake of food, obese people are tend to have problem with their hormones as well. Hormonal imbalance is not the only medical-related problem to cause the cause of being obese. Depression and stress can cause someone to get obese as well. Most obese people also have problem with unhealthy lifestyle, such as too much alcohol intake, constantly eating junk foods, lack of exercise, and heavy smoking.

Overweight vs. Obesity Five Major Differences

3. The Risk Factors

Being overweight and being obese are both dangerous. Even though only obesity classified as major health problem, too much weight is never good for the body. If someone is overweight, there is a bigger chance that he will have problems with high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and depression (due to the bullying and low self-esteem).

In the case of being obese, the risk factors are way more intense. Gruesome health problems, such as coronary health disease, sudden heart attack, diabetes (especially type 2), hypertension, high blood pressure, and stroke are very likely to attack obese people. This is why if someone is deemed to be obese, medical action needs to be taken as soon as possible.

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4. The Common Remedies

Overweight and obesity can be cured for sure, even though in the case of being obese it will be way trickier. If someone is overweight, usually the common remedy to adjust the weight back to normal is by changing the lifestyle, taking the right amount intake of food (attempt strict c), and do constant exercise.

Being obese means everything is basically way too late, especially to revert it back to what it should be. If someone is obese, usually the remedy to shed the excess weight is by contacting a professional nutritionist and a personal trainer. The nutritionist will create a plan of extremely strict diet and limit the amount of food and calories to enter the body. As for the trainer, he will certainly create an exercise program that has to be done every day in order to shed the excess weight.

If none of plans are working, weight loss surgery must be considered. Surgeries like sleeve gastrectomy and lap-band are very effective to reduce the weight drastically in no time at all. Surgery, even with minimum invasive, is still very risky. This is why this method should really be the very last option to take.


5. The Occurrence

The differences between being overweight and being obese can also be seen from the occurrence of both cases. Essentially, being overweight is common. Approximately over 1 billion people around the world are deemed overweight. As for the case of obesity, it is less common. As in 2018, there are around 300 million people all across the world. Unfortunately, less than 40% of them has the proper access to medical help to solve their condition.

Those are some of major differences that you can understand to distinguish the case of overweight and the case of being obese. The point is, neither of them is good for your health. They need to be avoided. You can stay as far away as possible from both conditions by keeping a healthy life. Eat healthy diet every single day and regularly exercise will certainly keep your weight normal. You do not need to experience the horrible condition of overweight, let alone obesity.



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