Comparing Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Band as Weight Reducing Method

Seven Lessons That Will Teach You All You Need To Know About Gastric Sleeve Vs Lap Band


OnWeightLoss.netgastric sleeve vs lap band –  People want to reduce weight for several different reasons. Having a slim body may be the reason because in certain societies, thin figure is considered more desirable. Health complications can also propel someone to reduce weight in short amount of time.

Weight loss surgery is a method used to shed off weight effectively and quickly. There are many types of surgeries that yield such result. Two of the most popular ones are using gastric band and partial gastric removal. We are going to review two renowned methods: gastric sleeve vs. lap band surgeries.



Comparing Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Band as Weight Reducing Method

Gastric sleeve and lap band surgeries have similar objective. It aims to lessen accommodation space in the stomach by modifying its structure or shape. Because there is less space, the amount of food that stomach can handle will be reduced and you will feel fulfilled faster. Although the two methods have the same idea, their approaches are very different. Sometimes, one surgery will be more suitable in a case while the other will not work as good.

Gastric sleeve or sleeve gastrectomy is weight reduce method that involves partial gastric removal instead of introducing foreign object like gastric band. In the surgery, doctor will cut off a certain portion of patient’s stomach or around three-quarter part. The remaining part will be joined together to create sleeve or tube shape. It employs laparoscopy technique in the process. The entire procedure will only take more or less an hour.

Gastric band or lap band surgery is a procedure to insert adjustable band made of surgery on the upper portion of patient’s stomach. Because the stomach is squeezed by this band, it forms a pouch. The elastic band enables an outlet of in the size of one inch. After that, saline water will be injected to silicone band to make it tighter. Laparoscopy technique is also used by surgeon to insert the band.

How will these two surgeries fare against each other? Let’s take a look at following comparison between gastric sleeve and gastric band surgeries based on several categories.

1. Reversibility

Other than the methods used to lessen stomach capacity, these two weight loss surgeries also differ in their reversibility. When a patient decides on gastric sleeve procedure, they have to understand that the change it will make cannot be undone. The effect is permanent. Meanwhile, lap band procedure can be undone easily by removing the silicone band from stomach. If patient fears for the reversibility of a weight loss surgical procedure, perhaps the non-permanent one will be more suitable.


Comparing Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Band as Weight Reducing Method

2. Qualifications for the Procedures

Gastric sleeve and gastric band surgeries require specific patient characteristics. Gastric sleeve surgery is more suitable for people who have obesity issue or BMI of 40 (or even higher). This procedure is also suitable for people who have sleep apnea, hypertension, and Type 2 diabetes. Those who have slimmer bodies will not be recommended to undergo this procedure.
Meanwhile gastric or lap band surgery allows for wider BMI spectrum. However, patient’s intestine and gastric must be at good condition. If they have gastric or intestinal problems, this surgery will not be suggested. Those who regularly consume medicine and alcohol are also advised against doing this procedure. It is a procedure that suits people who are over 18 years old.


3. Recovery Period

Based on the recovery time, lap band surgery may sound more interesting. After doing the procedure, patient can recover very quickly. A week after doing the surgery, patient is usually able to resume daily activities although with some limitations. Normal activities can be resumed only in 6 weeks. Gastric sleeve procedure requires more recovery time. Patient needs to slowly build up the newly formed stomach to return to normal diet. First few months after the procedure, patient is required to go to routine checkups.


4. Result

The results that these two surgeries offer are slightly different. If gastric band surgery is chosen, patient may feel a little disappointed because the weight loss is not as significant as expected. The weight loss is working slowly but surely. This procedure promotes a sustainable weight loss, instead of the rapid one.

Since gastric sleeve procedure is designed for people who experience health issues related to weight, it yields more significant result in short amount of time. It is because the surgery involves reduction of hunger hormone or grhelin. It also has light effect on nutritional absorption.

5. Lifestyle after Procedure

Once the body has return to normal pace after gastric sleeve procedure, patient can return to regular diet. The only difference is that patient will not be able to eat as much food as before the surgery. This condition will stay for the rest of their life. Supplements also need to be consumed regularly.
The follow up regimen for gastric band surgery is more intense. After the procedure, it is not recommended to drink while eating because liquid will push out food out of pouch. It is advised against drinking too much sweetened beverages. Nonetheless, after both procedures patient will be able to retain some parts of past eating habit while the portion is controlled.


Difference Between Gastric Sleeve and Lap-Band Surgery

6. Risks

As with any other surgery, these procedures have their own risks. Gastric band surgery may produce complication in long term such as improper band position, continual vomiting, and even erosion. Another surgery can be done to fix these complications. Ulceration and weight regain can happen as well to patient who chooses this weight loss method.
Meanwhile gastric sleeve surgery is considered one of the safest weight loss surgical procedures. It does not evade body with foreign item so the side effects of insertion will not happen. Leakage and bleeding are among the most common risks of this surgery. Malnutrition is also a risk that patient may face but it can be overcome by regular consumption of supplements.


7. Costs

Depending on the region and use of health insurance, the cost for both procedures will vary significantly. Generally, though, gastric band procedure will be cheaper than sleeve gastrectomy for several reasons. As a patient, you have to weigh pros and cons of both procedures to come out with the best decision that tailor your needs.



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