Four Best Exercises for Weight Loss


best exercises for weight lossThe best exercise for weight loss becomes the hot topic searched by both males and females who want to lose weight. Actually, there are many kinds of exercise. Everyone, including you, may go to the gym and do exercises there. You could even ask for suggestions from the trainer. –  However, if you are lazy to go anywhere, you could exercise at home. Yet, you have to buy some equipment such as barbell or dumbbell which supports your exercising activity.

Anyway, for making your best exercise for weight loss works best, you need to keep your bad habit away. Do not try to eat fast food and drink alcohol or soda. This may ruin everything. Also, if you do want to be successful in losing your weight, you need to do exercise regularly. Not only lose your weight but doing exercise often may build lean muscle. Well, let’s see what kind of best exercise to lose your weight.


Four best exercises for weight loss you can do

Again, the best exercise for weight loss might make your plan to lose your weight works successfully. However, it needs time for at least three weeks to see the difference to your body’s weight. Also, during the workouts, you need to consume some vitamins and eat vegetarian foods. Let you consider avoiding drinking diet pills because it is just an instant result for aiming your purpose.

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When you look for the info about best exercise for weight loss, you will find several famous exercises. Thus, exercises such as jumping rope, running uphill or stair sprints, kickboxing, and running have to be the most effective ones. Here will be explained more about those kinds of well-known exercises.

  1. Jumping rope. Jumping rope is kind of exercise which is easy to do. All you need to do is jumping. Do not forget to prepare for the rope. Jumping rope surprisingly may burn your fat for 667 to 990 calories/hour. For making it more effective, please use a weighted jump rope rather than the lightened one. Do jumping at least 120 skips per minute. Finally, if you do not have the jump rope, you might buy it at Amazon for USD $13. Well, it is also possible to go DIY jump rope.
  2. Running uphill or stair sprints. Well, if you want to do exercises without using any equipment, let you do stair sprints or running up hills. You may do stair sprints anytime but in the afternoon, it will be more effective. Why? Because it is hot and you will burn your fat more! Running up hills may burn your fat for 639 to 946 calories/hour.
  3. Kickboxing. Kickboxing used to be for men but nowadays, in this recent era, women also do kickboxing. It even becomes more and more popular among people nowadays. Well, kickboxing may burn our fat for 582 to 864 calories/hour. Anyway, when you are doing kickboxing, aim for 30 seconds of rest for every 90 seconds of sparring. In the end, kickboxing is also good to get the lean muscle.
  4. Running. All people think that running is the easiest workout or exercise to lose weight. That’s right! Definitely! Therefore, wear your shoes and go running now! Running may burn your fat for 566 to 839 calories/hour. Run every day, in the early dawn and in the evening, at least for 10 minutes and feel the changes happen!

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Other suggested the best exercise for weight loss

Before, we’ve talked about 4 best exercises for weight loss; now, it’s time to talk about the other effective exercises. These workouts or exercises will be discussed may offer several advantages to you. They are easy to do so you do not need to hire the gym instructor to train you. Plus, they do not require any equipment so that you may save money.

The workouts which are going to discuss are great for not only women but also men who want to lose weight. Well, let’s start discussing the other best exercise for weight loss recommended by the expert in these following points.

  1. Push-ups. Push-ups must be one of the best exercises to do because it will require several body parts to do this exercise. Push-ups are recommended because it may burn your fat on your chest and arm. As the result, you may get the lean muscle. Push-ups are kind of easy and flexible exercise which means you could do it anytime, anywhere. That is why people really love this workout. Do this kind of exercise on a firm surface to support you.
  2. Squat. Different from other exercises, the squat is for burning the fat for the whole body. Stand straight with a bar across the back of your shoulder. After that, move by squatting down as you keep your chest up and core braced. Do it as the much as it is possible. Drive back up through your heels if you want to start again. Do these exercise at least 3 days a week with 1-minute resting. Aim for 12 repetitions per set. You need to do this kind of workout for 3 to 5 sets.
  3. Lateral raise. Let’s talk about another easy exercise, lateral raise. To do the lateral raise, you have to stand tall while holding a light dumbbell each in both of your hands. Do not forget to keep your chest up and a bend in your elbows. This is done to raise the weights to both sides till they reach your shoulder height. Do this kind of workout at least for 2 sets with the one-minute resting time.
  4. Plank-Ups. Similar to its name, plank-ups are the combination workouts of the plank and the push-up. Plank-ups may be a very effective workout to not only lose your weight but also build a lean muscle. This is because this workout could blast your abdominal and chest muscles. For a plus point, plank-ups works well to make your shoulders wider which may be a good news for men. To do plank-ups, let you prepare for a push-up position with your legs stretched out behind you and your hands directly under your shoulders. Then, lower yourself down to the forearm plank position. After that, reverse your movement by returning your arms to the fully extended position.


Finally, the best exercise for weight loss might be an effective way to support you to lose your weight. Do not be stressful in becoming overweight. If you do these exercises above regularly, you might lose your weight and even get the strong, lean muscle.

Well, that’s all about best exercise for weight loss which might be useful information for anyone especially those who need the reference to lose their weight.


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