Finding out How Many Calories Can I Eat to Lose Weight


How Many Calories Can I Eat to Lose WeightWhen we want to lose weight, we usually ask ourselves how many calories I can eat to lose weight. Don’t get it wrong because finding out the need of calories is important because calories are one thing that closes to the weight loss. You need to burn calories if you want to lose weight. – The need of calories for each individual is different. There are many factors that affect how we should measure the calories. Some factors are including gender, age, current weight, height, and activity level.

It means that the calories you need are up to you, depends on yourself. The easiest way to measure it is using the food calorie calculator. It will help you to measure the calories that you need. But unfortunately, if you use the calculator then you don’t understand how to measure it manually. So, it is still important to give an explanation of this calories calculation.

How Many Calories Can I Eat to Lose Weight

For women, on an average, they will need around 2000 calories daily. And they need to lose 1500 calories to lose one pound only in a week. While for men, an average they will need around 2500 calories daily and need to lose 2000 calories for the same purpose with women. That’s the rough calculation.

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How to measure it?

There are many ways you can measure the calories that you need, mainly calculating the calories you need to eat to lose weight. There are many theories from the expert to measure the right calories that we need. Since there are so many ways of measurements, then you can choose one of them.

The food calories calculator that you find on the internet is also different to each other. There are so many calculators and some of them will have the different result when you try.

You can try to use the USDA formula or the USDA formula to measure it. This formula will need to provide data on your age, height, and weight. You may get the result different, but the number is not far from another one. Some other calculation may need your activity level.

Not only measuring the calories but it also better if you calculate the carbs and protein that you should eat too. It will help you a lot to prepare the body loss program.

Finding out How Many Calories Can I Eat to Lose Weight


About calories and losing weight

Answering the question on how many calories I should eat to lose weight is not clear without understanding the relationship between calories and the weight. Here are many secrets that you probably didn’t know before.

When you want to lose your weight, it means that you want to burn more calories. And it will only work if the calories that go into your body is smaller than the burned calories when you have exercise.

If you have body weight loss goal, then the calorie deficit in your body is what you need. What is calorie deficit? Calorie deficit is when your energy that you can do is not available. And when it happens, the body will do the thing that you want, burning the fat as the source of energy. Burning the fat means that you will lose your weight.

Usually, we are overweight because there is excessive fat in our body. If you daily let the fat burns due to the calorie deficit, then you will see the progress of losing weight. This is why you need to measure the calories that you should eat and also the calories that you spend.

In a simple way, you will lose your weight if the calories that you eat is smaller than the calories that you lose. And to lose the calories to achieve the eight that you want, you can do exercise or workout. You will also need to change then your nutrition, put a nutritious meal only on your plate. Changing your lifestyle is also needed.
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calories and losing weight



After you understand why we should know the calories and the relation between calories and weight, it is time to give you some tips to help you in losing the weight.

First of all, get the healthy food as the source of your calories. It definitely will affect how you lose your calories. Starting from now, you should eat food that gives you the vitamin, calcium, protein, and carbs that your body need. Don’t eat fatty food.

If you are not sure about your food, then you can take the food calorie calculator. This will help you manage the calories and help in setting the meal menu.

After that, you need to do the exercise. Eating healthy food is not enough. You will need some activities where you can reach calorie deficit so the fat will get burned. If you are not sure the exercise that suitable for you, you can ask the trainer in the gym or have a consultation with the expert.

When you are doing the exercise, you need to make sure that it burns your fat. So if you regularly doing it, then you will see the body loss progress. If you are on the beginning, then don’t try hard. Try some basic cardio, as an example. After that, you can improve into the harder one day by day or week by week.

Whatever your exercise is, don’t train too much. It can danger your muscle which leads to damage your health. If possible, add some activities that will also help you burn the calories. As an example, walking can be so healthy and help you burn the calories. It will make you lose weight faster.

Overall, you just need to make sure that the way you eat the calories that your body need is right, and the way you burn the calories and fat is also right. Because when you do it right, then you will reach the weight that you want in a healthy way. And it’s all can be started by measuring the calories that your body need to lose weight.



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