Doing This Simple Meal Plan to Lose Weight and You won’t Believe What Happens Next


Simple Meal Plan to Lose WeightAs meal becomes the one important factor to lose weight, you may take a look at a simple meal plan to lose weight. Some of the people who are currently losing their weight sometimes confused about the menu that they should eat. So here, we will provide the information and also the menu example for you. – Actually, to eat when you are in losing weight program is just to know the rules. Are there any rules? Of course. As an example, you need to eat more fruit and veggies because it will help your metabolism. So if you already know the rules, you can just eat it in a simple way but healthy and able to support your exercise program.

Before giving the example of the meal to inspire you, it’s better to explain the rules first. Knowing the rules will make you can decide your own meal later. It is very helpful for you so you need to read it.

The rules before preparing the simple meal plan to lose weight

There are some rules that you need to know before reading the ideas of the simple meal plan to lose weights. By knowing the rules will help you to prepare your own menu as you like. As long as the meal plan is not against the rules, it is good.

The first rule is that to cut the sugars and starches. Starches are also known as carbs. So to cut the sugar you can now avoid the carbonation drink and beverage. You need to be selective when you choose the drink and the food.
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When you cut the sugar and the carbs, your hunger levels go down and as the result, you will eat much fewer calories. This will make your body burns the fat because there are no carbs in your body. And this makes you lose the weight.

The rules number two is to eat more protein, fat and also more vegetables. Remember that you should include a protein source in every meal. There should be at least a protein source.

Fat is still needed, but it’s suggested to be healthy fat. Low carbs can support the first rule so it can maximize the result. And the example of the protein is including beef, chicken, lamb, salmon, shrimp, and eggs. While for the vegetables are including broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, kale, Brussel sprouts, lettuce, and cucumber. And as the source of the fat, it is including olive oil, coconut oil, butter, and avocado.

The next rules are to drink more water and doing the exercise. You can do it so you can lose weight. If you are new to the exercise and things, ask a trainer for the best exercise that right for you.

After knowing the rules of the meal that you should consume when you are on your losing weight program, it is time to provide you the ideas of the meal that you can create by your own.


the simple meal plan to lose weight

The ideas of the meal

There are some ideas to inspire in creating the meal plan that will support you to achieve the weight loss goal.

  • The first meal menu to lose the weight is for your breakfast that including oatmeal with fresh fruit without sugar. For the fruit, you can add banana, orange or apple. You can also add berries that are good for your health.
  • The second idea is to have the salmon, veggies including the lettuce and eggs. And for the drink, you can have the juice made from the fresh fruit. If you usually just eat an egg, for this portion you can have up to four eggs.
  • For lunch, you can have the Italian style of bean soup, as an example. You can make this menu easily. It will be suitable if you like cooking. To make it, you just need to prepare the ingredients such as cannellini beans, garlic, beans, chicken broth escarole and chopped spinach. It is easy to make because you just need to simmer it.
  • The next idea is to have a salad for your dinner. It’s not just a salad, it is a salad with fresh baby arugula, radicchio, red wine vinegar and horseradish (only a little of it). To complete the meal, add the menu mustard coated salmon with a baked potato. If you think it’s not enough, add berries as your dessert. This menu can lose your weight.
  • You can also have another idea by making the egg white omelet. You can grill it with vegetables, including onion, bell peppers, mushrooms, and broccoli. This can be your menu for the breakfast with the smoothies made from berries. Or you just simply eat a bowl of blueberries. Very simple, right?
  • And for the drink for each meal, you can tea or hot cocoa without sugar. Fresh fruit juice can be your best choice. If you need a dessert for your meal, you can choose yogurt or fruit. A cup of little smoothie is also good for you. Most of the smoothies are made for the main menu, but in a small portion can be your dessert. The ingredients of the smoothies are usually the fruits including frozen banana, berries,

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You can now create your own simple menu or just follow the menu above if you don’t have any ideas. The key of all is actually to not consume the carbs, consume more low-carbs vegetables and drink sugar-free.

With proper exercise, you can make the simple meal for losing the weight. It will work optimum so you can lose your weight in a healthy way. One thing you need to remember is that you should consume the food in a portion that suitable with your need. You can have a consultation about this because it depends on your body weight and your age.

So, have you already find out your own simple meal plan to lose weights by reading the ideas above? Your weight loss plan will be successful by consuming those meal menus.


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