List of Side Effects of Obesity

Diseases Caused By Obesity: What A Mistake!


Diseases Caused By –  Obesity is more than just about appearance anymore. Some years ago, most people might think that excessive weight is just the matter of confidence. Those who had overweight would have less confidence since they thought that they were not attractive enough. Simply, it could be said that they had no ideal body.

However, now things have changed. Obese condition is no longer about appearance. Even, some people can say that big is beautiful. Now, the problem is more about the health condition. Lately, those with big body have higher chances to get some serious health problems. This case increases such awareness and some people are trying hard to get ideal body.

Some Kinds of Diseases and Health Problems Caused by Obesity

In fact, it is true that lately awareness about overweight problems has increased. However, this is not enough. Some people stop only in the step of awareness, and there is still lack of real actions to deal with the excessive weight. In this case, it is important to let these people know about the potential health problems caused by this condition. Most of diseases cannot be taken lightly since they can lead to death. Even if it is not about death, those are serious enough to make people suffering for a long time.

Related to the problem on weight, there are actually many causes of obesity. Simply, this condition happens when the calories burnt is still smaller compared to the calories gained by the body. These calories will keep stacking up and the weight can grow uncontrollably. Then, overweight will happen and this can get worse. However, it is not only about the bad eating habit. Although some people get this obese condition because of overeating, there are still other causes. These are some of them.

  1. Genetic.

    In fact, obese condition can be brought by genetic condition. This is different from overeating since the body genetically has its own mechanism to be overweight. Although people do not eat excessively, they still can have potential to get obese. However, it is not problem with no solution. It can still be solved.


  3.  Environment.

    Obesity can also be caused by environment. People who live in environment with bad eating habit and even overweight society will bring big causes. It can trigger, and sometimes it happens unconsciously.

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Those are some causes of the obese conditions. It is true that it is about high level of calories in body which are not burnt by the activities done by people. Yet, it has various causes. These should get attention since there are still other reasons. Then, it will be important to know the diseases caused by obesity since it will be the main topic to discuss.

1. Heart disease

This is the first disease caused by obesity. It cannot be taken lightly. There are people who die because of this disease. The obese condition can trigger this disease since usually overweight will be followed by high blood pressure.

In addition, heart disease will happen when the heart overworks. Well, this organ has to pump harder to distribute the blood in all cells in the body. Moreover, those with obese condition will give harder burden for heart, and it can change the form or shape of heart. When the heart gets problems, blood circulation can be disturbed. Even, this organ may stop for a while and this can lead to death.

2. Stroke

This is also serious disease that happens when the brain or some parts of brain stops working. It can be caused as the flow of blood is stopped because of some causes, such as the cloth that blocks the flow of blood, especially to the whole parts of brain. Then, this may be caused by other reasons.

All of these causes have correlation to obesity. It is because the condition triggers higher blood pressure. There can also be higher capacity of fats and other things that may become the cloth. Of course, when the brain stops working, people can die. Even if people can avoid death, some organs may not be able to work properly.

3. Cancer

There are various types of cancer. Some of them are triggered by obesity. It can happen because the fats in body trigger some cells to grow uncontrollably. These cells can be dangerous since they may be the enemies for other cells in body.

Some cancers can be cured well. It happens when the cells are still small enough, and these have not spread in broader area. However, in higher stadium of cancer, these are harder to be cured. Even, some cases lead to death, and this can happen quickly.

List of Side Effects of Obesity

4. Osteoarthritis

This is condition when joints are not able to work well. It happens because there is inflammation on certain joint. The inflammation can be caused by excessive weights since it will add more burdens on the joints. Some joints may start to lose the effectiveness in working, and some tissues needed for flexibility will be broken because of the heavier burden.

When this disease happens, people can easily feel pain. The pain appears in certain moving joints. Of course, this will also make people unable to move freely since the joint cannot work properly, and people have to suffer the pain.

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5. Sleep apnea

This is a condition when people cannot breathe well during their sleep. It can be caused by obesity. Those who have this condition will have excessive level of fats located around the neck. In some conditions, these fats block the air tunnels, so it can be harder to breathe. Even, it may create such inflammation.

Well, those are some health problems and diseases triggered by the overweight condition. Surely, it cannot be taken lightly. It is no longer necessary to say that big is beautiful. It is better to have healthy body with ideal weight. Well, it is great to avoid those health problems. By having more activities to do, obesity will not be big threat to worry about.


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