Define Obesity and Know All the Things about It


OnWeightLoss.netDefine Obesity – Although obesity or overweight is an epidemic in the U.S., people from other countries are also able to gain weight because of various factors. It is involved in health problems since it can be associated with some related conditions.

Do not ever think that overweight is not a serious health problem. It can lead to other serious diseases that you never imagine before. There is big number related to the obese adults and children in the United States. Regarding overweight, there are several topics that will be discussed here, so keep reading on.


Let’s Define Obesity and Know All the Things about It

How can you are called to be overweight? People who are obese can be seen from BMI or body mass index. You are called to be overweight when you have BMI of 30 or higher. Brief information about BMI: it is a calculation that can be done by including a person’s height and weight. This calculation is used widely to be an indicator of obesity.
As mentioned earlier, anyone may have a risk for gaining some weight. Indeed, there are leading causes of overweight. Here are several leading causes to know.


1. Genetics

It is a fact that people who are obese may have its genetic from their parents. Nevertheless, it cannot be one and only cause of gaining some weight that lead to overweight. What you eat also matters the most.


2. Food addiction

No wonder that some people are addicted to particular food. Are you one of them? As known, foods like junk food for instance, can be very addictive for some people. Addiction does not have a good impact since it can be very difficult for addicted person to stay away from something, like food.

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3. Insulin

Insulin is believed to be one of causes of obesity. Insulin that is in high levels is dangerous. One thing to do when you find the insulin level is high is to increase fiber intake and cut back on carbohydrates (both simple and refined ones).


4. Excess sugar

Sugar can be dangerous, like really. People who like to add sugar a lot to their daily drinks or foods can lead them to weight gain. Sugar can be in form of glucose and fructose. The excess of them is not a good thing.
Obesity Definition

5. Processed foods

People with obesity may be caused by what foods they eat. Foods that are heavily processed are not good to consume. This kind of foods will lead to gain some weight. Therefore, it is best to reduce consumption of heavily processed foods.


In addition to several causes mentioned above, some medical conditions can also lead to gain some weight. Those certain medical conditions include polycystic ovary syndrome, cushing syndrome, prader-willi syndrome, hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), and osteoarthritis.

Again, you can be at risk of obesity when you have genetics of it, living in environment and community, psychological factors, and others. Genetics has been discussed before. Consequently, how is environment and community can be involved? As known, the environment around you can influence your diet style. It can influence what and how you eat your food.
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Then, how about the psychological factor? Depression is the major factor in a person’s weight gain. It is no doubt how depressed person can seek for food every time she/he needs emotional comfort. If you are this person or find someone like this, it is good to take certain antidepressants or just pay experts a visit. Consulting to experts can give you better understanding and treatment. To add, smoking quit and certain medications are other factors that can make people gaining some weight.

The next thing to know is: how to diagnose obesity. As mentioned in the very beginning, BMI can be a help to be an indicator whether you are obese or not. Although it can be used as an indicator, there are things that are more accurate to decide whether someone is overweight or not. They are through CT and MRI scan, screening test, waist-to-hip comparisons, and skinfold thickness. Sometimes, a doctor will add other tests like thyroid test, heart test, diabetes screen, and many more.

What makes obesity more dangerous is in term of complications that is caused by this condition. As mentioned above, it can bring other serious health problems. Obese people are at higher risk to health problems compared to the healthy people. Several health problems that may appear are heart disease, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, high blood pressure, gallbladder disease, stroke, high cholesterol, fatty liver disease, arthritis, sleep apnea, and infertility.

Looking at how serious overweight is, it is necessary to know the treatment and prevention. Let’s dig how to treat the overweight first. Generally, there are three main actions that can be taken into account. First, try to change your lifestyle and behavior. If you are obese and want to lose some weight, this is the first thing to do. Seek for a help from experts that can help you choosing better foods by making healthy eating plan. Exercise is recommended as well in order to lose some weight.

Second, taking a medical prescription for weight loss is also suggested. When the first action cannot much help, try to get prescribed. The medications work for suppressing your appetite or preventing the absorption of fat. Third, there is weight loss surgery. This is final action that you can try if none of those two action work for losing some weight. If that so, try to consult to a doctor to get full explanation. Do not forget to ask all the requirements and consequences of doing the surgery.

If you are not obese, do not think that you can eat anything you want. There are still health problems to be developed by overeating. Realizing that you are in the middle of unhealthy environment, there are things you should do to prevent yourself from obesity. Take some exercise for 20 to 30 minutes per day. Then, eat nutritious foods like lean protein, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Lastly, try to eat high-calorie and high-fat foods in moderation.



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