Five Interesting Facts about Carb Cycling for Weight Loss


Carb Cycling for Weight LossIn this nice article, we are going to share you carb cycling for weight loss. Before discussing it more, it is better for you to know what carb cycling is. In the present time, a carb cycling becomes more famous in the diet arena for losing weight. – Actually, a carb cycling is one of the programs that you can combine the higher and the lower carbohydrate. As you know that this program is used to lose your weight. It is done with having no suffering some negative consequences of a low carbohydrate diet plan.


Five facts about carb cycling for weight loss

Before doing a carb cycling for weight loss, you have to know something about it. Actually, there are five facts that you have to remember in your mind. Here they are.

  1. High carb days are placed in heavy training
  2. The first fact that you have to know those high carb days should be placed in the heavy training days. It means that you have to place the highest diets of carbohydrate in the hardest sessions of your workout. When most people use a full body in their workout, they will use a high carb in three days.

    Since they do that, their body needs high carbohydrates in those days. Thus, when you have those carbohydrates before doing the workout, it will be very helpful for you. Why can it be like that? It is because that you are able to work harder and also can push your weight more.

    Besides, if you have the carbohydrates influx after doing the session of workout, it will help you. It is in saturating your muscles with the storage of carbohydrate and also aid with the recovery.

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  1. Expect to the experience some water weight gain
  2. Then, the second fact that you should know is the experience some water weight gain when having the day of higher carbohydrate. It can be seen in every gram of carbohydrate which you consume to your body. In this case, you will keep four grams of water. When you consume 200-300 grams of carbohydrates on the high carb days regularly, it will add in a quick way.

  1. Select highest carbohydrates in glucose or complex carbs
  2. The third fact of carb cycling for weight loss is that selecting the carbohydrates which are highest in glucose or complex carbs. When you are provided with some options for food, you have to pay attention to a carb cycling for losing weight. Besides, you should think about glucose too. Even though the sources of simple glucose absorbs quickly when they are around the period of a workout. Or, it can be that the complex carbohydrates will break down into glucose.

    On the other hand, you have to remember that you should prevent consuming fructose. It is such as syrup with high fructose corn. This kind of fructose will have different advantages as glucose has.

    For the additional information, if you want to add the amount of the fructose on the high carbohydrate days, what will happen? Yea, it is available for you a good opportunity in getting converted to the body fat gains.

Carb Cycling for Weight Loss Tips

  1. Reduce the intake of fat on high carbohydrate days
  2. The next fact is reducing the intake of fat on the days of high carbohydrate. This fact is also significant for you to keep in mind your diet of carb cycling. Actually, it is one of the normal ways for many people in improving the total calories on the day of high carb. It is used to boost the intake of carb which is much higher. On the other hand, in order to decrease the fat intake, you can do something. You are allowed to have more room for the carbohydrates without disturbing the level of your calorie.

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    Then, in order to avoid the excess calories from the loss of fat for the week, you can stay with some calories. Those calories are about 300 up to 600 calories from the intake of low carbohydrate day. That statement above is meant even though you have a plan to have very low calorie and low carb days.

  1. Keep the target weekly of calorie level for losing weight
  2. The last fact that you have to recognize is keeping your target weekly of the calorie level for losing weight. What does it mean, guys? Well, you should remember that the intake of your amount weekly calorie must be suitable with the necessity of losing weight overall. We will give you an example so that you will understand it more and better. Here is the example.

    If you keep your weight of the body at 2200 calories per day or 15400 calories per week, what does it mean? Yea, it means that you should lose your weight one pound per week. Besides, it is a must for you to have a calorie which is about 3500 calories per week. Or, you can take it 11900 calories. Then, based on the standard diet, if you keep the same calorie level in seven days, what will happen? Actually, you will take in 1700 calories per day or 2200-500=1700.

    Furthermore, when you want to have a carbohydrate cycling and have more calories in your high carbohydrate days, what will you do? It is simple to do. Just have a like feeling with the math. Thus, please convince the weekly intake which is needed and also distributes the calories from it.

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Well, that’s all the attractive discussion about carb cycling for weight loss. You can have the additional information that you need to know in a carbohydrate cycling. Moreover, that program can be a great form of diet. It will keep the performance of the workout and successfully in losing your weight. Besides, you have to remember that you need a planning which is more from the perspective of a meal. It is done in order to convince the intakes which you have set before. That is why it is much suggested for you to spend the little time of your good day to this useful program. Just try it.


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