Why Can’t I Lose Weight Although I Have Consumed Good Diets

6 Reasons: Why Can’t I Lose Weight


Why Can’t I Lose Weight Although I Have Consumed Good Diets?
Why Can't I Lose Weight Nowadays, there are some people have an overweight body because of bad diets they eat. They usually eat some unhealthy foods which contain high fat and cholesterol. Besides, they also lack doing physical exercise. After getting overweight, they usually try to lose weight by consuming good diets every day. However, there are some people still keep a question why can’t I lose weight.

OnWeightLoss.net – They have tried good diets, but they always get difficult to lose weight. So, what is the problem? They may usually not realize some little things which prevent them from getting successful in losing weight. In this good occasion, let us explain some reason why you can’t lose weight although you have maintained good diets.

About consuming good diets, it will not solely be easy to lose weight by doing it if you do not make other efforts to support the maintaining diets. It will be better for you to also pay attention to some matters such as the physical exercise, refreshing mind, and some other important matters if you will get successful to lose your weight besides consuming good diets. So, do not just think about the good diets but also the physical and mind’s condition if you need to lose weight successfully.

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Here are some little problems that give bad impact to your efforts in losing weight so that you always think about why I can’t lose weight:

  1. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
    Everybody should know that there are some people, especially women that are difficult to lose weight even though they have tried hard to make it lost. It is not because of the failure in choosing the appropriate diets, but because of being attacked by Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS.
    Because of this matter, people will get weight increase although they have consumed foods with less fat or cholesterol. Even, they have consumed good diets. So, there is not only food that can influence the difficulty of losing weight but also a certain matter like PCOS can also give impact to it.
  2. Drink besides mineral water
    To consume other drinks besides mineral water can also create a problem of why can’t I lose weight? It can be so because drinks can also make your body fat. You need to know that some drinks that contain materials like sugar, milkshake and some other kinds of them will lead to the fat.
    The drink which you should avoid much is soft drink because this kind of drink will be easy to make you fat in a short time if you often drink it. It can happen because this drink contains much sugar and other materials causing fat. So, it is not good for you to consume when you are in progress of losing weight.
  3. Lack of sleep Do you know that lack of sleep can obstruct you in losing weight? Yes, it can happen because when you lack sleep, the hormone that exists in your body cannot work maximally. This condition is possible to happen because the body metabolism becomes influenced.
    This situation is very crucial that your body weight may increase very fast. Also, it is important to know that when you get a lack of sleep, the foods you eat are difficult to be dissolved. In this case, you will get unhealthy condition and body weight increase. So, it is suggested for you to get enough sleep when you want to lose your weight successfully.
  4. Depression
    Let’s say ‘NO’ to ‘why can’t I lose weight’ by calming down your mind. When your mind gets depressed, it will make you hard to get slim body. Believe or not, it happens. In fact, when people get depressed, the will tend to eat more.
    Then, if they want to get away from being depressed by consuming pill of anti-depressed, that condition will influence the consumers to get willing of eating much. So, the matter of eating much will effect to the increase in body weight. It will easily lead to being fat or overweight. So, don’t let your mind be depressed if you want to lose weight successfully.
    Why Can’t I Lose Weight Although I Have Consumed Good Diets
  5. Being stressed
    It is similar to being depressed, being stressed can make people eat much. The reason is that when people are getting stressed, their body will produce coroner that will cause hunger. Also, when people are getting stressed, they will tend to eat some unhealthy foods like junk food, fast food, and some other unhealthy foods.
    When it happens, of course, this condition will make the fat comes to their stomach or waist. That is why being stressed should be avoided when you want to lose weight. If you can’t, it will be difficult for you to make your body slimmer.
  6. Eating at night
    The habit which is difficult to avoid is eating at night. It will happen for people who like to doing activity until very night. The activities which may happen and make them want to eat at night are such as watching TV, playing a game, playing cards, dating and so on.
    Furthermore, you need to know that research reveals that everything people eat at least two hours before sleeping will create the calorie from the foods influences more to the body weight increase. It can influence twice than the foods eaten before 07.00 p.m. So, be careful about that if you don’t want to fail to lose your weight. Thus, when you know that this little matter can make you difficult to lose weight, there will be no the word ‘why can’t I lose weight’ anymore for you.

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From some problems above that can obstruct you to lose your weight, it shows that to lose weight does not only need good diets and physical exercise. You should also pay attention some little things which obstruct the process of it that you may not realize. Thus, your effort of making your body slimmer will be maximally successful if the problems which may obstruct it are handled well. Don’t you believe? Just prove and get the benefits.



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