Can You Lose Weight By Not Eating Or Fasting


Can you lose weight by not eatingCan You Lose Weight By Not Eating Or Fasting?
Answering the question can you lose weight by not eating, it is possible and has been proven worldwide. What we need to discuss it more is the “not eating” way. – Many specific conditions of not eating anything that affects losing weight and also your physic. This is not eating program is the new trend of diet which not enough source of evidence-based analysis. Some dietitian talks about this diet and found out some interesting fact about not eating diet program.

To begin, not eating in a dietary world is also known as fasting. This “not eating” diet can be healthy and unhealthy diet program depends on how it was done. Fasting itself divided into two types, fasting water, and fasting that didn’t consume anything in few hours. In a dietary field, both fasting are suggested to be done in some days with some important things to be noticed. This is to lose weight healthily.

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Not eat anything or fasting as general

The explanation will support the possible answer to the question can you lose weight by not eating. In this case, we will define the fasting that up to 15 hours only, just like what Muslims do during the holy month of Ramadan.

For a fasting like Muslim, it can be done starting from the time of sunrise until the sun sets in the West. Each Muslim that lives in different countries has the different duration of fasting. After the sun sets, Muslims are allowed to eat. The keys for the “not eating” diet programs that work like this are the time and the food.

Time is of the duration of your fast. So how long you will take a fasting is important. From the science perspective, the maximum of not to eat anything is 20 hours. There will be calories deficit if you do more than that. If you don’t eat anything for a while, your body will burn your fat as the source of energy. If you want to try this, never try to fasting for more than 8 hours on your first day. You will need to exercise first to make it works.

You are recommended not to eat anything every 6 hours if you can. But you can choose your duration that suits you. Not only about the duration the time also about how long or how many days that will be your days to practice this. Dietitian says that it is fine to do a fasting for several days, but not in the long term. But this depends on the duration of your daily fasting too. For example, if you want to take 8 hours fasting daily, you can do it for ten days. After it finished, you can try 5 hours fasting next day for a week or so. You can also change the duration and the long days to do it.

Your time needs to be balanced by the food that you consume during breakfasting. Without combining the right food, the answer for can you lose weight by not eating will not reach the maximum result. Only choose fruit, vegetables and some protein to fulfill your body after fasting. It will mean nothing if you can fast like Muslim, but at night or during the break you overeat food. This is important to notice because the food is the primary factor that determines the success and failure of the diet.

Fun Fact Can You Lose Weight By Not Eating Or Fasting

Water Fasting

This is the different type of fasting. The way it works also and the rules are different with the type above. So, water fasting is new fasting trend that can be the choice to prove the question can you lose weight by not eating.

Far different with not eating fasting, water fasting is only consuming water. The type of water should be the pure water, not juice or even gallon water. There is no time duration of fasting days, but there is a limitation day to finish it.

Water fasting is known for its method to consume water only for few days. Unlike the other fasting that doesn’t allow to eat anything including water, this fasting urge to consume much water. Through water fasting, your body will burn the fat to fulfill your energy. Dietitian recommended doing this fasting in few days only because there is bad effect found in this kind of fasting. Psychologically, water fasting will lead you into feeling hungry, which can lead you to eat much after you finish it. It is about how to manage the time, mental and emotion.

For the beginner, you can try to do water fasting for two days, and then practice it in more days. Please keep in mind that it is recommended to do for a week only. After a week fasting, you can eat healthy food like general diet. You will need a range time before start water fasting again. If you do it in the long term at once, it is a bad way to lose weight.

One of the weaknesses of this fasting is that you will lose all the body nutrition. The mineral in water can’t be used to fulfill the daily nutrition needs. Another warning is that never use the cold water because it will affect your digestive system.

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If you want to practice or prove the answer of can you lose weight by not eating; please remember that you need to choose the right one that suits with your ability to hold hunger and prepare the healthy food too. Know well your strength can be the basic knowledge to make the not eating diet goes success. With self-analyzing, you will understand the time that you should decide and the food that will support your diet.

Without understand those two basic things, you’ll get yourself hurt and damage your physical body. If you know well, you can get beneficiaries such as increasing your faith level of belief. Especially for the water fasting, you will get your body toxic flushed.


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